Transform your home with the new Luxe collection by Asian Paints Royale Play

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Jun 07, 2023
Dune by Royale Play - Beautiful Homes

The latest decorative textures collection by Royale Play from Asian Paints, offers a play of colour, pattern and material to dial up the sophistication of your interiors

As a brand that has always been keyed into the importance of all the elements that transform spaces, Asian Paints has displayed an unwavering commitment to creating tasteful, personal homes. And when it comes to decorative paints, it undeniably sits pretty at the top of the pile of paint brands. True to form, then, the latest from the brand is the high-end Luxe collection by Royale Play.


The collection distils the idea of interior paint as a covetable decorative accent, to go beyond simple functionality into a realm of bespoke textures that redefine interior design. The range is a unique concoction of materiality and pattern play, tailor-made for contemporary homes. The collection is diverse enough to appeal to equally diverse tastes; you have 10 finishes to choose from, in a palette of singular shades, as avant garde as they come.  

Experience a unique interplay of materials and patterns with Asian Paints Royale Play LUXE. Especially curated for the modern home, in a colour palette which is as avantgarde as it is sophisticated. An amalgamation of classy and contemporary, Royale Play LUXE promises to transform to your living spaces. The finishes fit in seamlessly with the elements of present-day interior décor. With 10 stunning finishes to choose from, LUXE is here to redefine luxury décor.


That’s not the only thing that sets this collection apart, though. If you’ve got a soft spot for the idea of making a statement with that accent wall, then the Luxe finishes up the ante by several notches. These finishes are all about redefining that ‘one-wall’ concept. They are subtle enough that you can use a combination of finishes across all your walls in permutations that you like and in the rooms you’d like to see them in. That’s not even the end of it, because these finishes are versatile enough to also work with any and every kind of material accent you might use for your walls. It could be that wooden jali that you have your eye or, or that metal-accented open shelf for the wall wrapped in a Luxe finish. Anything you pick will have that ideal backdrop with any of these finishes.


Let’s take a closer look at the many variations and combinations from the Royale Play Luxe collection to wrap your home in—and, of course, elevate your décor.


What it is: A lime-based coat for a smooth finish with a satin effect, Marmorino adds a touch of tradition, or the “Marmorino Veneziano” vibe, to your modern home.


What it does: It can create cloudy aesthetic effects with soft shades and uniform surfaces.

Marmorino by Royale Play - Beautiful Homes


Lithos Dazzle Gold by Royale Play - Beautiful Homes

Lithos Dazzle Gold

Lithos Dazzle

What it is: An addition of subtle mica flakes to the Pure Royale Lithos finish. If you’re the kind of person who likes their luxury to be understated, then this finish should be the perfect embellishment for any kind of décor.


What it does: Creates a compelling dynamic play of light on the walls, which scales up the glamour of your space—subtly of course. 

Lithos Venetian Peacock

What it is: This classic Lithos finish integrated with various stencils, motifs and trellises is an opportunity to channel your inner artist and let it all out on your walls.


What it does: With this finish, create patterns on your walls and enhance the tactility of the texture and the stencilled pattern that echoes the ornate designs of medieval India.

Lithos Venetian Peacock by Royale Play - Beautiful Homes

Lithos Venetian Peacock

 Lithos Jaal-e-Taj by Royale Play - Beautiful Homes

Lithos Jaal-e-Taj

Lithos Jaal-e-Taj

What it is: A limestone finish that, as the name suggests, has been inspired by handcrafted stone carvings found in Indian temples. You get to find that perfect middle ground between the modern and the traditional.


What it does: The trellis and motif designs offer an ethnic accent for contemporary walls, striking the perfect balance between modern and traditional design.

Lithos Moonwalk

What it is: Made with 90 per cent naturally occurring materials, not to mention zero VOC, the Lithos Moonwalk finish is an endeavour to incorporate sustainability into style.


What it does: The natural ethos extends to the inspiration, with the paint’s texture inspired by natural stones. In fact, the tactility is that of natural stone too. Apply it on your living room walls and guests will mistake it for the real deal.

Lithos Moonwalk by Royale Play - Beautiful Homes

Lithos Moonwalk

Antico Dual Tone by Royale Play - Beautiful Homes

Antico Dual Tone

Antico Dual Tone

What it is: The Antico decorative finish, with its ancient patina effect, is reimagined for this Luxe collection.  


What it does: In this incarnation, the finish has a multi-tone effect to reflect rich tones with a classy tactile finish. 


What it is: You’ve probably seen nothing like it—and that’s the whole idea. Mineral stays true to its name and is composed of four types of sand in varying dimensions.


What it does: This, too, is inspired by natural stone finishes and lends a gritty, tactile texture to your walls. The best part? You can get each wall to look unique with Mineral, making it a versatile finish that works just about anywhere.  

Mineral by Royale Play - Beautiful Homes


Royale Play Archi Concrete by Royale Play - Beautiful Homes

Royale Play Archi Concrete

Archi Concrete

What it is: Royale Play Archi Concrete has that archetypal raw unfinished look of the industrial design aesthetic. 


What it does: If you have an affinity for the unfinished industrial style, then this finish achieves it flawlessly. The Acrylic Siloxane plaster coating ensures the desired effect on both interior and exterior surfaces. It’s also available in a variety of hues and effects, making it ideal to play up the walls of your spaces.  


What it is: Dune scores pretty well in the sustainability department. It has been formulated with a special binder, made from sustainable biomass instead of fossil raw materials, which has helped reduce its carbon footprint.


What it does: A decorative architectural trowel-on coating with soft metallic charges, Dune is a great choice for big-impact objectives. Its stunning interplay of light and shades creates a high-end visual effect with a velvet-like chromatic finish.  

Dune by Royale Play - Beautiful Homes


Stucco by Royale Play - Beautiful Homes



What it is: Specially formulated for ease of application, Stucco Marble allows the tool to move smoothly and retains the pattern left behind. It has been inspired by marble and other stone surfaces.


What it does: It’s an ambitious finish in that it doesn’t just stick to one effect. It allows for a range of finishes from glossy to eggshell in five attention-grabbing effects—Marble, Cobbled, Slate, Igneous and Quartz.

Experience this interplay of materials and textures and take a deeper dive into these 10 stunning finishes here.