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3BHK House Design That’s Timeless and Elegant

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Oct 13, 2022
Wisely choose furniture in your 3 BHK home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Inspiring 3BHK interior design ideas that can transform the aesthetic of your house

Think three bedrooms in a city apartment—or a 3BHK as is the commonly used crisp shorthand—and you’re immediately imagining the greater space at hand to install the very many interior design ideas for 3BHKs that crowd your mind. But, when it comes to apartments in big cities, a three-bedroom doesn’t necessarily translate to very spacious or supersized. A house of this size can span the spectrum of square footage—some being rather large while others just topping out at 1,000 square feet or even a tad bit less. It is therefore important, then, that your 3BHK’s full house interior design ideas should be well considered and planned to make the space look elegant and inviting.

But, before you get down to implementing all those décor and design plans for your home, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to build the right framework for your 3BHK apartment interior design ideas.


Prioritise the Layout for your 3BHK House Design

There is a particularly luxurious sofa that you have your eye on, but before you make the investment, think carefully about how it would work in the layout of your house design. The layout of your space is one of the primary drivers of the décor that you choose. The position of the rooms, whether it’s an open-plan living area, the kitchen layout—whether parallel, L-shaped or U-shaped—all these factors are integral in going ahead with the 3BHK flat interior design ideas you have.

Keep the Size in Mind

Whether it is a luxurious or a middle-class 3BHK flat interior design you have on the cards, size matters. A three-bedroom can be compact, especially in metros such as Mumbai, so all your design ideas should derive from the size of the house. The colours you use, the size of the furniture for each of the rooms, whether to opt for multifunctional pieces, etc, will all flow from the size of your flat.


Consider the Functionality

Aesthetic and style are important; the things you have around your house should uplift you and make you feel relaxed. But functionality is just as important. A pretty house that has uncomfortable furniture or not enough navigation room is not going to be a functional space. So ensure that the design you go for balances functionality along with visual appeal. 

Open living room & dining room design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Kuber Shah

Think about your Lifestyle

Your home is where you live, relax, unwind and work. So an apartment that reflects your lifestyle is crucial to getting the design right. If you enjoy hosting dinner parties and guests at home, for example, a good dining area and an open-plan living area would be useful. If you work from home, then a space dedicated to a home office is important. So your 3BHK apartment interior design ideas must enhance and enable your lifestyle.


A 3BHK Apartment that Evokes Elegance

Granted, a three-bedroom house means there’s more space to work with when it comes to playing with 3BHK interior ideas. However, not all 3BHK house plans are high on square footage. Even if you do have the space, indiscriminately implementing interior design ideas for 3BHK flats is no good. Design and décor that reflects your tastes make optimum use of the apartment and leaves it looking spacious is what will add that coveted contemporary sophistication to your home.


3BHK Full House Interior Ideas that Favour High Quality

It isn’t always a good idea to go for more even when there is room for more. While there is the temptation to make the most of every available square inch, focus on quality rather than quantity. Add too many décor elements or accessories or furniture pieces and even the most luxurious 3BHK apartment will look cramped, making even the most spacious three-bedroom house design look small. Instead, choose elements of high quality and a refined aesthetic instead of going for a greater number of things.

Right pastel shades for your bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Shamanth Patil

Subtlety to Enhance your 3BHK Flat Design

Colour plays a considerable role in signalling the aesthetic of a space, so choose the right spectrum of shades to invoke understated elegance and class. Neutrals and pastels are default options for a failsafe solution for a sophisticated 3BHK flat design. Earthy tones— maroons, mustard yellows, browns—are another alternative to create an inviting space. If you are in the mood to experiment, then darker shades such as greys or dark blues are great too. But in such cases, it is important to make sure that your space receives ample natural light. Also make sure you tone down on colour in other aspects like the soft furnishings, the furniture pieces and other accessories.


Let in the Light in your 3BHK Flat

As far as 3BHK interior design ideas go, natural light plays a vital role in elevating the design of a home. Daylight pouring in through the windows and good ventilation are significant elements to create a warm space. Pick out the curtains that allow the light to flood your rooms but keep out the heat is the way to get the best of both worlds—generous light without the heat.

Have enough space for natural light for your 3 bhk home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Use indoor plants to bring greenery in your 3 bhk home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Vignesh Sivakumar

3BHK Interior Design Ideas that Keep it Natural

If you want to dress up your house in some accents of colour, then indoor flowering plants have an immediate effect in enhancing the space. And as far as interior design ideas for 3BHK flats go, there are many ways to use indoor plants—a large planter sitting next to a sofa, a row of plants on an open wall shelf in one of the rooms, a tabletop water element with a floating flower, an array of floral arrangements on the dining table. If you do have a balcony, then nothing like it!

Artworks are Popular Interior Design Ideas for 3BHKs

Have a bare wall and don’t know what to do with it? Or a corner that’s simply going empty without adding to the aesthetic of your 3BHK flat design? Just like indoor plants are an easy solution when it comes to interesting 3BHK flat interior design ideas, so are artworks. Paintings that can go up on walls, either a single large one or a collage of smaller paintings, or even a sculpture that can stand in a corner to draw the eye serve as wonderful space elevators. They add character to a room and are a great way to add bright, bold colours to a space.

Wisely Choose the Furniture for your 3BHK Flat Design

It’s easy to give in and add as many pieces of furniture as you can when you have the space for it. The smart thing to do, though, would be to stay away from adding too many furniture pieces. As mentioned before, too many elements can be too much, and that goes for furniture too. Invest in good durable pieces but don’t go overboard. You can get a cosy living room by getting the layout right and by allowing for enough movement. Choose the sizes carefully too; too large and they may end up making your room look smaller. It’s also a good idea to get some off-the-floor pieces, such as a floating shelf or wall-mounted entertainment unit.

Wisely choose furniture in your 3 BHK home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ira Gosalia for We Design Studio

Lighting plays an important role in your 3 BHK home design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Light Layering for your House Design

Natural light is vital to get a sophisticated home but that doesn’t play down the importance of artificial lights. They too are a key part of your list of 3BHK interior ideas. A rule of thumb is to check off all the boxes when it comes to ambient, accent and task lighting. Ambient refers to the overall general illumination; accent lights highlight specific decorative elements of the design like an artwork or a particularly decorative accessory and task lights enable a ‘task’—reading by the study table, for instance. All of them play their part in enhancing the level of sophistication of your space.  

Thoughtful Décor When it Comes to 3BHK Interior Design Ideas

Décor accessories and elements that are thoughtfully chosen and sensitively made will add character and a certain enriching, meaningful aesthetic to your home design. Soft furnishings that celebrate age-old craft, for example, or ethically made textiles will go a long way in making your house design stand out. Even furniture that has been made from reclaimed or recycled wood, or any natural material used around the house will make a deeper impression.

Given the amount of thought, planning and execution involved, a helping hand with the expertise to bring your 3BHK flat interior design ideas to life will be invaluable. As an end-to-end interior solutions provider, Beautiful Homes Service has the professional touch and state-of-the-art technology to help you through this process, from concept to handover. And by that, we mean even looking after your furniture, décor and accessories requirements. 


You could be looking for a budget-friendly middle-class 3BHK house interior design or a more extravagant alternative, regardless of the requirement, the design you want can become an easy-to-achieve goal with the right people on the job.  

Wall art to decorate your 3 bhk home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, TaP Design Studio

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