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Complete guide for living room layout

  • Home Renovation
Nov 24, 2021
Spacious & maximalist living room design layout & interiors - Beautiful Homes

Right layouts are key to optimal design of any room, particularly one used as often as the living room. Here is a complete guide on living room layouts to help you

The interior design of the living room sets the tone for the rest of the house. It is often the first room you or any visitors encounter and thus must feel welcoming and be impactful. Floor plans and layouts are crucial to designing a house. For a room with heavy traffic and multifunctionality, such as the living room, designing and decorating it without either will be challenging. The living room floor plan will give you all the details regarding the room’s dimensions and position of entryways and windows. This information will dictate the layout and the design of the living room.

If you are new to this whole interior design concept, here is a beginner's guide to get you started.

Factors to Consider: A Living Room Layout Planner

Here is a checklist of all the factors you need to consider when creating a living room layout to optimise the space.

  • The doorways to the living room will influence the positions of your furniture. Ideally, the movement paths in the room should go around the main seating area rather than through it.

  • The positioning and direction of the windows in the room will determine the artificial lighting requirements. The living room layout should be such that it optimises the light usage in the room. If there is little natural light, opt for ambient lighting that would add brightness to the room. Lamps, sconces and string lights with warm lighting can make the room feel cosier.

  • Efficient furniture placement hinges on measuring the floor area in the room. For example, ideally, the centre table shouldn’t be farther than 18 inches from the sofa. The pathways should at least be 3 feet wide.

  • Make a list of all you want and need in the living room. It will help you determine the room’s focal point and how the furniture should be oriented. For example, suppose the living room will primarily be used as a media room. In that case, the TV will be the focal point with the seating furniture either facing it head-on or at wide angles. Consider enclosing layouts around a centre table such as the L-shape, U-shape, etc., to the warmth and intimacy in the room.


Different Layout Plans for Living Room

The layout of the living room will depend on its shape and size. Here are some living room layout ideas based on these factors.

1. Rectangle Living Room Layout:

Rectangular living rooms can be versatile and lend to many different living room layout ideas. In a long and narrow living room, keep only essential furniture to make the room feel spacious and leave enough space for foot traffic. A simple living room floor plan would be linear, and parallel furniture placement would work best here, leaving enough room for foot traffic.


Place the media unit along the longer side of the room and seating right opposite it. Replace the unit with another seating option like a long bench for a more conversation-friendly layout.

Rectangle living room layout for your modern home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Symmetrical layouts work really well for a more formal look. Add a large area rug under the furniture to make the sitting area the room’s focal point. 

Living room with stairs layout for your luxurious home interiors - Beautiful Homes

2. Living Room with Stairs Layout:

Under the stairs can be converted into inbuilt storage space for things that need to be within easy reach. Turn the wall along the stairs into a gallery wall. This will leave space in the room for a bigger TV unit or wall to wall shelves.

The sitting space can face either towards the stairs or away from it. The under area of the stairs area can be used for TV placement as well, with the sofas and chairs facing the TV.

3. Large Living Room Layout Ideas:

You can have multiple areas sectioned off to utilise the space and its features best in a large living room. If there is a feature window in the room, opt for a conversation area facing the view outside. Use chairs, loveseats or benches for this. Have a dedicated zone for de-stressing. Be it a cosy reading nook with task lighting or an in-built cabinet and a small aisle for a bar section.


Pick a comfortable sectional sofa for the main seating area with complimenting centre tables and end tables. Have it facing the TV or the fireplace to highlight the focal point. It will loosely define the lounging area and the entertainment zone.

Large living room layout for your traditional style home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Chandeliers and floor to ceiling shelves can enhance the height of the room. Play around with asymmetry for a laid back ambience.

4. Small Living Room Layout:

Light furniture for small living room can make you feel spacious and streamlined. Add ottomans and footstools to create enough space for entertaining guests.

Use floating furniture to enhance the dimensions of the room. Make sure that the furniture all stands at different heights to enhance the visual interest and make the room feel spacious. When designing small living rooms, always factor in mirrors to add more light and make the room feel expansive.

Modular furniture such as a sectional sofa can be utilised creatively without adding multiple furniture pieces in the room. This will keep the design in the room cohesive and avoid a chunky look. Utilising the wall with built-in shelves can open up a lot of floor space.


5. Square Room Layout Ideas:

Central seating with ample space around it for movement is a go-to layout for square living rooms. It creates an intimate conversation area. Anchor this layout with an area rug and a round centre table to soften any edges.

Square rooms are excellent spaces to experiment with symmetry. Flank the sofa with two chairs and end tables between them or place the furniture parallelly and mirror the elements on both sides. Add interest by using a centre table that differs in shape and height.

An L-shaped layout of the main furniture pieces works well when the TV is the focal point. This arrangement is conducive for socialising too.

Open plan layout to enhance your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

6. Open Living Room Floor Plan:

Open plan living spaces are great for hosting loved ones. You want to keep the design cohesive to maintain the flow throughout the expanse of the room. Pick complementing design styles like eclectic and bohemian.

Check out open plan living room design mistakes to avoid.


Keep the dining area close to the kitchen design for ease of movement. Position the conversation area facing away from the dining or kitchen area to break up the zones.

Use area rugs to ground each focal point. Another way to do it is to split the room into two levels. Sunken living room designs can work really well in large spaces.

In a studio space, use coromandel room dividers or bookshelves to create a physical barrier in the room. This will allow you to keep the areas separate in terms of aesthetics and ensure privacy.

Pros and Cons of Some Living Room Layouts

While large floor plans and open-plan layouts can make space feel roomy and airy, it can be challenging to make them feel cosy and intimate. The larger the room, the more echoey and warehouse-like it can feel. The upkeep, too, can get untenable. Such layouts are convenient only when it is a part of homes with bigger families or if it is primarily going to be used for socialising and hosting.

L-Shaped sofa for your space-saving living room interiors - Beautiful Homes
Wooden flooring ideas for your living room layout design - Beautiful Homes

Built-in furniture in the living room can free up a lot of floor space. At the same time, it can efficiently utilise awkward nooks and add storage. The cons of built-ins are that they don’t provide flexibility vis-a-vis repositioning and resizing. Incorporating these elements into your living room plan can help balance the benefits and drawbacks effectively.

Pushing up all the furniture against the wall can open up more space in the room. This layout can work if the room is divided into different sections and anchored separately. The downside of it is that it can take away from the room’s intimacy. The design might look like it lacks a focal point. Try to balance out the placement of the furniture in the room.


Beautiful Homes provides a massive range of services and products to help you create a personalised living room setup. You may select all the essentials you need from our shop. We offer all you need, statement sofas, accent chairs, quaint desks, beautiful TV units, and so much more.

Our expert services include Interior Design Services to help you design a home best suited to your style and needs. Specific and specialised services comprise Quick Home Makeover services, Safe Painting Services, Colour Consultancy Services Online, Wood Solutions and Design Wall Makeover. The experts will ensure that the living room layout and design are top-notch.

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