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9 of the absolute best 1 BHK interior design ideas

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Mar 19, 2023
Classy Interior Designs Ideas - Beautiful Homes

Buying or even renting your first apartment, and making it uniquely your own, is a milestone that many dream of. But with the infinite style concepts and ideas out there, settling on the perfect interior designs for you can be a tough task – we’re simplifying your search here!

If you’ve just bought your first apartment and are looking for the best 1 BHK interior design ideas to try, or have been scouring through websites and magazines for 1 BHK interior design images to inspire you, then you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. And that would be absolutely understandable, given the nearly infinite 1 BHK interior design possibilities that are out there!


With this list of nine 1 BHK apartment design ideas, we’re sure you’ll be able to manifest your dream home in no time.


9 Smart Yet Chic 1 BHK Apartment Design Idea

1 BHK Interior Design Idea #1: Show Off Your Personality

A balance of style and functionality is a must for 1 BHK apartment design. Find a design style that resonates and accommodates your lifestyle and personality, whether contemporary, art deco, minimalist, etc. While the many wonderful 1 BHK interior design images you find online can be a great source of inspiration, remember that your interior design should reflect “you” and your preferences for your house to feel like a home.

1 BHK Interior Design Idea #2: Stay Chic with Neutral Colours

Paint is an essential part of the ideal 1 BHK interior design. As the décor backdrop that makes an initial impact and sets the vibe of your home, neutral-coloured paints give you a greater range of options in the 1 BHK design ideas and décor styles available to you. If you prefer a bolder look for your 1 BHK flat colour ideas, accent walls (or even ceilings) in bright and vibrant shades have this effect while still being simpler to change in the future.

White Interior Designs Ideas - Beautiful Homes

1 BHK Interior Design Idea #3: Optimise Your Storage Solutions

When space is at a premium, picking 1 BHK interior design ideas that acknowledge this reality are the only 1 BHK flat decoration ideas you should go for! Furniture with in-built storage and other such smart storage solutions will help keep your 1 BHK interior design looking neat, clutter-free and welcoming to friends and family.

Modern Interior Designs Ideas - Beautiful Homes

1 BHK Interior Design Idea #4: Try for Minimalism in Décor

While your favourite 1 BHK flat decoration ideas might not conform to a minimalistic décor theme, the main tenets of minimalism – where “less is better” – is a great way to avoid your home feeling cramped and overcrowded. With a smaller floor plan, and less overall space, keeping things neat and tidy is best, 1 BHK interior design ideas that stick to this, while still suiting your style, are always going to be the right choice for your interior design.

1 BHK Interior Design Idea #5: Pick an Open Kitchen

The open kitchen is a popular trend in 1 BHK apartment interior design as it’s both stylish and highly functional. As a staple of modern 1 BHK interior design, it is one of the 1 BHK flat design ideas that makes best utilisation of the floor plan, reduces the visual blocks in the space, socialisation while entertaining, and better movement and traffic flow from one room to another.

Open Kitchen Interior Designs Ideas - Beautiful Homes

1 BHK Interior Design Idea #6: Design Around the Right Sofa

Your living room – as a main area in any 1 BHK apartment – should be one of the first 1 BHK decoration ideas you settle on. And picking the perfect sofa is essential to any of the best 1 BHK interior design ideas you can think of. Your 1 BHK flat colour ideas can revolve around your sofa colour, as should your design style. Your sofa should be the focal point of the room, drawing the eye and tempting you to snuggle in!

Natural Light Interior Designs Ideas - Beautiful Homes

1 BHK Interior Design Idea #7: Enhance the Effects of Natural Light

One thing you’ve probably noticed in 1 BHK interior design images is that well-lit spaces look less cramped, more inviting and larger, too! Whatever 1 BHK design ideas you adopt, make sure to prioritise good artificial lighting, but also boost whatever natural light available. Larger windows with sheer curtains, paints and tiles with a subtle shine for more bounce light, etc. are ways to ensure your 1 BHK decoration ideas are bathed in the calming glow of natural light.

1 BHK Interior Design Idea #8: Use Mirrors as Art and Illusion

A good rule of thumb is to use 1 BHK interior design ideas that are cute, yet cleverly functional. More reflective surfaces are one of the more creative 1 BHK design ideas that does this, creating an illusion of greater room, while also helping to increase bounce light. Using mirrors as art – ornamental frames, a mirror wall, a coalition of multiple mirrors in various sizes in a single space, etc. – is a very adaptable option among the 1 BHK decoration ideas you could try.

Mirror Décor Designs Ideas - Beautiful Homes

1 BHK Interior Design Idea #9: Experiment with Convertible Furniture

One of the most clever solutions in our best 1 BHK interior design ideas is convertible furniture! There are many attractive ready-made convertible furniture pieces easily available, and of course, 1 BHK interior design ideas that save on space and keep your home looking clutter free are definitely the way to go. Plus, when trying to keep your 1 BHK interior design cost on the lower side, convertible furniture, particularly those that serve multiple functions, can be a big money saver.


If you’re looking for more brilliant 1 BHK flat design ideas, then Beautiful Homes is here to help! Visit the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website, browse our expertly curated magazine or explore our previous projects for further inspiration. Our team of experienced professionals are available for all your interior design and home renovation needs. To learn more about our services or products, you could book a 3D consultation call, or walk into any of our stores across India.

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