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Captivating blue kitchen design

  • Kitchen Design
Jul 28, 2023

Harness the power of blue into your kitchen with these crowd-pleasing design ideas

White, followed by neutrals like shades of beige or grey, seem to be the most popular kitchen colour design ideas and with good reason. The versatility of these colour palettes ensures that they will form the ideal backdrop for various materials, textures and elements within the kitchen. Neutrals colours are also a pretty safe bet for smaller kitchens. While you cannot really go wrong with these classic colour palettes, they might leave you wanting more. Not to mention, it can be quite a task to keep white and light-coloured kitchens looking pristine. Bringing colour into your modular kitchen design by way of solid expanses, patterned elements and textured surfaces is a great way to shake things up a little and shades of blue could be just what you are looking for. 


Blue colour kitchens have gained immense popularity in interior design. A modern classic, shades of blue impart a timeless appeal and add to the design narrative of your kitchen. Adding blue is a low-risk way of introducing colour and visual interest without overpowering the space. Its flexibility as a colour makes it perfect for a variety of styles, materials and elements. Lighter shades can create a crisp uplifting of the décor or add a touch of vintage charm while muted dusky blues can add a calming, soothing visual to the palette. Bright and brilliant blues, used purposefully and carefully, add an energetic vibe to the vignette while deep, moody blues work well to add intensity and drama. From breezy coastal design and farmhouse vintage decor to dreamy maximal style and pared-back minimal vibe, the right shade of blue used in the right way can completely transform your space and turn it into a luxury blue modular kitchen. Read on to explore different ways in which you could incorporate this colour into your kitchens.


Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

1. A Splash of Blue Kitchen Design

If you are working with a white of neutral kitchen design and are not keen on adding oodles of colour to the space, an aqua blue colour backsplash can be just the element to elevate your white or minimal kitchen design. From solid hues or textured paint effect to blue patterned tiles, this backsplash will add a layer of visual interest to the decor. When creating a backsplash, keep in mind that smaller tiles result in more grout lines that can be difficult to keep clean especially behind the cooking range. To really bring out this feature, add profile lights under the top kitchen cabinets.

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Image courtesy, Scala Homes

2. Add Vintage Charm with Soft Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Another way to introduce colour to your kitchens is by installing blue kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets create quite a vast expanse so soft or pale blue is a great way to experiment with blue within your kitchen design if you are curious about adding colour to this space. Sticking with this colour palette for your kitchen cabinets can seamlessly fit into a multitude of décor styles though it works wonders to add a soft vintage charm to your space, especially when paired with rustic wood and soft white elements.

3. Uplift a Blue Colour Kitchen with Contrasting Accents

This kitchen by Studio Osmosis uses a muted shade of blue for the cabinets which adds a summer-vibe to the overall kitchen design. Creating a cheerful contrast are the fiery red accents dotting the backsplash and running the perimeter of the ceiling. Sunshine yellow and warm orange would also work as contrasting elements.

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

Image courtesy, Sleek by Asian Paints

4. Layer Different Blue Kitchen Paint Colours

Why stick to just one shade of blue when you can have fun with layering a few shades within different features. From the cabinets and chips in the flooring to the blue wall kitchen, the different shades of blue within the space add dimension. Highlight the colour palette by layering different finishes and textures like the textured wall, terrazzo flooring and backsplash.

5. Bring on the Drama with a Black and Blue Colour Kitchen Design

Accentuate a blue kitchen design with dramatic black accents supplemented with industrial or modern elements. The black marble flooring, track lighting system and sleek appliances in black transform a regular kitchen into an exceptional experience.


6. Cobalt and Marble Create a Vibrant Blue Colour Kitchen Design

If you are looking for blue kitchen paint colours that make a statement, cobalt is a vibrant option. It brightens up the kitchen and energises the visual. Since it is such a strong colour, pairing it with marble and soft whites is an ideal way to make a splash without it being to exaggerated. 

Image courtesy, Sleek by Asian Paints

Image courtesy, IKEA

7. Blue and White Kitchen Design for the Win

As we already know, one of the most popular colours for kitchens is white, especially for smaller areas. The small kitchen in this image is a great example of maximising the space without compromising on aesthetics. White and a whisper of grey form the ideal background to take on the blue kitchen cabinets as a highlighting feature of the neutral colour palette. Even though this blue is a deeper shade with grey undertones, it does not overwhelm the limited space. You can even experiment with a navy or midnight blue and white kitchen design. 

8. Pair Wood and Stainless Steel with Your Blue Kitchen Design

If you are confused about the material palette for your blue kitchen design, you cannot go wrong with a wood finish and stainless-steel elements. These work well within the kitchen environments as well as with a multitude of blue shades. One thing to keep in mind when exploring blue colour kitchen design is your lighting. Lighting can dramatically change the way you perceive colours in your home. Different shades of blue can look very different in daylight and artificial light. The direction of the daylight as well as the colour temperature of the artificial light can also make a huge difference to the overall appearance.

Image courtesy, Sleek by Asian Paints

Image courtesy, Fritz Fryer

9. Blue with Grey is a Timeless Combination for a Modular Kitchen

Blue and grey is a great combination for kitchen colour design. You can use grey as the base colour and accentuate it with blue elements or your can use blue and grey as highlighting features within a neutral shell as in the image. This matte antique blue island and deep grey wall hung cabinets bring life to the white and wood kitchen design.

10. Go Bold with a Brass and Blue Kitchen Design

Pale, light and dusky shades of blue work well when you want to experiment with colour in your kitchens but are not sure how far you want to go. For the adventurous, this beautiful deep blue with green undertones is a great way to make a bold statement with your kitchen colour design. The marble backsplash, shaker style cabinets and brass hardware and fixtures become beautiful additions to the daring colour palette. 


How can Beautiful Homes Help You with a Blue Kitchen Design?

The Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints can help you craft the perfect luxury blue modular kitchen with the best colour scheme, materials and textures that bring your dream kitchen to life. They offer customers personalised modular kitchen design and seamless execution, from start to finish. They create spaces tailored to your tastes, needs and lifestyle, combine aesthetics with functionality and comfort as well as optimise kitchen storage within your budget. You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online portal or visit the retail stores in various cities for guidance and an exceptional curation of furniture, lighting, home décor, accessories, and wallpapers for home as well as solutions from a family of brands.

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