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Stylish bedroom cupboard design ideas

  • Wardrobe Design
Feb 01, 2021
Cupboard design in solid colour & with some texture  - Beautiful Homes

One of the most important functionalities of any bedroom is its storage capacity, more often than not, fulfilled by cupboards and racks. While a spacious walk-in closet is something we all dream of, it may not be a possibility in our metropolitan cities’ small homes. Nevertheless, you need not let go of your fancy cupboard wishes because the best thing about good interior design is that it cannot be limited by limited spaces.

Sit back and relax as we take you through some of the most innovative bedroom cupboard design ideas to inspire your imagination;

Sleek And Simple

Picking a cupboard design that blends in with the walls is a great idea to make your bedroom look more spacious than it really is. Throw in a semi-reflective material on it and watch it transform your bedroom interior effortlessly. Add warm spotlights, a cozy headboard, a contrasting rug and you will have yourself a sleek, modern bedroom design.

Sleek & simple cupboard design that blends in with the walls - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Cupboard design with different sections with blind slide doors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Alsorg

A Cupboard Wall

Make the most of your wall through designing a cupboard with different sections that can accommodate not just clothes but also shoes, bags, accessories and even bedding sets. While this bedroom has a wooden cabin mood, the cupboard’s blind slide doors make it so very modern. LED lights inside the cupboard not only serve the purpose of its accessibility but also enhances the overall bedroom design.

A Cupboard That Looks Like A Textured Wall

Another beautiful bedroom cupboard design idea except it not only serves the purpose it’s meant to but also doubles as a finely designed wooden wall texture. This is a great way of adding depth through design in small bedrooms

Bedroom cupboard design in wooden texture - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pramod Group

Mini walk-in closet design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Alsorg

A Mini Walk-in Closet

We’ve all seen a number of walk-in closets we love but what makes this one special is the transparent glass wall between the bedroom and the closet. While the closet’s design is just perfect to house every piece of wearable you own, you can play around with the transparent wall in between by partially using mirrors.

Imagine keeping selected lights on the inside of the closet area, giving your bedroom that extra space you might sometimes need.

Cupboard Like A Wall Of Art

Geometric shapes made of shades that complement the bedroom’s design theme act like a piece of art while serving the purpose of vertical cupboards. The best thing about going for this type of a cupboard design is how flexible it is in terms of colour selection and patterns to best suit your bedroom design.

Cupboard design geometric shapes  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

Sleek light wood cupboard-design for small bedroom   - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sleek

Your Dressing Room

If a walk-in closet is beyond your reach due to space constraints, you can choose to go for designing a closet space that specifically sets aside some room for you to get dressed every day. While the cupboard used here is a sleek light wood one, you could add a standing mirror on the side and have yourself a spacious dressing area!

A Pop Of Colour

Cupboards are a great way to add a pop of colour in your bedroom. Whether you plan on going for a monochrome bedroom design or not, you can always pick a solid colour that can instantaneously add some vibrancy to your space. Couple it with some texture and you’ll have yourself a cupboard design that’s hard to look away from.

Cupboard design in solid colour & with some texture  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Styled by Samir Wadekar, Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Light wood colour fitted closets for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sleek

Fitted Closets For A Win

Last but not the least, are fitted closets that optimally let you use your bedroom space yet stand out. While this bedroom design is a beautiful play of neutrals, the light wood wardrobes add some texture to it while tending your storage needs without cluttering the space.

Not only does this style of cupboards use available space in the best way possible but also helps in keeping the room neat.

A Lot Of Room In A Small Room

Best for small sized bedrooms, a wall to wall cupboard space with various sections will give you more than enough space for all your storage needs. What makes this bedroom design interesting is how it acts as an element of design to the entire space. While shades of nude and black are used in this otherwise vibrant bedroom, you can choose to do the opposite or even play around with prints and textures to get more creative!

Cupboard design in nude & black shades for small bedroom  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Styled by Samir Wadekar, Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Which cupboard design would you go for?

●      Sleek and simple

●      A Cupboard wall

●      A cupboard that looks like a textured wall

●      A mini walk-in closet

●      Cupboard that looks like a wall of art

●      Add a pop of colour

●      Use a fitted closet

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