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3 BHK house plan designs & ideas

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Mar 23, 2023
3 BHK Floor Plan Ideas - Beautiful Homes

Whether you’re moving into a new home, planning to build one, or simply need a better idea of layout while rearranging your furniture, studying a 2D or 3D 3BHK floor plan can be a big help. Check out these 3BHK house plan ideas to spark fresh design ideas and find the one that works best for your family!

If you’re all set to build your own home and on the lookout for a 3 BHK plan that’s perfect for you and your family, but are feeling confused by all the options of 3 BHK flat plan interior designs you’ve seen from well-known architects and designers, then never fear, you’re in the right place. Whether you're stuck on how to find the right compromise between indoor and outdoor spaces, or are wondering if you can build your ideal 3 BHK house plan in 1200 sq ft or if larger is better, this introduction to floor plans, and our range of innovative and stylish 3BHK house plan ideas is sure to help you out!


Introducing 3 BHK Interior Design

A 3 BHK house plan refers to homes that have 3 bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen as the main rooms of the house. Finding the right 3BHK floor plan for you, means having a design that suits your specific needs and has plenty of space for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for something with a cosy but open feel, or a spacious home with room to grow, a 3 BHK plan can often provide the best balance of comfort and practicality.


What is a 3 BHK Plan Design All About?

A floor plan, also known as a blueprint, is a precise illustration or 3D model of the internal layout of a building. Typically drawn to scale, a house plan provides a visual guide to locate the placement and relative sizes of various rooms, walls, window frames, doors, and stairs; featuring every aspect of that space, regardless of if it’s a cute studio apartment or a larger 3BHK floor plan.

Because they show the flow of traffic through the house and the relationships between rooms, blueprints are very helpful through every stage of building a new home, from the architectural design (which is when the floor plan is created), to construction and even interior decoration – it can even help you get a ballpark idea of your eventual 3 BHK interior design cost, and the budget you should expect. This can be especially useful for 3 BHK interior design given the larger space and number of rooms. Many blueprints will also depict landscaping and other outdoor elements, such as patios, decks, and balconies. 

3 BHK Floor Plan Ideas - Beautiful Homes

What to Know for the Ideal 3BHK Plan

There’s a wide and almost endless range of 3BHK house plan designs out there, and it can get confusing to find what works best for you. So, here’s a few key things that can make your hunt for the perfect 3 BHK apartment plan a little easier; essentially, before you get started, consider your needs, budget, and lifestyle.


To explain in more detail, we can break down the requirements of your 3 BHK floor plan into the following three points:

  1. Needs: How large is your family? Do you have pets? What size home do you need? Is mobility a concern for any member of your family?

  2. Budget: How much do you want to spend on your home? What are your monthly expenses?

  3. Lifestyle: Do you entertain often? Do you prefer the outdoors or love to garden? Do you collect antiques, wine, cars, books or anything else that will lead to specific requirements in the building?

Once you’ve thought about these things – from whether a 3BHK house plan in 1200 sq ft is the perfect size and cost, to if you need a terrace or a patio space for outdoor relaxation – you can get started on finding the house plan that will lead to your dream 3BHK home.


Check out some of our favourites, below!



Spacious & Smart 3 BHK Interior Design Ideas

Spacious 3 BHK Floor Plan Ideas - Beautiful Homes

1. A Ranch House Style 3BHK Floor Plan for Your Bungalow

When we think of a traditional 3 BHK house plan in a ranch house style, what comes to mind is sprawling rooms, large windows and plenty of outdoor entertainment space to throw barbecues or just spend quality time with friends and family. Ideally, for a home of this type, a larger footprint is a must, and you should expect to see the design of your 3 BHK house plan in 1500 sq ft or possibly more. Characterised by both comfort and spaciousness, most ranch houses feature a large open floor plan with bigger bedrooms, plenty of kitchen space (often with an in-built pantry), dining area, an attached garage, and of course, a large backyard.

2. The Classic Indian 3BHK Plan that’s Simply Timeless

Classic Indian houses are efficiently designed, with an innovative, low-maintenance layout that's often in a boxy silhouette. Featuring a formal sitting area, family living room, study, dining space, kitchen and pantry, as well as the three bedrooms – most often with only the master being ensuite and with two additional bathrooms for shared use – all within a 3BHK house plan in 1200 sq ft or even slightly under. An important aspect of any Indian home design is vastu, but other than ensuring you have a designed to vastu 3BHK house plan, another key element to traditional Indian homes is making sure your windows enable sufficient air flow in both directions, keeping the temperature inside within a comfortable range.


