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Headboard design ideas to add a sparkle to your bedroom

  • Interior Design
Nov 01, 2017
Quirky headboard ideas for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Give your bedroom a quick makeover by simply changing your headboards

While bedrooms are primarily associated with comfort, stylish bedding, and creating ambiance, one should not disregard the impact of a statement headboard, especially when decorating on a budget. A statement headboard can bring an element of uniqueness and vibrancy to your room, or even act as the centrepiece that ties the entire bedroom design together. If you're seeking inspiration for your bedroom, we've rounded up some of our most beloved looks that showcase the versatility and beauty of statement headboards.

Modern Headboard Designs to Transform Your Bedroom Décor

1. Leather Headboard Design

A leather headboard design offers a touch of luxury and sophistication to any bed design. With its sleek and chic look, a leather headboard can complement both modern and traditional bedroom styles. Leather headboards come in a variety of colours and textures, from classic black or brown to bold and bright hues. Additionally, leather is a durable and easy-to-maintain material that will provide years of comfort and style.


2. Rustic Headboard Design

A rustic headboard design is perfect for those who prefer a cosy and inviting bedroom space. A rustic headboard typically features natural materials such as wood, metal, or reclaimed materials like pallets or barn doors. Rustic headboards often have a distressed or weathered finish, creating a sense of warmth and charm in your bedroom. Whether you prefer a traditional farmhouse feel or a modern rustic aesthetic, a rustic headboard design can add character and personality to your bedroom.

Leather headboard deign for your modern bedroom – Beautiful Homes

3. Modern Headboard Design with Wooden Panels

A modern headboard design with wooden panels is a perfect combination of sleek and natural elements. The use of wooden panels adds texture and warmth to a modern bedroom design, while the clean lines and minimalist approach ensure a contemporary and elegant look. The wooden panels in a modern headboard design can be arranged in various patterns, such as a chevron or herringbone, to create visual interest and depth. This type of headboard design is perfect for those who want to add a touch of nature to their modern bedroom space.


4. Stone Headboard Design

A stone headboard design creates a unique look in a luxury bedroom design. A stone headboard typically features real or faux stone materials, such as marble, granite, or slate, which provide a sense of elegance and grandeur. The stone material used in the headboard can be smooth or rough, depending on the desired texture and look. Additionally, the stone headboard can be paired with other natural materials such as wood or metal to create a cohesive and stunning bedroom design.

Traditionally carved bed headboard design – Beautiful Homes

5. Traditional Carved Headboard Design

A traditional carved headboard design is perfect for those who want to add a touch of classic elegance to their bedroom. Typically made from wood, a traditional carved headboard features intricate and detailed carvings that can include floral motifs, geometric patterns, or scrolling designs. The carved details in the headboard add texture and visual interest, making it a standout feature in your bedroom. This type of headboard design is perfect for those who appreciate traditional and timeless design elements.

6. Mid-Century Modern Woven Bed Head Design

A mid-century modern woven bed head design is a great option for those who want to create a cosy and minimalist bedroom space. A woven headboard typically features natural fibre materials such as rattan or bamboo, which provide a sense of warmth and texture. The woven pattern of the headboard can be simple or intricate, creating a unique and modern look. Additionally, a woven headboard pairs well with various bedding and décor styles, making it a versatile option for any bedroom.

7. Modern Luxury Velvet-Upholstered Headboard

A modern luxury velvet-upholstered headboard combines comfort and style to create a luxurious and elegant look. The velvet material used in the headboard adds a plush and velvety texture that oozes sophistication and glamour. A velvet-upholstered headboard can come in various colours, from neutral tones to bold and bright hues, allowing you to customise it to your personal style. With its soft and comfortable feel, a velvet-upholstered headboard is perfect for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their bedroom.


8. Modern Headboard Design with POP

A modern headboard design with pop brings a playful and energetic vibe to your bedroom. This type of headboard design typically features bold and bright colours, graphic patterns, or unique shapes that create a sense of fun and excitement. A modern headboard design with pop can be customised to suit your personal style, from a colourful geometric pattern to a funky-shaped design. With its upbeat and lively feel, this type of headboard design is perfect for those who want to inject some personality and spark into their bedroom space.

