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Dining Room Design


How to select a dining room design?

A dinner room design is a common feature in nearly every house. It is a space where families not only come together to have meals but also a space to congregate around and chat or spend time together. While homes in large urban cities that face space constraints might find it difficult to create separate dining rooms, they typically make room for dining tables. When it comes to the dining room interior design, it is necessary to ensure that it fits well with the overall interior design of the house. This involves proper spatial planning, the size and number of furniture pieces, the shape, size and material of the dining table, etc.


Types of Dining Room Designs

The following are the currently trending dining area design ideas:


Classic Wooden Dining Room Design

A classic wooden dining area design exudes charm and warmth, reminiscent of the traditional family dining experience. This design often features a large, sturdy wooden table as the centrepiece, surrounded by matching chairs. The furniture usually has intricate details, showcasing craftsmanship and quality. The colour palette is often neutral, with rich wood tones providing a sense of comfort and cosiness. Decorations may include a vintage-style chandelier, wooden sideboards, or buffets for additional storage. Textured rugs and drapes can add to the homely ambiance.


Modern Dining Room Design

Modern dining area designs focus on simplicity and functionality. Clean lines, minimal decoration, and a neutral colour scheme are trademarks of this style. Furniture pieces are sleek and unadorned, often made from materials like steel, glass, or polished wood. Lighting is an essential aspect, with pendant lights or recessed lighting creating a bright and welcoming space. For luxury modern dining room designs, artwork or statement pieces can serve as focal points, adding a touch of personality without overwhelming the space.


Contemporary Dining Room Design

Contemporary dining area designs blend modern aesthetics with elements from various eras. They're characterised by a mix of styles, textures, and colours. The furniture can range from classic pieces to modern geometric shapes, offering a dynamic visual appeal. Bold colour contrasts, unique lighting fixtures, and art pieces are commonly seen in contemporary dining rooms. The use of natural light and open spaces is also a significant feature. Despite the eclectic mix, there's a sense of harmony and balance in a contemporary dinner room design.


Dining Room Décor ideas & tips


Dining Room Color Scheme Selection

Choosing the right colour scheme can transform your dinner room design, creating a mood and ambiance that suits your style. Soft white, creamy taupe, and sky blue offer a calm, serene atmosphere, while bold colours like moody teal or rich bronze can add drama and depth. Consider going dark with jewel tones for a luxurious feel or embrace the vibrancy with shades like vibrant yellow or forest green. You can also explore neutral shades like grey-beige or agreeable grey for a timeless appeal. Always think about the natural light in the room, the size, and the overall design aesthetic of your home when choosing colours.


Choosing the Right Dining Room Furniture

Choosing the right dining room furniture is crucial to creating a welcoming, comfortable space where you can enjoy meals and host gatherings. The centrepiece of your dining room is the table, so consider the shape and size that best fits your space and accommodates your needs. Rectangular tables are versatile, while round tables promote conversation. The material also matters; wood brings warmth, whereas glass adds a modern touch. Chairs should be comfortable and harmonise with the table. Don't forget about storage - sideboards or china cabinets can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Always ensure the furniture complements your dinner room design's style and colour scheme.


Lighting Tips for Dining Rooms

Lighting is a critical element in setting the ambiance of your dinner room design. A well-lit dining room feels warm and welcoming. Start with a statement light fixture, such as a chandelier or pendant light, directly above the dining table to create a focal point. Layer the lighting with accent lights like wall sconces or floor lamps to eliminate shadows and add depth. Consider installing dimmers to easily adjust the brightness depending on the occasion. Don't forget the value of natural light; during the day, allow sunlight to flood in for a bright, airy feel. Always choose light fixtures that complement your dining room's style and decor.


Wall Decor and Artwork Ideas

Wall decor and artwork can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your dinner room design. There are numerous ways to bring life to your blank walls. For instance, consider creating a gallery wall with a collection of art pieces or personal photographs that reflect your style. Offbeat decorations and multifunctional storage ideas can add a unique touch. Large-scale photography or framed prints can serve as a focal point. Vintage maps or DIY murals can provide an interesting and personalised element. Mirrors can be used strategically to make the space appear larger and brighter. Remember, your wall decor should be cohesive with the overall design scheme of your room.


Table Setting and Centerpiece Inspiration

Table setting and centerpiece ideas can vary greatly, providing options for every event or occasion. For a spring-inspired table, think about using layered plates, intricate lace, or even a playful statement piece for a touch of whimsy. For a bolder look, try placing tall branches in a vase for a dramatic effect. Alternatively, consider a display of hanging greenery instead of the usual table centerpieces for a unique twist. Mismatched settings with natural materials and leather accents can bring in a rustic charm. Remember, your centerpiece plays a significant role in defining the dinner room design's character, so select elements that embody your personal style.


Dining Room Vastu Tips


Location of the Dining Room

In accordance with Vastu principles, the dining room is ideally located in the west or northwest portion of your home. This specific orientation is believed to foster an environment of positive energy, which in turn promotes good health and well-being for all members of the household. Moreover, the dining room should be conveniently situated near the kitchen for ease of serving and clearing up after meals. Additionally, it should not be directly visible from the main entrance to ensure a sense of privacy during meal times.


Dining Room Shape and Size

The shape and size of the dinner room design play a crucial role in maintaining a harmonious environment, as per Vastu. A square or rectangular room is considered the most auspicious as these shapes symbolise stability and balance. Irregular shapes, on the other hand, are thought to instigate confusion and chaos, disrupting the peaceful atmosphere of the dining area. Similarly, the size of the dining room should be proportionate to the other rooms in the house, creating a sense of overall balance and symmetry in the home layout.


