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10 ideas using industrial lights for home décor

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Dec 07, 2022
Industrial led lighting for home - Beautiful Homes

Love the urban chic look of industrial lighting, but feel like it’s probably not a good fit for your home or décor style? Find out just how diverse this style can be and how to make industrial lights work for your interior design, here

As the name suggests, industrial décor is a trend that evolved from the look of commercial areas such as factories and warehouses. Reflecting the basic, stripped-down functionality that is a staple of such spaces, this design trend is now a popular style in home interiors.


Characterised by its simplicity and rawness, it lends itself to an obvious pairing with minimalist interior design. But, in fact, these are also the key components that make the industrial trend so versatile; elements from it – especially industrial light fixtures with visible wiring, simple metal frames or shades, and exposed edison bulbs – blend beautifully into contemporary, modern, rustic, retro and a multitude of other design trends.


Idea #1: Industrial Light Fixtures for Minimalist Simplicity

Industrial lamp fixtures that are made to celebrate raw materials, are the perfect fit for a minimalist home as both place a premium on functional and practical design. An industrial LED lighting solution, with visible LED bulbs housed within simple pendant lamps that have a concrete finish, brings this to life in your space with clean lines and minimal details that are the epitome of simplicity.

Idea #2: Make your Industrial Light the Focus

Find pendant lamps hard to maintain or feel they’re intruding into your space as you have lower ceilings? Switch out that industrial hanging light for a track lighting option; a common element of the industrial style, and a great way to add both ambient and targeted illumination to a space. With lighting tracks that are custom built to resemble exposed piping, your industrial ceiling lights will add a touch of Steampunk charm to your décor! 

Industrial ceiling hanging lights for home - Beautiful Homes
Industrial tube light fixtures for home - Beautiful Homes

Idea #3: Mixing Industrial Light Fixtures for Versatile Style

With open concept homes, a great way to maintain a harmonious look from room-to-room but still have interest and differentiation between each space, is to blend a mix of industrial light solutions that still retain a sense of similarity. Use brass-finish fixtures of various styles, from warehouse chic in the foyer with hanging industrial tube light fixtures, to a chandelier of exposed bulbs on a frame for a contemporary look in the living room, to a modern-vintage effect in the kitchen with pendant lamps over the island.

Idea #4: Industrial Light Settings that Elevate Structure

Sometimes all a room needs for that finishing touch is a statement piece – in distinctive rhomboid shapes, wire-mesh pendants with semi-exposed bulbs are just that! Despite the essentially simplicity of their styling, there’s nothing more eye catching than illuminating your space with industrial lights; for home décor that’s sure to grab attention and make a great first impression, industrial pendant lighting in geometric designs is a good bet. 

Idea #5: Steel Industrial Lamp Designs that Stand Alone

With some rented apartments, changing pre-installed décor is a big no-no, and it can seem like having industrial light fixtures is not in your interior design plans. But don’t forget your available stand-alone lighting solutions! Give your room a quick illumination upgrade with the addition of steel and glass industrial floor lamps, for living room décor that’s the ideal blend of modern and rustic.

Industrial floor lamp designs for Living Room - Beautiful Homes
Warm toned Industrial led lighting for home - Beautiful Homes

Idea #6: Warm Toned Industrial Lights for Home Comfort

If comfort and a cosy atmosphere are your go to, the best way to incorporate industrial lighting is by choosing fixtures that are finished in warm tones – you can even make this work for industrial tube light settings, just house them in warm wood, or brass or copper shades. For industrial LED lighting that complements your space, pick LEDs that exude a yellow or warm white light, or if they’re in exposed fittings, filament-style bulbs – made with LED technology – are easily available and look amazing, too!


Idea #7: Dramatic Industrial Light Fixtures

These days, there’s a wide range of chandelier-style industrial hanging light fixtures available in custom builds and ready-made patterns. From exposed rope and wire-frame designs, to a cluster of Edison bulbs on chains, or LED strips in starburst shapes… the options are endless, making this truly a form of industrial lights for home interiors that are as much an art form as a functional necessity.


Idea #8: Supersize your Industrial Hanging Light for Impact

Have a space where your windows just can’t cover the requirement for ambient lighting? We recommend adding industrial ceiling lights in large dome shapes, while glass globe style industrial pendant lighting is a great addition to a spot that needs more concentrated illumination, like a breakfast bar or kitchen island. The blend of minimalist profile and eye-catching glass makes a statement while providing a uniform wash of light to every angle.


Idea #9: Directional Uplighting with Industrial Light Sconces

When using industrial lights for home décor, it’s sometimes a great idea to take things back to their original routes and rediscover the practicality offered by the classics. A sconce-style industrial lamp, or directional spot provides concentrated lighting that is adaptable and easy to pivot or angle for effect, and harks back to the task lighting that’s common in commercial spaces. Paired with a contemporary home interior, these light fixtures create a delightful effect of contrast and balance.

Idea #10: Custom Industrial LED Lighting for Outdoors

Last but not least, since we’ve covered the use of industrial lighting within the home, it's time to take a look at how you could use industrial lights for home exteriors. Embrace the essence of industrial chic with faux Victorian antique style industrial light fixtures that mimic gas lamps. These lights are perfect for placing on either side of your front door to illuminate the entryway.

Custom Industrial led lighting for outdoors - Beautiful Homes

Want help in achieving the perfect lighting for your home? Visit the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website, browse our expertly curated magazine or explore previous projects for further inspiration. Whether it’s industrial light or other décor styles that you love, our team of experienced professionals are here for all your interior design or home renovation needs! To learn more about our services or products, simply book a 3D consultation call, or walk into any of our stores across India.

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