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Oct 31, 2022
False ceiling design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

False ceilings are a great way to use the fifth wall to elevate the look of an ordinary room, but how expensive are they? Here we give you an overview of the different types of false ceilings and their average costs

When it comes to transforming your home's interior, a false ceiling can make an enormous difference. This architectural feature not only adds a touch of elegance but also aids in temperature control and sound insulation. But one question looms large for homeowners contemplating this upgrade - what is the cost of false ceiling? The false ceiling price of installing is contingent on several factors, including the materials used, the complexity of the design, and the size of the room, among others. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the costs associated with false ceilings, helping you make an informed decision for your home.

What are the Factors that Determine False Ceiling Cost?

A false ceiling does not have to be outrageously expensive. The cost of a false ceiling will depend on several factors that include:


  • Size

    The size of the room is one of the most significant determinants when it comes to the cost of a false ceiling. The bigger the room, the more materials and work hours required, which will inevitably increase the cost of false ceiling. False ceiling prices are usually per square foot or square metre, so a precise calculation of the area is necessary for an accurate estimate. False ceiling price per square foot for the living room design will be more than that for a small puja room.


  • Designs

    The design complexity, especially in interior design can substantially influence the cost of false ceiling. A straightforward, single-level, plain false ceiling design will be less expensive compared to a multi-level or intricately patterned one. Custom designs requiring skilled labour will also add up to the overall false ceiling price per square foot. If you're planning to incorporate additional features like embedded lights or ceiling fans, these will require extra effort and increase the cost.


  • Materials

    The choice of material can significantly impact the budget. Commonly used materials for false ceilings include gypsum, plaster of Paris (PoP), wood, metal, and PVC. Each material has its own cost, aesthetic appeal, and durability. For instance, while gypsum and PoP might be less costly than PVC ceiling prices, they are generally used for plain false ceiling designs and may not offer the same visual appeal or longevity as wood or metal.


  • Floor-to-Ceiling Height

    The original height of the ceiling can also affect the cost. Higher ceilings might require more materials and specialised equipment to install the false ceiling, thereby increasing the cost. Conversely, lower ceilings might limit your design options.
  • Volume of Work

    The volume of work refers to the amount of labour required to complete the installation. This can depend on factors such as whether it is a plain false ceiling design or a complex one, the need to relocate existing fixtures, the preparation work required, and the complexity of the installation process. More work means more labour cost.


  • Detailing and Electrical Work

    If your design includes intricate detailing or integrated lighting, this will increase the cost. Electrical work needs to be carried out by a qualified electrician, and this will add to your overall expenses. Plus, the cost of light fixtures and wiring also needs to be considered.


Types of False Ceiling and Their Cost

1. Gypsum False Ceiling Cost

Gypsum is one of the most commonly used materials for false ceilings due to its affordability and ease of installation. The cost for a standard gypsum false ceiling can range from Rs 7,500 to Rs 8,500 for a 10x10 room.

Gypsum false ceiling for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes
POP ceiling design for your interior design - Beautiful Homes

2. POP False Ceiling Cost

POP is another popular choice due to its versatility and ability to create intricate designs. The cost of POP ceilings can vary between ₹75–120 per square foot, depending on the design details.

3. Grid False Ceiling Cost

Grid ceilings are typically used in commercial spaces, but they can also be used in homes for a modern look. The cost can vary greatly depending on the material used and the complexity of the design.

4. Wooden False Ceiling Cost

Wooden ceilings offer a warm and natural aesthetic, but they tend to be more expensive due to the cost of the material. The false ceiling price can vary greatly depending on the type of wood used and the complexity of the design.


Wooden false ceiling design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

5. Thermocol Ceiling Cost Per Square Feet

Thermocol is an affordable and lightweight material, making it a good choice for simple designs. However, it's not as durable as other materials and may require more maintenance.

PVC false ceiling for your home design - Beautiful Homes

6. Cost of PVC False Ceiling

PVC is a durable and water-resistant material, making it a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Standard PVC false ceiling cost can range around Rs 40 per square foot.

7. Fibre False Ceiling Cost Per Square Feet

Fibre ceilings are lightweight and can be used to create a variety of designs. The cost of false ceiling can vary depending on the type of fibre used and the complexity of the design.

Fibre false ceiling design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

8. Glass False Roofing Cost

Glass ceilings are a luxury option that can create a stunning visual effect. However, they are quite expensive, with costs ranging between Rs. 350 to Rs. 600 per square foot.


Which False Ceiling Material Should You Choose? 

