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Mandir Design For Home

In our daily lives, we all need a few moments of peace and calm, that is what a perfectly balanced mandir design brings in. There are various ways you can decide which design suits your home the best, you can start by going through our design ideas, guides and more. Based on the design choice you make, you can decide which colour scheme, accessories and decor you would like in your mandir design. Further, if you feel you need professional advice you can always contact our team of experts at Beautiful Homes to help you create your desired pooja room space.


Importance Of Pooja Room In House

A dedicated pooja room in a house plays an important role in every household. Here are a few points why pooja rooms are a necessity -

  • Pooja room helps to create a sense of calm and peace. 

  • With the slow chant tunes that play in the pooja room to the essence of the agarbattis, all of these small things create positive vibes for your home.

  • It serves as the spiritual centre of a home, providing a dedicated space for prayer, meditation, and other religious practices.


Essential things for Puja Room design


1. Consider Your Space

We always get overwhelmed when it comes to designing a space, and sometimes we plan the design without considering the space we have. This sometimes might create a clutter. Hence even when designing a Pooja Room consider the space you have. 


2. Select the Style

Pooja Room style has a lot of choices. The popular ones are the traditional design, modern design, small room design, and luxurious design style.


3. Vastu Considerations for Mandir Placement & Directions

The mandir is a space of prayers and meditation, therefore the placement and direction of how the mandir design is made is important. For the right placement and directions usually Vastu is considered. Vastu helps to understand what’s the best placement for a pooja room in your house. We suggest talking to professionals to understand Vastu for your home.


4. Your Design Budget

Whenever you take up a design project it’s important to have a design budget in mind as it helps to understand what type of design style, decor and furniture will fit your budget. You can also use our Interior Design Calculator to get a better understanding.


Types of Pooja Room Designs

 When it comes to pooja room designs there are various types of design available that will suit your design style and budget. Here are a few popular ones:


 1. Luxurious Pooja Room

The Luxurious Pooja Room Design consists of Devara (a home temple) made of teak or marble. The idols placed in the temple area are made of precious metals. To add to the luxe look, rich textured fabrics, silver lamps and brass bells are used. 


 2. Small Pooja Room

Small Pooja Room is the design where minimalistic style is the focus, the design is planned with fewer materials. A simple temple made out of wood with multipurpose storage or wall shelves is used. This is done to have a compact pooja room design. It can also be accessorised with basic things such as lamps with wicks and simple DIY flower garlands.


 3. Minimalist Pooja Room

This design is perfect if you prefer simple and clean designs. In a minimalistic Pooja Room, the design is focused on creating a clutter-free space. Usually, a lot of homes have such a design with in-wall mandirs and minimum accessories. 


What colour combinations are best for the Pooja Room?

The colour combinations for your pooja room should be decided based on what design you have selected, here are a few of the top colour combinations:

  1. White and Gold: White symbolises purity, while gold represents divinity. This combination creates a serene and majestic ambience in the Pooja room.

  2. Blue and Silver: Blue signifies the infinite universe, and silver adds a touch of elegance. This combo brings a calming effect to the prayer space.

  3. Yellow and Orange: These vibrant colours add a lively and festive feel to the Pooja room.

  4. Red and Cream: Red is the colour of power and passion, while cream offers a soothing contrast. This combination can bring a warm and energetic vibe to the Pooja room.

  5. Pink and White: Pink represents love and joy, and white provides a calming balance. This combo can give the Pooja room a gentle, happy atmosphere.


Best Flooring Material for Pooja Room

There are various types of floorings that you can select from, here are a few of the top choices that are usually used in a Pooja Room - 

  • Marble: Marble is one of the popular choices when it comes to pooja room flooring. The reason is that they are available in various colours, and patterns and also give a cooling effect. 

  • Granite: Granite is durable and is resistant to scratches and stains. With its polished looks, it also gives a luxe touch to your pooja room.

  • Tiles: Tiles are popular as they are available in various colours and textures and have the added benefit of being easy to maintain and clean.


How to Create a Pooja Room Design on a Budget?

Even on a budget, you can create one of the most aesthetic pooja room designs. You can start by using your already owned furniture on which you can place your idols, lamps and the pooja room essentials. You can decorate it with simple DIY flowers, wallpapers, or even hand painting on the walls. For final touches, you can place battery-operated lights to highlight a few points. 


Why choose a Pooja Room Designer by Beautiful Homes?

The designers at Beautiful Homes have years of experience and have high numbers of satisfied clients. This is because we make sure that your ideas, budget and every little detail is given attention by our experts. We give an end-to-end solution for every pooja room design project from helping you choose the design style, colour palette, to the right kind of decor. So when it comes to partnering with Beautiful Homes Pooja Room Designers we make sure that your interior design journey is smooth and hassle-free.


To book a consultation call with our experts fill out the form given above after which our team will reach out to you according to your convenience.


FAQs about Pooja Room Design

Where should I place my pooja room?

The placement of the Pooja room is very important as this space is sacred and provides a positive environment for the house. Usually, Vastu is taken into consideration for the home temple design. According to Vastu, for auspicious purposes, the pooja room design should be in the northeast, north and east directions. However, we suggest consulting experts for better understanding according to your home and personal choices.

Can I place a mandir design for my home if I have a space crunch? OR How can I set my pooja room design in a small space?

Yes, you can always create a mandir or a pooja room in the small corner if there’s a space crunch. With the right home space planning this can be executed, the first is to determine where everything will be placed. Once you’ve decided that, you can either have it the room you’ve decided as it is or have it separated with partitions like our sliding doors or even the original jalis.


You can also set the pooja room in the format of a cupboard or even in the form of shelves, this design has been popular with small room homes.

How can I decorate my pooja room?

The decoration depends on your preference and what kind of mandir design you prefer. If you like simple and traditional pooja room design, then you can decorate it with simple floral wallpaper, wall stickers, fake flowers and metal decor. If you are someone who likes the luxurious design style then you can opt for metallic-coloured textures, and wallpapers or use stencilling to create an accent wall. Additionally for both styles don’t forget to add the typical accessories used in temples, like an incense burner, small bells, a traditional light stand, etc.

What kind of lighting is suitable for a traditional pooja room?

The lighting type can be determined by the type of design or style you are selecting. For traditional go with softer focused lights, you can also opt for the traditional brass or copper lamps with a wick to brighten the space. To create a warm environment you can go with LED lights.

What is the best way to make a pooja room smell heavenly?

The first thing that helps create a calm and peaceful environment in any major design is the smell. The best way to do that is by placing incense sticks(agarbatti), dhoop cones or even going with smaller incense candles.

What should be the size of a pooja room?

The size of the pooja depends on your personal preference. Some might prefer a small mandir with wall shelves while some might opt for a separate room. According to your home space and design you can create a mandir or pooja room. You can also consider professional help from our team of experts at Beautiful Homes to help you explore different designs and how they can be set up in your home.