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7 acrylic ceiling designs to notch up the style quotient of your space

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Feb 03, 2023
Drop down acrylic ceiling ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Versatile and durable acrylic can make for a style-making ceiling design. Find out how!

Gypsum, wooden panels, plaster of Paris, plywood, even metal, are more familiar options homeowners look at when they consider installing a false ceiling for their home design. The false ceiling trend is certainly catching on as elegant decor solutions. And with the diverse material palette to choose from, you might find one that you haven’t thought about yet but one that’s worth considering—acrylic.


Acrylic is a synthetic material known as a ‘transparent thermoplastic homopolymer, which is commonly more familiar as Plexiglass. (Made of transparent acrylic sheet, this is also the name of a brand and has become synonymous with acrylic.) As a false ceiling material, acrylic can offer an interesting aesthetic to your space.


Acrylic false ceiling designs, too, are gaining widespread appeal and can be used in different rooms to achieve just the look you’re going for. It could be a creative jali acrylic ceiling design or an acrylic ceiling design in some other pattern—the choices you have are diverse. Incorporating a false ceiling design can elevate the aesthetics of any space while providing functional benefits such as enhanced lighting options and improved insulation. It helps, too, that acrylic is more durable than glass, cheaper and comes in a rainbow of colours.


Here are some styles for the creative-minded curious about acrylic ceiling designs.

Acrylic False Ceiling Design with a Recessed Centre

Central recesses are an easy and elegant solution to create some interest in the ceiling. Add an acrylic sheet into the recess and you can be assured of elevating the aesthetic of your space. Choose your acrylic in a colour that will complement the rest of the decor in the room. Light it up with cove lighting to set the mood.

Acrylic false ceiling design with a recessed center - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

Acrylic sheet design for ceiling for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM Architecture

For the False Ceiling, Acrylic Sheet Design that Flows Uninterrupted

If you have an open-plan house, or a seamless space anywhere in your house (like a bar-cum-living-room), then an acrylic sheet as your false ceiling brings some uniformity and seamlessness between two adjacent areas that have different functions. Additionally, exploring different types of false ceiling options can further enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your space. Whether you consider suspended false ceilings, gypsum board false ceilings, or metal panel false ceilings, each type offers unique characteristics to suit your specific design requirements. Choose a colour of your preference and it will definitively dress up your space.

Highlight a Pattern with the Acrylic Design for Ceilings

A pattern on your ceiling has the immediate effect of making a space interesting. If you don’t want complicated patterns, then a simple square acrylic sheet design for ceiling decor is also a good option. Combine it with some cove lights and you’ve got yourself a statement-making false ceiling design.

Highlight a pattern with the acrylic design for ceilings for home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

Acrylic ceiling design for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

Involve the Wall in the Acrylic False Ceiling Design

Your bedroom is a good place to experiment with decor and the acrylic false ceiling is no exception. Create the right mood in your space without compromising on the serene vibe with a U-shaped acrylic design for the false ceiling. Light it up with just the right number of cove lights and you get a softer look to your private sanctuary.

Vibrant Acrylic Ceiling Design

If you like bold, dramatic and colourful spaces, then don’t shy away from choosing a bright acrylic sheet design as ceiling decor. If you want to go all out, then let the acrylic sheet on the ceiling continue down the length of the wall. Be sure you pick a colour that matches the rest of the décor in the room.

Vibrant ceiling design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sanjyt Syngh

Drop down acrylic ceiling ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Acrylic Ceiling Design on the Drop Down Menu

You can opt for an acrylic ceiling design that’s a talking point in your living room. Choose a false ceiling design that drops down subtly and adds an understated pattern as well. In an open-plan living area, for instance, it will serve as a unifier as well as a separator if it’s done right.

Pattern Play for the Acrylic Sheet Design for Ceilings

You can also work with patterns when it comes to the acrylic false ceiling design. Use it minimally, as a border along the ceiling to create a striking pattern, like these acrylic sheets running parallel to each other with wave-like edges.

Pattern play acrylic ceiling design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

Advantages of a Ceiling in Acrylic Sheet Design

  • Acrylic is cheaper than glass and available in a variety of colours. It is also quite easy to manufacture.
  • An acrylic sheet is much lighter than glass which will make it easier to use as a ceiling design material if you wanted glass but were hesitant to use it on the ceiling.
  • It is stronger and more flexible than glass. There is also a smaller risk of it breaking.
  • It offers versatility in the way it can be processed; you can saw, drill, engrave, polish and even bend it, depending on the acrylic sheet design for the ceiling that’s on your mind.
  • Acrylic is a very durable material that doesn’t discolour or weather away quickly, as long as you maintain it well. It is also moisture-resistant.


Disadvantages of Acrylic

  • It is not resistant to scratches and is more susceptible to them than glass, so good and constant maintenance is very important.
  • It is not heat resistant, which means even as a ceiling design in your house, you need to use it well and in the right places.
  • Acrylic is not a naturally occurring material, and hence it isn’t environmentally friendly.



If we’ve got your interest piqued with the material and you’d like to work in some acrylic false ceiling designs into your home decor, then Beautiful Homes Service is well-placed to offer some expert advice. The end-to-end decor and interior design solutions brand has stores spread out across the country, including cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. All you have to do is visit the site or drop in at the store closest to you and leave it to the experts to help you zero in on the ceiling design of your choice.

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