Modern headboard design with PoP – Beautiful Homes

9. Wraparound Headboard Designs with Curved Edges

A wraparound headboard design with curved edges is a unique and stylish option that can create a sense of continuity in your bedroom. This type of headboard typically features a curved shape that wraps around the sides of the bed, creating a cosy and intimate feel. The curved edges of the headboard can also add a softer and more organic element to your bedroom design. A wraparound headboard with curved edges is perfect for those who want to create a warm and inviting bedroom space that maximises comfort and style.


10. Canopy-Style Headboard Designs

A canopy-style headboard design is a great option for those who want to create a grand and dramatic bedroom. This type of headboard design typically features a frame that extends upward from the bed, creating a canopy-like effect. The canopy can be decorated with flowing drapes, fairy lights, or other decorative elements, adding to the overall luxurious and glamorous feel of the bedroom. A canopy-style headboard can be customised to suit any bedroom décor, from modern and minimalist to classic and traditional.


11. Multipurpose Headboard Design

A multipurpose headboard design is a functional and practical solution that can save space and enhance your bedroom's functionality. This type of headboard typically features built-in storage compartments, shelving units, or even a desk or table, providing additional storage and workspace options. A multipurpose headboard design is perfect for those who live in small apartments or have limited bedroom space, as it allows you to maximise the use of your room while maintaining a stylish and cohesive look.

Bed head design with tufted upholstery – Beautiful Homes

12. Cushioned Panelling for Bed Headboard Design

A cushioned panelling for bed headboard design creates a plush and comfortable feel in your bedroom. This type of headboard typically features upholstered or cushioned panels that provide a soft and cosy surface for resting your head. The cushioned panelling can be customised with various fabrics, colours, and patterns, allowing you to personalise it to your preferred style. A cushioned panelling for bed headboard design is perfect for those who want to create a comfortable and luxurious bedroom space while still maintaining a sleek and modern look.

13. Tufted Headboard Design

When it comes to bedroom design, the headboard is an important element that can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space. For those who love the old-world glamour of a tufted headboard, but prefer a more modern take on the style, a luxurious coral velvet tufted headboard can add an elegant touch to any bedroom design. This sophisticated piece can be paired with crisp white linens for a classic look, or with bold patterns and colours for a more daring approach to bedroom design. No matter how you style it, a tufted headboard can be a stunning centrepiece that elevates your modern bedroom design to the next level.

14. Wooden Headboard Design

One way of embracing the finer details is to re-create this grooved, wooden headboard against a punchy contrasting wall. Get up close and personal with the grain of the wood, textured organic bed linen and a look that spells cool and natural.


15. Printed Headboard Design

A multicoloured floral headboard can be striking. More so when it’s the focal point in an otherwise muted overall look. If you’ve been wondering how to unify your love for colour and crisp, minimal white bed linen, this might just be the style for you.


How to Choose a Headboard?

Here’s a question- do you know why headboards are an important part of your bedroom set-up? No? We tell you why you need to consider one for your home today. Headboards are not just a great way of offering support to your back for the large amount of time you spend reading and working on your bed, but it also offers a great way to personalise and update your bedroom. There are a few things to keep in mind, once you’ve decided to add one to your bedroom design. Interior designer Chaitali Parikh of Inscape Designers gives us a low down.


1. Hard vs Soft

It’s important to keep a few things in mind before you start out. Says Chaitali Parikh, owner and principal interior designer of Inscape Designers, “The first decision to be made is your preference for hard or soft headboards.” Soft headboards have an added benefit of comfort while hard headboards tend to be easier to maintain.


2. Make vs Buy

“Readily available headboards generally are attached with the bed and are difficult to source separately,” says Chaitali. It is definitely easier if you are looking into buying a bed as well but in the end there are limited options. Taking the effort to make one will definitely allow for more choices. “We have previously designed patchwork quilted headboards, oversized mirror in a carved wooden frame and hand-painted headboards,” she adds.