3. The Beach House 3 BHK Home Plan You’ll Fall in Love With

If you’re lucky enough to have beachfront property, or live close enough to be within walking distance of the sea, a 3BHK plan that prioritises all the advantages of this luxury is a must! For beach houses, having a 3 BHK duplex house plan, with a large wrap-around balcony and French doors on the upper floor, lets you make the most of both the view and the wonderful sea-breeze while you’re indoors. In good weather, you can even set up mattresses and mosquito nets on the terrace, to camp out under the stars with the soothing sound of surf to lull you into slumber.

4. Four Balconies are the Key Point of this 3 BHK House Plan

One of the major advantages to multiple balconies is that they allow for plenty of natural light and greater ventilation within the home. For this type of modern 3BHK floor plan, pick one that features a relatively open design, with kitchen, dining and living rooms that are not divided by walls, so your space is sure to have a smoother flow of traffic. A 3 BHK flat plan of this style will ensure a home that feels spacious and calm. It also lets you enjoy the outdoors and even has ample space for an entertainment setup and a balcony garden!

Open Floor Plan Ideas - Beautiful Homes

5. A 3BHK Floor Plan that Includes a Basement

If you’re on the market for a large and spacious home, such as a 3 BHK house plan in 1500 sq ft or more of space, you could also consider a design in this style. Ideal for bungalows and independent houses, this type of layout gives you many possible design options and plenty of space for both indoor and outdoor activities. With a large basement space, you can easily set up an indoor gym, playroom, library, entertainment space or even a semi-detached apartment for guests or college-age children. Quick tip; with a multi-floor 3BHK house plan, 3D models are often much easier to understand.


6. A 3BHK Duplex House Plan where Your Garden is the Focus

If you need a home with three bedrooms but want to keep things cosy and prioritise your outdoor features – whether it’s a large garden, swimming pool, outdoor entertainment space or even vegetable patch – a 3BHK duplex house plan might be the perfect fit. Again, like the basement floor plan above, a duplex house allows for more options in how you design and divide the space. With a modern 3BHK floor plan of this style, the dual floors allow you to decrease your home's footprint on the land while still having enough square footage for all the rooms you need within your space.

Grey 3 BHK Floor Plan Designs - Beautiful Homes

7. Ensuite Bathrooms Up Functionality in this 3 BHK Apartment Plan

While a 3 BHK house design of this style might be seen less often in some countries, ensuite bathrooms are a popular and very common choice in any 3 BHK apartment plan in India. There’s no doubt that having a private bath for every bedroom helps your home to be more practical and functional, ensuring there’s never any waiting around during the morning rush of getting ready for work and school. They also provide greater privacy and let each member of your family make their bedroom area into a more personal and exclusive space.

8. Including a Garage in Your 3BHK Floor Plan Design Layout

With an independent house, outdoor areas and utilitarian spaces are also an important aspect that should be featured in your 3BHK plan. While having a pre-planned, well-designed garage can seem like an unnecessary and space-consuming luxury – especially with many of us choosing to park on the curb or our driveways for easy-access and convenience – it is still better to make sure that one is included in your design plans. Other than keeping your car out of the elements, having your garage be a part of your 3 BHK floor plan layout can also help increase the safety of your home, particularly if you have young kids or pets, since the car will now be indoors, in a protected space, when you’re getting into or out of it.

3 BHK Room Plan Ideas - Beautiful Homes

Hopefully this has cleared up some of your doubts and given you a better idea of what you’re looking for in your ideal 3 BHK home plan – and just remember, “needs”, “budget”, and “lifestyle” are key deciding factors no matter your preferred style of interior design!


Find the perfect 3BHK house plan for you at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints – what we’re best at is helping craft the home of your dreams! Our team of experienced professionals is here for all your design & renovation needs – from a 3 BHK home plan to suit any budget, to a comprehensive selection of home interior design ideas, or sourcing the latest décor styles from our curated collection. To learn more about our services or products, book a 3D consultation call or walk into any of our stores across India!

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