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The right vessel sink can create the perfect contemporary bathroom

  • Bathroom Design
Jun 30, 2021
Use contrasting theme for the bathroom décor items & vessel sink - Beautiful Homes

Designing a bathroom can be tricky. While you may want to create a space that’s stylish, there’s a constant conflict with figuring out how to make it utilitarian at the same time. A fuss-free solution like the Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints can help you redesign your home with with a panel of seasoned expert designers fluent in Indian home layouts, and a dedicated project manager close at hand. But, even with the best service in the industry fine tuned to your requirements, you still need a starting point to decide what you want.


For inspiration along the way, we’ve rounded up ten bathrooms with unique sinks to help you zero in on your vision for a dream space.

Sleek Bathroom Sinks Make For The Best Contemporary Bathrooms
The starting point for all contemporary bathrooms is sleek and modern fittings and accessories. While the conventional ceramic bathroom sink is available these days in a range of shapes, designs and finishes, you can now even choose from sink vessels made from metal. From durable stainless steel to ornate brass, you can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your bathroom’s interior design with the right sink.


Style Tip: Another home décor idea to modernise any bathroom interior design is to do away with the conventional idea of what a sink console should look like. In this luxurious bathroom, the sink countertop looks more like a baroque statement table with its marble top, metallic detailing and curved wooden legs, and all the pipes neatly concealed. 

Sleek bathroom vessel sinks made for contemporary bathroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tessera India

Use a unique bathroom sink that matches your bathroom décor & elevates your bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM

A Uniquely Designed Bathroom Sink That Matches Your Bathroom’s Interior Design
While a sink is chosen primarily for its utility and functionality, modern bathroom sinks also pair this with updated designs. If your bathroom décor has a particular colour palette, theme or aesthetic, it can extend to your sink vessels, too. In this earthy textured bathroom space, the darker detailing of the stones has been elevated in the prism-lined black sink. With its geometric style and edges, we see linear and pattern play serving as the focal point across the space.

A Simple Ceramic Sink With An Interesting Detail
If you prefer your bathroom interior design to be simple, functional and minimal, and don’t want to stray from a traditional ceramic bathroom sink, you could still choose a basic one with a hint of detailing. This muted powder room boasts stone detailing across its walls, floors and countertop. To keep things uniform, the taupe ceramic sink has been chosen to blend in with the rest of countertop. Concentric lines running around the vessel give it a unique yet quiet twist.

Minimal bathroom interior design with basic ceramic bathroom sink & functional bathroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, NACL

Match your bathroom sink with your bathroom tiles & bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

Match Your Bathroom Sink With The Rest Of Your Fittings
To create a bathroom space that ties together neatly, choose accessories, fittings and materials that pair well together or match each other to create a harmonious colour palette. The easiest objects to start with are your utility fittings around the bathroom. An all-white aesthetic never fails to make any room in a home look larger, and simple ceramic sinks and toilet pots are a fuss-free option that’s aesthetic and affordable at the same time. Without any patterns, textures or designs on them, these fittings act as a clear canvas for any other décor detailing you might want to add around the space.

Expert Eye: If you’re picking a single shade for your bathroom interior design, such as white, but don’t want it to look monotonous, try interspersing it with a hint of colour or design detailing. The black grouting running horizontally across this bathroom paired with the octagon floor tiling creates a monochrome effect.

A Dull Bathroom Sink Can Be Spruced Up With A Countertop Makeover
Light soothing tones and hues are always cooling in an Indian home, but sometimes you may want to brighten up a room with a little vibrance. A fresh vase of flowers, a bowl of potpourri or even a scented candle on your bathroom sink’s countertop can freshen up the space. If you’re looking to go a step further, clear out the entire area, putting away all your personal beauty products in storage cabinets or drawers, and place a well-designed pump dispenser for your hand soap. You could even buy a matching pair to also dispense hand lotion. These objets till make the entire countertop look neat and tied together.

Interesting bathroom sink design with bathroom countertop decoration - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Azure Interiors

Add dramatic effect to the bathroom décor with tap emerging from ceiling to the bathroom sink - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

A Modern Bathroom Sink With A Unique Tap
When thinking of unique home interior design for your bathroom interior design, consider your tap fittings for a truly unconventional look. While traditional taps are fitted on the sink or in close proximity around the countertop or backslash, a dramatic spout emerging from the ceiling (such as the one in this maximalist powder room) can create an unusual but appealing focal point.

A Contemporary Upgrade To The Pedestal Sink
A pedestal sink always adds a regal mid-century modern charm to any bathroom, especially if you’re living in a heritage home. But, while there are a range of traditional designs to choose from, you could create your own updated version with a column sink made in a material to match the rest of the bathroom. In this art-filled powder room, the Carrara marble sink sits like a monolith within the sink console almost serving as a design installation. To add a contemporary twist, this sink has been paired with a unique set of lights and an intricately laid out mirror around it.

Chic bathroom design having designer pedestal bathroom sink elevating the bathroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Deconstruct

Use contrasting theme for the bathroom décor items & vessel sink - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Match All Your Materials But Let The Sink Stand Out
If you find a bathroom sink that’s designed in a special way, which you’d want to highlight in your Bathroom Interior Design, create a contrasting theme that will help it stand out. With materials in a single hue or from the same family of colours, you can create a clear canvas for a particular object in a room to stand out. And by picking a mix of materials (such as pairing stone with wood) in the same tone or polish, you’ll create a blend of textures that will give the room a sense of layering. 

The Sink Countertop In A Child’s Nursery Can Double As A Changing Station
While infants are diminutive in size, there are a large number of products required in the early stages of their lives to keep them healthy and happy. This requires ample and smart storage, and creating spaces that can serve multiple purposes. Using your bathroom sink’s countertop in your child’s nursery as a diaper-changing station is one clever example. With the bathroom sink nearby, cleanups and washing will be complete in no time!

Multipurpose bathroom design with bathroom sink countertop used as changing station - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Romilla Tewari

Bathroom interior design having bathroom sink countertop like a table design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

How To Pick A Bathroom Sink That’s Right For You?
Ultimately, when choosing a bathroom sink, you’ll have to understand the purpose it will serve and how you’d like it to look in the room. If it’s for a powder room that’s only used when hosting guests, you could consider something more ornate which could create visual drama in the space. But, if it’s for a bathroom interior design which would be used by several members of the family, consider it’s maintenance, daily clean-ups and longevity as well. To browse through a curation of products and solutions from a family of brands, you could also step into an AP Homes store to discover everything you’d need for a house under one roof!

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