When choosing a material for your false ceiling, consider the room's use, your budget, the desired aesthetic, and the local climate. It's always a good idea to consult with a professional who can recommend the best material based on these factors.


Material Pros Material

Lightweight, easy to install, fire-resistant, and can create a smooth finish.

Not suitable for damp areas like bathrooms because it can absorb moisture.

Plaster of Paris (POP)

Versatile, can create intricate designs, and offers a smooth finish.

Takes longer to install compared to gypsum, not water-resistant.


Offers a warm and natural aesthetic, and can be used to create a variety of designs.

More expensive than other materials, requires regular maintenance to prevent warping and termite infestation.

Water-resistant, durable, and available in a variety of designs and colours.

Can look less natural compared to materials like wood or gypsum.

Glass Creates a stunning visual effect, allows natural light to filter through. Expensive, requires careful handling during installation.

Lightweight, can be used to create a variety of designs, good sound absorption.

Not as durable as other materials, can be damaged by water.

Metal (Aluminium/Tin)

Durable, fire-resistant, and available in a variety of finishes.

Can be more expensive than other materials, can create noise if not installed properly.


Affordable and lightweight, good for simple designs.

Not as durable as other materials, can be damaged easily.


False Ceiling: How to measure the size? 

Measuring the size for a false ceiling is quite straightforward. Here's how you can do it:


Measure the Length and Width of the Room:

Using a tape measure, find out the length and width of the room where you want to install the false ceiling. Measure in feet or metres, depending on what unit of measurement you prefer. Make sure to measure from wall to wall.


Calculate the Total Area:

The total area of the ceiling is found by multiplying the length by the width. For instance, if your room measures 10 feet in length and 12 feet in width, the total area would be 120 square feet (10 feet x 12 feet).


Consider the Design:

If you're planning on installing a more complex design that isn't just a flat surface, you might need to measure additional areas. For example, if part of the ceiling will be dropped lower than the rest, you'll need to measure the length, width, and height of this area as well.


Double Check Your Measurements:

It's always a good idea to measure twice to ensure accuracy. Incorrect measurements could lead to buying too much or too little material, both of which can cause issues during installation.


These measurements will help you estimate the amount of material needed and the cost of your false ceiling. However, for a precise estimate and to ensure a professional finish, it's best to consult with a false ceiling contractor or interior designer.


False Ceiling Price per square foot: Variance from city to city

The false ceiling cost for a 10x10 room in India would vary greatly from city to city. This disparity is primarily due to differences in local market prices, availability of materials, and labor costs. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore may have higher installation costs due to increased overhead expenses. In contrast, smaller cities and towns might offer more affordable rates. Additionally, the type of material chosen - gypsum, POP (Plaster of Paris), or wood, also significantly impacts the price. Therefore, it's essential to consider these factors and obtain quotes from multiple vendors to get a fair deal when planning to install a false ceiling.


FAQs for your False Ceiling Cost

1. Is the ceiling height of my home sufficient for a false ceiling?

The minimum height required for a false ceiling installation is typically around 9 feet. This allows for at least a 1-foot drop for the false ceiling while still maintaining a comfortable room height. However, the exact height may vary based on the design and personal preference.


2. Do the materials and finishes you prefer suit the features you are looking for?

The choice of material and finish should align with your aesthetic preferences, budget, and the room's functionality. For instance, if you want a modern look, you might go for a glossy PVC ceiling, but if you prefer a traditional look, you might choose a wooden finish.


3. How do you calculate your false ceiling area to know the cost?

To calculate the area, measure the length and width of the room, then multiply these two measurements. This gives you the area in square feet or metres. The cost can then be estimated by multiplying this area by the per-square-foot cost of the chosen material and adding labour costs.


4. Which false ceiling is good for a home?

The best false ceiling for a home depends on several factors including budget, aesthetics, and the room's purpose. Gypsum and POP are popular choices due to their affordability and versatility. Wooden ceilings offer a warm aesthetic, while glass can create a luxurious feel. PVC ceiling prices are a practical choice for damp areas like bathrooms. It's best to consult with a professional to choose the right option for your specific needs.


How can Beautiful Homes help you with calculating the cost for your false ceiling?

At Beautiful Homes, we strive to make your home renovation process as smooth as possible. When it comes to calculating the cost for your false ceiling, we offer a comprehensive service that takes into account various factors such as the type of material chosen, the complexity of the design, the size of the room, and local labour costs. We provide detailed estimates, ensuring there are no hidden charges. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering quality work within your budget. By choosing us, you can rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money, without compromising on aesthetics or quality.

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