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Difference between Duco paint vs PU paint

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Oct 16, 2022
Duco finish paints vs Pu finish paints for home furniture - Beautiful Homes

Duco paint and PU paint are both popular choices when painting wooden or metal surfaces and provide a lustrous finish. Here, we take an in-depth look at both paints and what sets them apart

What is Duco Paint?

What is Duco paint – It is a popular fast-drying paint that has excellent colour retention. It is water resistant and durable, and comes in both high gloss and matte Duco paint finish. They are available in gorgeous colours and Duco paint for furniture brings a sophisticated look to houses, whether they are traditional, contemporary or modern.

What is PU Paint?

What is PU Paint - It is a hard, stretchable polymer with a durable, highly-resistant polyurethane coating. It is resistant to moisture, scratches, dust and mould. PU paint for wood is available in lovely colours and matte and high gloss finishes. It has a high colour retention and an even and lustrous finish for the perfect wooden finish.

Pu paint finish used for the wooden furniture at home - Beautiful Homes


Tabular Comparison of Duco Paint vs PU Paint




Duco Paint


Pu Paint




Made of one component


Is a mix of two components


Drying time


Faster drying time


Takes time to dry


Colour retention


May get a yellowish tinge after some years


PU paint has better colour retention




Very good


Very good




Available in matte and gloss finishes


PU finish has matte and gloss finish and is more lustrous than Duco paint


Needs to be applied with a spray machine

More even application with a spray machine but can be applied with brush and roller




Exterior and interior


Exterior and interior but is the more popular choice for exterior painting


Water resistant


High water resistance


PU paint is very water-resistant




The finish of Duco paint on wood is excellent


PU is better than Duco paint on wood


Use on metals


Is easier to paint as it dries faster


PU finish takes longer to dry




Comes in gorgeous colours


PU paint for furniture is available in beautiful shades


Gloss finish


Duco finish is lustrous


PU paint finish is luxurious




Very high


PU paint is less flammable unless exposed to direct fire




Less expensive (Rs 350 to Rs 450 per lire)


Very expensive (Rs 450 to Rs 550 per lire)

Labour costs are also higher


Very easy to maintain. Can be wiped clean with a wet cloth

Very easy to maintain. Can be wiped clean with a wet cloth


Environment friendly


Not very eco-friendly as it is solvent based


VOC free and is very eco friendly


Ease of application


Duco finish needs expertise


Needs more expertise than Duco paint



Duco vs PU paint for the wooden furniture & metals or plastic & glass items at home - Beautiful Homes

Where is Each Type of Paint Used?

Duco paint is great for all kinds of wooden furniture as Duco paint furniture dries faster. They can also be used on metal structures around the house, to give them a unique and industrial feel.


PU paint for wood is a wise choice for objects and elements that are under direct sunlight. PU paint for metal is also a popular choice for metal home décor ideas.  PU paint for metal can also be used on plastic and glass surfaces.


How can you Make your Decision Between Duco Paint vs PU Paint?

There are several factors to consider when choosing Duco vs PU paint.

  • Cost

    Duco vs PU paint, PU is more expensive than Duco, and if you are working within a budget, you may prefer Duco paint as it does give quite a beautiful finish at a lesser price. But if budget isn’t a constraint, PU paint for furniture offers a luxurious finish and superior quality.

  • Longevity

    Duco vs PU paint, PU lasts longer and has high colour retention. One of Duco paint disadvantages is that though quite durable, it may yellow after time.
Choose from the Duco finish paints & Pu finish paints for your home - Beautiful Homes
Use Duco paints & PU paints for the kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes
  • Where it will be used

    Spaces that face a lot of foot traffic and objects that are handled a lot may need the strong PU paint vs Duco paint. Another of Duco paint disadvantages is it is more flammable and when considering PU paint vs Duco paint for spaces like the kitchen interiors, the less risky PU paint wins hands down.



1. Which is better - PU paint vs Duco paint?

The difference between Duco paint and PU paint is not much. Your choice will depend on the space that you are painting and your budget.

2. Is PU and Deco the same?

No, PU paint is made of two components, a polyol resin and a poly-isocyanate curing agent or hardener.  Deco paint for wood is solvent based and made of one component, a nitrocellulose lacquer.


3. Is Duco paint finish waterproof?

Yes, Deco paint for wood is quite water resistant and can be used in bathrooms and other areas that face moisture and precipitation.


4. Is PU enamel paint waterproof?

PU enamel paint has excellent water resistance and is a great choice for areas and objects that are constantly exposed to water.

Duco paint finish or PU paint finish for your kitchen furniture - Beautiful Homes

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