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Beautiful Homes with Asian Paints is a unique platform on which visitors have the opportunity to connect with everything they need to create the perfect home for themselves. The Magazine is now India's largest digital design content platform with almost a million-strong community of followers and subscribers. With visits to real homes around the country, interviews with the country's best design talent, videos of DIY projects and plenty of advice on every sort of issue faced by the Indian house owner, the Magazine is a veritable library of information and inspiration for readers.


But the most difficult part of creating a home is still the making of it. And that's where Beautiful Homes Services (BHS) comes in. BHS offers clients the opportunity to have homes that are custom-designed by experienced interior designers and professionally executed by experienced project managers. The third element of the Beautiful Homes brand is Shop, which has a vast and varied selection of products from the Asian Paints' catalogue of lighting and furniture. With such a wide offering, BH Shop is a one-stop digital destination for Indian homeowners who are looking for great quality and design at a sensible price point.

With this spectrum of offerings and continued engagement with a burgeoning community of readers and customers, this site is a unique proposition where people have the opportunity to both read about and actualise ideas. In order to offer this varied set of products and services, is powered by a differentiated group of people with a vast range of skill sets, from styling and content creation, to branding, social media marketing, service marketing, and e-commerce. If you're keen to be a part of our community then write to us or follow us on social media.


For information/enquiries on Beautiful Homes Services and  Beautiful Homes Shop, write to us at,