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Dec 25, 2022
3 door wardrobe design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Keep scrolling to see different stylish and functional 3-door wardrobe designs and jot down your favorite design, storage, color palette, and décor ideas

Why do we need a wardrobe? A wardrobe is an item that you start your day with every morning. It is where you don your armour to conquer the battles of the day. It is what turns a bonus room in your house into a bedroom. A wardrobe design need not always be a walk-in closet in order to transform a room into a master bedroom but it sure does add that special USP to make your room feel like your very own space. Regardless of whether you are considering a master bedroom design, a kid’s room decor, or a guest room interior design, closet space is a crucial addition.


In terms of closet storage, a 3-door cupboard design is trending in the present market. These wardrobe 3-door design concepts provide some extra space for keeping some extra material in advance. Hence, they are an exemplary choice. The triple door wardrobe is the best implication for keeping good and bulky material inside. Extra space would let extra things come in. Therefore, today we shall discuss a few incredible three-door wardrobe ideas to help beautify your mundane rooms into something extraordinary.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a 3-door Wardrobe Design

It is only noteworthy to consider some factors before buying your 3-door wardrobe.

  • Always ensure that the quality you purchase is genuine and not fake.
  • Typically, a three-door wardrobe design is good for big rooms. It is advisable to first consult the size of your room before making any purchase.
  • The product warranty should be extensible beyond 1 year.
  • Consider the load-bearing capacity of the triple door wardrobe and how often will it be used.
  • The size of the wardrobe 3-door design and the overall design aesthetics of the house.
  • Your budget limitations and the price of your favourite 3-door almari. The cost varies according to the material used, size required and whether it is a 3-door wardrobe with dressing table or a 3-door wardrobe with mirror.


Sleek but Expansive 3-door Wardrobe Designs for your Home

1. Laminate Three-door Wardrobe Design

A laminate wardrobe 3-door design with drawers is an excellent choice for those who want some extra space, other than their primary wardrobe, to store knickknacks and smaller items without creating any mess. This 3-door cupboard design cleverly utilises the space in the bedroom and also looks proportional and luxurious with the colour combination and pattern.

2. Three-door Sliding Wardrobe Design

A 3-door sliding wardrobe design is an all-win bedroom storage answer. It helps you safely store all your clunky items while saving on the existing floor space in the room as the closet doors open sideways instead of outwards. This 3-door sliding wardrobe design looks classic and visually appealing; yet, it has a limitation. You will only be able to view sections of the wardrobe (and not a full view) at a time because of the sliding arrangement.

3 door sliding wardrobe design for your home - Beautiful Homes
3 door wardrobe design with mirror for your home - Beautiful Homes

3. A Three-door Cupboard Design with Mirror

This 3-door cupboard design with a mirror can be a splendid addition to your bedroom space as it plays multiple roles while saving up the space in the bedroom with a very little to minimum clutter. The mirror on the wardrobe lets you get ready quickly in tough busy mornings without having to run here and there, and also makes the room look spacious as it reflects the light. Many homeowners opt for a 3-door almirah steel if they wish to opt for an attached mirror choice.

4. 3-door Wardrobe Design with Attached Study Table

Are you looking for a gorgeous wardrobe as a storage space that also serves as a study table for you or your child? If yes, then this three-door wardrobe design with an attached study table is the perfect option for you. It does not take up a lot of space and can effortlessly be accommodated in a small bedroom. Such a 3-door almirah design with study table is an innovative amalgamation of function and formation and comes with additional loft space. A 3-door wardrobe with dressing table design is also very trendy and functional.

5. 3-door Wooden Wardrobe Design

What is more beautiful, classic, sophisticated and graceful than a wooden triple door wardrobe design? It looks elegantly aesthetic, gives a cosy feel and is much more long-lasting than other wardrobe materials such as 3-door steel wardrobes. It also makes the whole look feel cohesive and creates a sense of a put together bedroom decor when paired with the wood panelling behind the bed.

Wooden 3 door cupboard for your home - Beautiful Homes
Simple three door wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes

6. A Three-door Wardrobe Design with Translucent Doors

Do you prefer to have a little glimpse of what inside your wardrobe 3-door design without actually opening it? Then a three-door cupboard design with translucent doors is a great option for you. It looks stylish, bold and is incredibly long-lasting in nature. The middle door is also framed with reflective glass that additionally emphasises the magnificence and classiness of the 3-door almirah.

7. Simple 3-Door Wardrobe Design

A simple 3-door cupboard design fulfils all your major wardrobe requirements. This one has a robust built and the sliding door mechanism makes it more effortless to navigate inside your wardrobe without blocking the movement in your bedroom. It has great storage capacity and comes with added lofts so that you can properly arrange your clothes and all in a snap. You can also look for simple triple door 3-door steel almirah designs for your space.

3 door almirah for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes



1. Which type of 3-door wardrobe design is the best?

A sliding triple door wardrobe design is the best option if you desire to make the most of the available space. It needs less space and presents more free space in the room without compromising on the beauty and aesthetic.


2. What is the ideal size for 3-door wardrobe design?

The basic size prerequisite for a standard 3-door wardrobe is 7 feet by 10 feet.


3. What is the ideal door size for a wardrobe 3-door design?

A wardrobe with two or three sliding doors might have a width of 2400mm.



Beautiful Homes Service for your 3-door Wardrobe Design

Are you looking for different 3-door almari ideas? Head to the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website and browse our expertly curated Magazine to know more about different 3-door wardrobe designs, 3-door steel wardrobe ideas and different ideas of three-door wardrobe with a mirror etc. You can also check out the interior design projects we have executed so far and learn more about our design and decor services and products.


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