Dining Table Placement

The dining table, being the heart of the dining room, should be positioned in the centre. It is important that it does not touch the walls, allowing for free and easy movement around the table. In terms of shape, square or rectangular tables are preferred as they align with the recommended room shape. Round tables are discouraged as they are believed to signify endless problems and misunderstandings among family members.


Direction for Dining

The direction in which you sit while dining is of considerable importance in Vastu. It is advised to face either east or north while eating, as these directions are believed to stimulate digestion and foster overall health. Additionally, the head of the family, representing leadership and decision-making, should ideally sit facing east or north during meals. This orientation is considered auspicious and is thought to bring prosperity and success, enhancing the well-being of the entire family.


How to design a dining room within a Budget?

  • Getting creative with colour palettes and textures is key when designing a dining room within a budget.
  • Look for budget-friendly décor options such as incorporating plants into your design, some inexpensive framed art prints or fabric wall hangings, and mirrors to create an interesting effect while making your space look larger than usual.
  • Think about adding some functional storage solutions that match your aesthetic vision as well as serve their purpose. Built-in cabinets under benches double as seating and storage space which is perfect if you don't have much extra floor space in which to place sideboards and dressers.


Why choose a dining room designer by Beautiful Homes?

Beautiful Homes with Asian Paints is a décor solutions company that provides a complete set of services that you need to design a dining room from start to finish. The team of designers from Beautiful Homes will understand your functional and aesthetic preferences, create a 3D potential design of your future dining room, help with cost optimisation for suiting your budget, and hand over your dream dining area design with a warranty. You can create and implement your dream dining area design with ease and convenience through Beautiful Homes.


Alternatively, you could visit our store for further guidance from a ​​dining room designer on dining room ideas and ​​modern small dining area design ideas. With a curation of products and solutions from a family of brands, the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes store is your one-stop shop to create a home or space that tells your unique story. Currently, our stores are present across the country in cities such as Amritsar, New Delhi, Raipur, Jaipur, Tumakuru, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Karur, Kochi, and Nashik, we are in the process of branching out in other states and cities as well.

FAQs about Dining Room Interior Design

How to design the interior of a dining room?

The dining room interior design depends on the space, how you want to use the dining room, how often you entertain, the overall aesthetic of the house and your taste. First, pick a good dining table based on these considerations. Other decor elements that can elevate the look include using artworks or patterned wallpaper. Mirrors are great if you have a small space; they add an illusion of spaciousness. Install good lighting in the room and add a sideboard or console. It will not only work as storage but also as a display for decor and a place to keep extra dishes.

How do you separate a hall and a dining room?

In city apartments where space is limited, the dining room is generally part of the living room or combined with the kitchen. The best way to separate a combined dining hall design in through a dining room interior design with an open layout is by softly demarcating the spaces. One way of doing this is to use a jali screen that ensures a semi-private dining area. Some kind of cabinet can also serve as a partition as well as storage. Another subtle demarcation can even be in opting for slightly different yet complementary dining room colours or even flooring.

Which Colour Combination Is Best For A Dining Room?

Off-white, pink, light yellow and other soothing colours are likely to remain popular for dining room ideas in 2023. According to ​​dining room designers, light beiges and greiges give a cosy and comforting feel to a dining room and will elevate your existing flooring, furniture and accessories. On the other hand, dark colours will help you craft a cosy and luxurious dining space. For customised dining area design ideas, speak to a dining room designer.

How Do You Style a Small Dining Room?

Styling a small dining room involves savvy use of space and decor. Start with functional furniture like an extendable table or cushioned bench. Consider dual-purpose items that combine storage and decor. Light colour palettes help the room feel larger, while a unique piece can draw the eye up. Establish clear separations between areas with rugs and don't be afraid to layer decor or block windows. You can also use mirrors to give the illusion of more space. Always keep it cosy and inviting.

Should you add storage in the dining room?

Adding storage in the dining room can be highly beneficial. It can help in maintaining an organised and clutter-free space, which is essential for creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Storage options like sideboards or built-in cabinets can house tableware, linens, and other dining essentials. Additionally, these pieces can serve as surfaces for displaying decor, enhancing the room's aesthetics. However, the size of the room should be kept in mind to avoid overcrowding. In a small dining room, opt for multi-functional furniture that provides storage without consuming too much space.

What are Some Dining Room Seating Ideas?

For a unique and stylish dining room, consider a mix of seating options. Traditional chairs can be paired with a curvy settee for a casual vibe. Wing chairs at the head of the table add a touch of elegance. A bench seat is another great idea, particularly in small spaces, as it can be tucked under the table when not in use. For a luxury modern dining room design, consider metallic accent chairs or those with cane details. Don't forget to complement seating with cushions for added comfort and style.

How to make a luxurious dining room?

Creating a luxurious dining room involves focusing on quality, detail, and design. Start with a statement light fixture, such as a crystal chandelier, to set the tone. Invest in high-quality furniture; a large, elegant table and plush upholstered chairs can provide a luxurious feel. Use rich, deep colours or metallic accents for a touch of opulence. Add high-end finishes like marble or hardwood. Lay a plush rug underfoot for warmth and comfort. Finally, create a focal point like a grand artwork or a mirrored wall to enhance the luxe appeal.