3. Length and Height

If you have an empty wall behind your bed, then you can use the entire space for a tall headboard. You can also refurbish pieces like an antique screen and use it as a headboard. “Normally the length of a headboard matches the width of your bed so that there is continuity, but it can also include the side tables,” she adds.


4. Shape

A simple, rectangular piece works well with a modern, streamlined approach but don’t shy away from ornate silhouettes especially if your room has a vintage feel to it. Take inspiration from Venetian headboard styles and add a modern touch with a soft fabric.


5. Materials

Soft headboards can be made out of anything from velvets to leather. “You can use different composite leathers which are easier to maintain than pure fabric ones.” Hard headboards are not limited to wood. Chaitali suggests corian, veneer and acrylic as options to look into. “Metal is a cold material and not very friendly for such a furniture piece. However if used in small quantities like recycling balcony cast iron grills then that should be fine,” she adds.


6. Colours and Textures

You can opt for bold colours while keeping the rest of the room in muted shades. A lighter colour will show dirt faster so keep that in mind while choosing a fabric. Alternatively, you could fashion a removable headboard cover that can be washed if you are going in for light fabrics. While choosing textures, keep in mind the comfort level – “Avoid rough textures if you are using a harder material unless you stack up a lot of pillows against it for comfort.”


7. Storage

Remember that a headboard can also add a little storage​. ​“By increasing the thickness of your headboard, you can add storage so that it is accessible from the sides or from the top,” suggests Chaitali.



1. How Do I Choose a Headboard Style?

Choosing a headboard style is a personal decision that should reflect your taste and complement your existing bedroom décor. Some popular headboard styles include upholstered, wooden, metal, tufted, or bookcase. When selecting a headboard style, consider factors such as the size of your bedroom, the height of your ceiling, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. You can also look for inspiration online or in home décor magazines to find a headboard style that suits your preferences.


2. What Is the Correct Height for a Headboard Design?

The correct height for a headboard design varies depending on your bed size and personal preferences. A general guideline is to position the headboard at least 2-4 inches above the top of the mattress, so that it doesn't interfere with your pillows or bedding. However, you can adjust the height of your headboard to suit your comfort level and desired aesthetic. Keep in mind that a taller headboard can create a more dramatic and elegant look, while a shorter headboard can make your bedroom feel more spacious and open.


3. What Kind of Material Is Best for Headboards?

There are various materials that can be used for headboards, including wood, metal, leather, fabric, and upholstery. The best kind of material for your headboard depends on your personal style, budget, and functional requirements. Wooden headboards are durable and versatile, while metal headboards offer a sleek and modern look. Upholstered headboards can provide a comfortable and cosy feel, while leather headboards add sophistication and luxury to your bedroom.


4. How Thick Should Your Headboard Be?

The thickness of your headboard depends on the type of material used and the style you're trying to achieve. A wooden headboard may be thinner than an upholstered headboard, for example. Generally, a headboard should be at least 2-3 inches thick to provide sufficient support and stability. However, the thickness of your headboard is ultimately a matter of personal preference and style.

Rustic Look for Bedroom decor - Beautiful Homes
Work the rustic look with a picket fence-inspired bed back.
Wood Look for Bedroom decor - Beautiful Homes
If you are looking to make an impact then tall, imposing, all wood ones are the way to go. For a touch of quirky, you can even opt for two, solid teak doors to work as your headboard.
Art in your bedroom for Bedroom decor - Beautiful Homes
You can introduce art into your bedroom with intricate panels, either entirely done out of wood work, as seen here, or large framed paintings.
Formal & Masculine Look for Bedroom decor - Beautiful Homes
For a formal and masculine look, you can clad the entire bed back with leather.
Semi Precious Stone for Bedroom decor - Beautiful Homes
If you are aiming for luxury, then you can even opt for a bed back made of semi-precious stone like onyx. Add some rope light, and we promise you, it will be a luxurious haven you won’t get enough of.

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