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Accent lighting ideas to make your living spaces look cool

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Sep 27, 2022
Ceiling accent lights for living room - Beautiful Homes

Look no further if you plan on adding visual drama to your home, scroll through these beautiful accent lighting ideas to brighten up your space

Your home décor wish list has an embellished wall art, decorative rugs and different souvenirs to adorn your space. But you’re forgetting one major element– accent lighting. Having a planned accent lighting scheme in the house is like the icing on a cake. After all, you didn’t just build a dream abode for it to be drenched in shadows.  Here’s what all you need to know to design your space for the better:


Types of Accent Lighting

1. Picture Lights

Have a beautiful masterpiece picture on the living room wall? Accent lights for the living room can create arresting vignettes.

2. Landscape Accent Lighting

This type of accent light is amazing to use outdoors to flex the outside elements. They are usually used to showcase special architectural details such as gazebos, trellis, fountains, and pools at night. It is also used to light up paths in the dark for safety and security.


3. Wall Washing Accent Lighting

A technique that covers an entire wall with accent light from top to bottom is wall washing.  All feature walls can be lit up with bedroom accent lighting.

Ambient task and accent lighting for portico - Beautiful Homes
Hanging lights & ceiling accent lights - Beautiful Homes

4. Track Lights

When light fixtures are attached to a tracking device, and their position can be customized depending on where individual lights are desired to be focused, it becomes a track light. Tracks are usually mounted on walls, ceiling, rafters, and beams. To give focal points of each room the right amount of light. Tracks are a good choice for kitchen accent lighting or as accent lights for living rooms.

5. Display Lights

If you wish to highlight the objects such as books or plants placed inside a surface, LED accent lights, strip lighting, recessed accent lamps or recessed spotlights are most commonly used for this.


6. Spotlights

If you want to create some drama around a special element in your room, such a piece of art or décor, spotlights are the one for you. They are also used as ​​ceiling accent lighting to create a special ambience.

Recessed light & accent lights for dining room design - Beautiful Homes
Spotlights & hanging lights for house front - Beautiful Homes

7. Under Cabinet Lights

They are one type of ambient task and accent lighting because they are generally utilized in characteristic areas such as the kitchen and workbenches in shops to provide more concentrating lighting in spaces that require direct luminance. This type of kitchen accent lighting can be considered low profile because you can only see the light but not the fixtures.

8. Uplights Accent Lights

Uplights direct light from the ground or a pedestal upwards. They are used to dramatic effect in gardens and as exterior lighting, on the compound wall.

9. Staircase Lights

Dread falling off from the stairs during the night? Hidden accent lamps at the side of the staircase are a great choice.


10. Vanity Accent Fixtures

Sconces are a type of unique accent lamp, they’re versatile and can be used in attractive and trendy ways. A waterfall sconce or a standalone accent fixture that has an elegant and modern design is a perfect choice.

Hanging accent lights for staircase - Beautiful Homes

How Do I Plan for Accent Lighting?

1. Identify unique features or impactful artwork

Accent lights can work miraculously in highlighting unique features and décor elements of your home such as a fancy architectural design, priceless artwork, or precious family photos. Highlighting these elements can be achieved using various accent like fixtures like wall sconces. Recall, lamps & accent lighting is supposed to introduce a hint of character to your house - not finish it. To ensure that the light doesn’t overpower and diminish your target piece, always remember to position your indoor accent lighting far enough above the intended focal point.


2. Find a blank canvas

One can easily miss the hallway area while considering the interior accent lighting  scheme. This leads to a somewhat dull and boring space in your house. Your hallways act as a blank canvas and you can use a sequence of wall sconces to enhance the beauty of the space. This strategy also works for all walls which are missing that particular something.


3. Consider the mood

All types of accent lighting in the house should be used to complement the ambience. For example, living rooms should feel cushy and relaxing, whereas home theaters are comfy and dramatic. The difference between ‘relaxing’ and ‘dramatic’ will make a massive difference in how you use accent lighting in this plan. Hence, considering the right levels of light, accent light fixtures, and their positions to set the tone of each room is pivotal.


4. Illuminate and Size up your space

It is a well known fact that different accent lighting ideas can be used to make a room appear bigger? If your house has low ceilings or a crowded space, it's definitely worth it to give it a chance with ceiling accent lighting or an accent wall light. A wall accent light that illuminates the surface upwards and downwards can be used to overstate the elevation of a room. You also want to illuminate any dim corners, and ensure to employ low-profile, or recessed accent lighting ideas when doing so. This will lead your space looking sized up and spacious.


5. Play with colors

Accent lights are not only visual and optical. If one uses interior accent lighting

In a bold or diversified manner, lamps and accent lighting can add a better lively and vibrant feel to your space. It is always advisable to experiment with accent lights of different colors if you fancy.


Tips and Tricks for Accent Lights

  • You can use unique accent lamps on floors to light up a dark corner, or install recessed lighting in the ceiling to create a soft glow.
  • Cooler LED accent lights like blue and white will give off a brighter light, while warmer colors like yellow and orange will be more subtle.
  • By dimming ambient tasks and accent lighting, you can create a softer and more inviting atmosphere.


Get the Perfect Accent Lighting with the Experts

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we specialize in interior design and the lighting schemes for homes. We work closely with you to understand your taste and the particulars of your home to ensure that your new lighting scheme is fitted flawlessly. From the perfect meter accent lighting to the cozy bedroom accent lighting, we ace in all.


Our current home décor stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

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