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Small kitchen backsplash tiles to make it look more spacious

  • Small Kitchen
Dec 17, 2021
Zig-zag patterned kitchen tiles wall for a small kitchen backsplash design - Beautiful Homes

A modern kitchen backsplash tile is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways with which you can transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Here are some innovative backsplash designs to make a small kitchen look more spacious

Introduction to Kitchen Backsplashes & Their Significance in the Modern Modular Kitchen Designs in India

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and is often the space where the family congregates. The design and décor of this space is important as it is where you prepare food, gather with loved ones and entertain friends.

There are many important elements in a small kitchen design but an oft overlooked feature in a small kitchen interior is the backsplash. Though it is a small detail, it is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways with which you can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen.


A backsplash or modern kitchen tiles wall protects kitchen walls from splattering and other exposure to heat or water while enhancing the look of the kitchen. Indian meal preparation and cooking is usually a heavy-duty affair with a lot of frying involved and there is bound to be grease and splatter in an Indian kitchen. The modern kitchen backsplash helps make maintaining an Indian kitchen easier.

Grey textured kitchen tiles wall for a small kitchen backsplash tiles - Beautiful Homes

How can Kitchen Backsplashes Change the Game of Your Small Modular Kitchen Design?

Backsplashes are the perfect way to add a little colour to small kitchens.  Modern kitchen backsplash tiles come in an endless array of colours, patterns, and designs. There are a number of advantages to adding a backsplash to small modular kitchen.

Multi-coloured & textured kitchen backsplash tiles for this U/C shaped modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

1. Helps Your Kitchen Look Bigger and Brighter

Light coloured, modern kitchen tile backsplash will instantly lighten the look and feel of your small kitchen, helping it appear larger.

2. Safeguards the Integrity of Kitchen Structures

Kitchens face wear and tear every single day. The kitchen backsplash acts as a buffer, taking on most of the damage and protecting your walls and cabinets.

Kitchen tiles for backsplash are easy to clean & maintain - Beautiful Homes
White textured kitchen backsplash tiles & countertop make a statement in this kitchen - Beautiful Homes

3. Creates a Stylish Statement

A stylish, innovatively designed backsplash can instantly change a boring small kitchen into a stunning space. The colour and the material that you choose can add that extra accent to a dreary looking kitchen making it stand out.

4. Makes for an Easy to Work Space

Cleaning up after cooking is one of the hardest tasks in the kitchen. With backsplash tiles, cleaning up becomes much easier.

Light textured kitchen tiles wall with task lighting for an all white kitchen - Beautiful Homes
Multi-coloured brick patterned kitchen tiles wall for the kitchen backsplash adding to the decor - Beautiful Homes

5. Enhances the Décor of the Entire House

Kitchens are no longer spaces that are hidden away at the back of homes. These days, kitchens are an integral part of the home and contribute as much to the décor of the house.


The kitchen tile wall is a multi-faceted feature of the kitchen. So, picking the best tiles for kitchen walls is important. The small kitchen wall tiles you choose to spruce up your kitchen should accentuate the colour scheme and the theme of your kitchen.

There are many styles of kitchen backsplash to choose from. Some popular small kitchen backsplash material includes:


1. Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

These are the most preferred & best tiles for kitchen walls because of their durability, dirt resistance, stain resistance and Easy installation. They come in a wide range of colours, shapes and designs, and with different finishes, like glossy or matte and are easy to maintain and affordable.

2. Metallic Tiles

These modern kitchen tiles wall are a bold choice but a unique one. Metallic tiles have a rich sheen that looks amazing in a steel and chrome kitchen. One should be careful when choosing this backsplash as it needs to be incorporated well into the design or it can misfire.


3. Natural Stone

Natural stone has a lovely texture and depth that give a unique look to a small kitchen backsplash. They can add warmth and richness to the kitchen. A light-coloured stone backsplash can make a small kitchen look much bigger.

Metallic kitchen backsplash design for a small kitchen with dark colour palette - Beautiful Homes


Small Modular Kitchen Designs with Inspirational Backsplash Tile Designs

Earlier, backsplashes were used as a functional feature in a kitchen to prevent damage to the walls. But these days, a kitchen tile wall has become a gorgeous addition to the décor of your kitchen, enhancing the look and feel of the space.When selecting a backsplash for your kitchen, consider the overall kitchen design to ensure a cohesive look. From sleek and modern to traditional and rustic, there are countless options available to match your style, creating a beautiful and functional feature in your kitchen that ties the entire room together.


You can be innovative with the kitchen backsplash in your small kitchen design. It can be made of one material or a mix of materials, it can be single or multicoloured, be plain or designed, traditional or modern.


Here are some backsplash ideas for small kitchens to inspire you.

Monochromatic kitchen tiles wall for this white kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

1. Small Kitchen with Backsplash Tile

A small kitchen looks larger with kitchen backsplash tiles that are in neutral or light colours as it makes the small kitchen . It should ideally fill the entire kitchen wall space or at least the entire area between the countertop and cabinet. Dotting it with a single-coloured tile that is complementary helps provide an expansive effect.

2. Modern Small Kitchen Backsplash

Ceramic and porcelain kitchen backsplash tiles with bold patterns have been used to transform this plain, boring space into a trendy, contemporary kitchen.  The chequered black and white modern kitchen tiles wall pattern with the occasional designed motif tiles for a decorative accent makes for a trendy background in this small modern kitchen.

Bold floral kitchen backsplash tile design for modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes
Mozaic pattern kitchen backsplash tile design for a galley modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

3. Small Galley Kitchen Backsplash

In small galley kitchens an innovative backsplash design could be textured tiles in a single, light colour to make the space look airier. Mosaic or glazed tiles could also work as an excellent alternative. The backsplash can be extended up the walls to give the kitchen continuity and space.

4. Small L-shaped Kitchen Backsplash

The window in the L-shaped kitchen has been used to maximum effect by surrounding it with a simple but elegant backsplash. This not only looks quaint but gives a depth to the view outside. The same elegant design is used as a border in different parts of the kitchen for added effect. The fan mosaic is by far one of the hottest trends in backsplash tile right now.

Simple light & elegant kitchen backsplash design paired with a window for spacious look - Beautiful Homes
Natural stone kitchen backsplash tiles matching with the kitchen decor - Beautiful Homes

5. Small Traditional Indian Kitchen Backsplash

Natural stone tiles offer a very traditional look to small Indian kitchens. You may think that using stone as a backsplash may make a room look smaller since it is a heavy material, but it is all in choosing the right colour scheme. Incorporating the right type of stone can add a cosy ambience to the kitchen yet help it stand out in a stunning way.

Here's How Experts from Beautiful Homes can Help You Design Your Functional & Efficient Small Modular Kitchen

At Beautiful Homes, our modular kitchen designers offer an end to end solution, completely personalized service to help you with interior design ideas a stunning small modular kitchen. Our designers will make sure that every detail is integrated seamlessly to make your small kitchen design functional and appealing. They will offer guidance with each feature, from countertops to the perfect backsplash tile. Our Customer Experience Specialist and a Sleek Kitchen designer will:

  1. Assess your small kitchen space.
  2. Understand your specific kitchen needs.
  3. Propose kitchen design options.
  4. Build a custom 3D rendition.
  5. Guide you in choice of material.
  6. Source the necessary material.
  7. Built at our state-of-art manufacturing facilities.
  8. Integrate the different elements into a seamless whole.


Our Beautiful Homes team will take care of every aspect of your project and bring to life your dream kitchen.

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