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A room divider can also give your home a makeover

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Oct 12, 2020
Room divider interior design ideas with same colour palette themes across interior walls - Beautiful Homes


For most homes in urban cities in our country, and even across the globe, the idea of space is becoming the epitome of luxury. With the number of rooms in modern homes and newly constructed buildings reducing, and the square footage of each space shrinking, each family or home owner has to get creative and resourceful in making the most out of the limited floor space they’re given.


When several people live in a home, it’s often a challenge to create a personal space for each member and allow them their sense of privacy. However, A few tricks and handy décor pieces can solve the problem. A simple room divider or separator works wonders in not only cordoning off a space in a room, but also lending its design aesthetic to the rest of the décor by spatially defining an area to make it more functional.


Be it wood-slatted partitions, upholstered screens or a simple frosted glass wall, the best room divider ideas may create a sense of intimacy, provide privacy, liven or brighten up a room’s corner or even conceal unsightly items around the home. And, with studio or single-room apartments with open floor plans getting more and more popular by the day, a humble screen can help segregate spaces—making it easier to decorate and utilise while maintaining a sense of flow to allow easy movement from one section to another.


These multitasking fixtures can also serve a transformative ornamental purpose by adding colour, texture and even personality to a space. So, while there’s nothing that can replace the actual privacy of your own room or a designated section, here’s seven ways in with a room divider can structurally change the layout of your home and even create makeshift rooms without the hassle of a cumbersome renovation.


1.    Wall Divider Idea to Create A Geometric Aesthetic

Conventionally, while we may think of screens or room dividers as simple wooden panels that help segregate a room, a unique set of iron or metal beams can help divide a space while also creating a geometric aesthetic for the interiors. Since this open room divider doesn’t restrict the view into the rest of the home, it adds the illusion of more space as well. You could also mix the textures in a room by choosing different materials for your room dividers. We love how the wrought iron panels are paired with the thicker vertical wooden beams, which serve a similar function in the room.

Create a geometric aesthetic room divider interior design with colourful texture ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Binisha Ajmera

Style Tip: Room dividers with clean geometric lines can be paired well in a home where the rest of the décor has similar linear-styled designs. A bonus is when you can pair your art to this aesthetic, as seen with M F Hussain’s iconic horses that are complimented with the wrought iron panels of the divider on the side.

Get vibrant colours and textures to your home interiors with room divider ideas for plants - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

2.    Room Separator Ideas To Serve As A Space To Hang Plants


Since being outdoors or having nature in close proximity is becoming a coveted luxury day by day, the next best option is having as much greenery as possible around the home. Tiny potted plants or flowers not only brighten up a space immediately, but also lend their vibrant colours and textures to the entire room. But, in a small-sized home, where space must be used judiciously, placing plants across the house may pose as a challenge. A simple solution is considering the free space on the walls and ceiling to hang your plants. Living room design often incorporates plants and natural elements to add warmth and life to the space, and placing them on shelves or room dividers is an easy way to incorporate this trend while creating a designated area for your plants and turning it into an indoor nursery

3.    When Thinking Of Room Separator Ideas, Try Working In The Same Colour Palette

This is a style idea that will work well for those who prefer a monochrome palette or simply like a minimalist space without a mix of too many trends or styles. When planning for uniformity in a room, consider a single colour palette for the entire space, or choosing hues from a single family of colours. In this room, the light polished wood across the space serves as the main theme with the sideboard and the room divider that extends over it acting as the focal point. These are styled with hanging lights in a similar finish across it.


Style Tip: To further enhance the slats of this Japanese-inspired room divider, the bedroom in the background has mimicked its panelling across the walls and even the door to create a sense of uniformity.

Room divider interior design ideas with same colour palette themes across interior walls - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Talib Chitalwala, Styling by Samir Wadekar

Modern living room divider interior design ideas with shelves - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

4.    A Room Divider Can Serve As A Place To Display Your Souvenir Or Curios

Room dividers are the perfect multitasking furniture pieces for a small-space home, as they not only help divide spaces for privacy but can also double as sectionals to display ornaments, souvenirs or décor pieces around the home. And, since a room divider with shelves (such as the one in this living room) has a lot of open space within it, it lends a sense of openness to the space, allowing light to filter through it to the rest of the room.


Syle Hack: Looking to create a cosy nook in your contemporary living room or create a space of your own in a bedroom you share with someone else? A room divider idea that doubles as a bookshelf will not only carve out a space to read a book in solitude, but work as a structure to store all your books as well.

5.    Create A Boundary For A Room With This Wall Divider Idea

You may have initially planned an open home where most of the common rooms, such as the living and dining rooms, open into another. While this may be the perfect layout to create a spatial house that isn’t too cramped, there may be times when you temporarily would like to close off a space for privacy or to block out any activity. Or, you may simply realise a particular room requires a sense of a boundary in the absence of walls. A non-invasive way to add a structure change without any renovations or hectic labour work is installing a room divider to segregate the space. This also works as an ingenious idea for a studio, loft or single room apartment where one would like to create rooms or segregate spaces based on usage or themes across the house.

Unique Room Divider Ideas For Creating Multiple Rooms - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Binisha Ajmera

Modern Living Room Divider Ideas for Cozy Lounging Interior Design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sapa Architects, Photography by Anuj Mehta

6.    Incorporate Technology In Your Room Separator Ideas

In any modern home, one of the first things that is taken into consideration is the technology and it’s wire management. And, having the latest technology along with the coolest, newest way to display it around the house is a growing necessity in each home. We love how this wooden room divider not only works as a sectional to create a cosy lounging space to kick back and watch TV, but it also has a swivel system in it to rotate the TV in another direct if the opposite side of the room wishes to view it.

Insider's Eye: We couldn’t help but notice how this clever set up has hidden away any unsightly wires or electric fittings. The swivel base at the bottom of the television not only houses the rest of the electronics such as the gaming console and subwoofer system, but also conceals all the wiring behind it for a neat exterior finish. Genious!

7. Get Creative With Your Room Divider Ideas

Necessity is the mother of invention…and sometimes also serves as the most unique ideas for a home’s décor and sense of style. In today’s day and age where the act of reusing and recycling is becoming more relevant than ever, this home stands out for its creative use of an old door as a room divider at the entrance. By painting it in a bright shade of turquoise and adding a ledge in the middle, the repurposed door not only acts as an interesting room divider idea but also serves as a space to display the home’s eclectic style with curios and colourful motifs, and the family’s memories and history through old pictures.


Insider’s Eye: A novel way to create an eye-catching space at the entrance while also adding an element of privacy is to use a room divider next to the front door. This will not only add to your décor but also keep prying eyes away from the rest of your home—a popular Vastu Shastra trick in many Indian’s homes.

Stylish & Unique Room Divider Ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

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