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1 BHK living room interior design

  • Living Room Ideas
Mar 22, 2023
Living Room Interior Designs Ideas - Beautiful Homes

Our compilation of design and colour ideas for living room 1 BHK flat interior design can help you tackle the challenge of working with a small space

Living rooms are often the first spaces that people see in your house, and as we know well, first impressions can be lasting. While smaller apartments may not be the easiest to design and style, they make the most sense economically. So when you’re met with the challenge of designing a small space like a 1 BHK living room interior, you have to get nifty and adopt some clever solutions. Our list of low budget living room 1 BHK interior design and decor tips is all that you need.


Multipurpose End Tables

In a 1 BHK flat living room interior, the space constraints mean that multi functionality has to be a priority. An easy piece of furniture that can be used many different ways is an end table. Use it as extra seating, work surface, to hold objects and as hidden storage. The possibilities are endless.

Built-in Bookcases

Built-in bookcases can be a great addition to a 1 BHK flat living room interior. It will allow you to use all the vertical space available leaving the floor space open. You can also use it as storage for other items and turn it into the focal point of your living room 1 BHK flat interior design. Paint it in a bold colour like fuchsia or navy or line the insides with a floral wallpaper to make a statement.

Living Room Corner Interior Designs Ideas - Beautiful Homes
Spacious Living Room Corner Interior Designs Ideas - Beautiful Homes

Multipurpose Space

When you have a smaller house, it is crucial to prioritise multifunctional spaces. While designing your 1 BHK flat living room interior, create pockets or zones that serve different purposes- a dining nook, a workstation and a social area are a must for most people.

Graphic Walls

An eye-catching statement wall is a great way to add vibrance to your living room 1 BHK flat interior designThere are endless options- painting a mural, wallpaper, adding moulding or simply painting it a bright solid colour. Use it as the background to your seating area to add visual interest and layer textures.


Rustic Vibe

For 1 BHK flat colour ideas, an all-white space is a classic. Create a cosy and inviting space with lots of interesting textures with rustic decor. Nail down the aesthetic with natural materials like reclaimed wood, linen, jute, rattan, etc. Keep the palette neutral with warm undertones and opt for heavy furniture that has a grounding effect.


Collected Look

low budget living room 1 BHK interior design idea that can instantly make the space look elegant is creating vignettes. Instead of randomly placing your decor all over the space, create interesting collections on the mantle, coffee table, side tables, and so on. Keep it interesting by including objects of different heights, textures and materials.

Colourful Living Room Interior Designs Ideas - Beautiful Homes
Spacious Living Room Interior Designs Ideas - Beautiful Homes

Bright Light Fixture

Light fixtures are a great way to enhance the ambience of your 1 BHK interior design. For budget-friendly 1 BHK living room ideas, you can change out the bulb, spray paint the fixture or swap the shade. Dimmed warm lighting will lend an ethereal glow to your living room 1 BHK interior design.


Tilted Mirror

Mirrors are a great trick to visually double your space and make it look airier. But a mirror wall can be super expensive. Instead for a more economical living room 1 BHK interior design option, choose a full-length mirror and place it in your living room, near or opposite the window.

Some Leaves

Lush greens can liven up your living room 1 BHK interior design instantly. Hang creepers along the window, add a statement vertical garden wall, use terrariums for decor, or simply add more greens to your flower arrangements.


Painted Brick

If you’re looking for DIY 1 BHK living room ideas, a painted brick accent wall may just be what you’re looking for. A painted brick wall in white will add texture and visual interest to your space and will fit right in with various styles ranging from industrial, rustic, to bohemian and eclectic.


Low Furniture

Low furniture can be visually light and given the perception of airier and brighter space. So if you’re looking for 1 BHK living room ideas for smaller spaces, this is the way to go. To keep things interesting and encourage movement of the eye, incorporate a few pieces at varying levels, such as a tall storage unit, a chandelier, a large plant, etc.


When it comes to 1 BHK flat colour ideas to make your home appear larger, an all-white or neutrals aren’t your only options. A dark hue such as navy, charcoal or a deep forest green can create an enveloping environment that adds depth to the room and makes it appear never-ending. Complement these rich colours with metal accents for luxe interiors. Or you can choose natural, organic materials such as wood, stones and cotton textiles for a more laid-back look.


Beautiful Homes Service for Your 1 BHK Living Room Interiors

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