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Almirah designs for your bedroom

  • Bedroom Design
Jan 03, 2022
Luxury Bedroom with wardrobes - Beautiful Homes

A good Almirah design can be the defining factor between a cluttered bedroom and a sleek, neat one. Here are some great Almirah designs to inspire your bedroom interior décor

Introduction to Bedroom Interior Design

Most rooms in a house are designed for constant activity but a bedroom is designed to be an oasis of calm in the middle of all the bedlam. It should be a peaceful space where the hustle-and-bustle of the rest of the house can be shut out. It is essential to create the perfect balance between style and function when designing a bedroom interior.


The different elements that go into a bedroom design should be selected to look beautiful and suit your lifestyle but it should also be a practical space. From choosing the right colours for your walls, to selecting the perfect bed and mattress, right down to almirah designs, every element should complement each other and come together as a harmonious whole to provide a sanctum that pampers you day and night.


Almirahs have always been a common fixture in traditional Indian households. Every bedroom would have at least one almirah if not more. It was the space where one’s valuables, expensive clothes and trinkets were stored. The rest of one’s bits and bobs would be arranged on open shelves or stored in boxes. As bedroom design became better, almirahs became larger and were designed to accommodate anything and everything, from jewellery and documents to clothes, shoes and bags. The latest bedroom almirah designs provide ample storage space for all one’s things and blend beautifully into and enhance the bedroom décor.

Almirah Design Ideas

When designing an almirah for a bedroom, some of the points to be factored in are the needs of the person using it, for instance, if it is a master bedroom design, the almirah may need to have a his and her section, a woman’s room may need tall spaces to hang gowns in, a man’s almirah may need more depth to hang suits in and if it is a child’s bedroom, it may need separate space for school clothing. The second point to be factored in would be the façade of the almirah designs which should either blend into the décor of the room or should complement it. Here are some inspiring latest bedroom almirah designs.

Classic and Stylish Wooden Almirah for Bedroom

Wooden almirah design is the most common choice in bedroom interiors. The almirahs can be made from plywood or MDF which look good and are easy on the pocket. The almirahs can be finished with wood veneers which come in many shades and textures. Wooden almirah designs look very stylish and complement any kind of bedroom décor.


Functional and Efficient Wall Almirah Design

Almirahs are the best way to maximize wall space. An entire wall can be made into a long almirah design and it will provide ample space to store everything you need. In a small room, the wall on either side of the bed can be used to accommodate the almirah.

Wooden almirah designs for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

This helps in making the rest of the room feel airier and more spacious. Another great idea to save space with your wall-to-wall almirah design is to incorporate a dressing table or a cosy little seating area within the almirah unit.


Making a Bold Statement with Almirah Design in Room Wall

An accent wall has always been a great way to make a statement in a room interior design. How about making your almirah design the statement wall of your bedroom interior décor? Using a bold colour or a psychedelic laminate or a neo deco finish on a wall-to-wall almirah design could make for a very interesting bedroom. The same design or colour can be used in softer hues on the walls, the linen and in the window treatment to bring the room together in a startling and beautiful way.

Sliding almirah designs for your bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Smart and Timeless Sliding Almirah Designs for Bedroom

Sliding almirah design is a very popular trend as it offers a timeless modern style that is aesthetically pleasing. Sliding almirah designs for bedroom tend to blend seamlessly into most walls and can give a very contemporary and minimalist feel to the room décor. It opens up more floor space as the doors usually slide into existing walls. A sliding almirah design provides sleek operation and goes well with any kind of bedroom interior décor.

Sleek and Sophisticated Almirah Design for Bedroom

Almirah designs should look stylish and in-sync with the theme of the particular room where the almirah is located. Clever finishes can be used to set the theme for a bedroom’s interior décor. For instance, using an acrylic high gloss finish gives the outside of the almirah a shiny smooth appearance. Acrylic finishes are available in a wide range of colours and can be used to enhance a room’s colours or blend into it. The high gloss reflective finish is a great idea for small spaces as it makes the room seem brighter and larger.

Sleek & sophisticated almirah design for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Innovative Laminate Finishes for Latest Almirah Design

Laminates have become a popular finish for almirah designs because they are very versatile. They come in lovely shades and can be used to make the almirah design the focal point of a bedroom’s interior. Using neon-coloured laminates on one or two of the panels can add that pop of colour that the room needs, or using shades of the same colour in gradation can help stretch out a small room and make it feel bigger. A black and white laminate finished almirah for bedroom can make your bedroom interior décor very modern and trendy.


Gorgeous Mirror Almirah for Bedroom

One way to make a small bedroom look much bigger is by using mirrors cleverly and one of the best ways to add mirrors in a bedroom interior is in the almirah design. By installing mirrors on the outside of the almirah doors on a wall-to-wall almirah design you can double the feel of space in the bedroom. The mirrored panels also serve a functional purpose as every bedroom needs a mirror.


Trendy and Transparent Modern Almirah Design

Any kind of reflective surface can make a small space look bigger. Using transparent glass for the doors of the almirah design adds a feeling of depth and space to the bedroom interior. It is also a functional choice as it is easier to see what is inside the almirah without having to open and rummage through each cubby.


Floor to Ceiling Almirah Design for Bedroom

Most modern small homes need to maximise space wherever possible and having a floor to ceiling almirah design helps in achieving that. It also provides a seamless, sleek appearance to the wall and can be used cleverly with mirror or glass to make a space seem larger or with bold gloss finishes to add more colour to a room.


Classic and Traditional Almirah Design for Bedroom

Let’s not forget the conventional, traditional almirah designs that are still a crowd favourite. If a bedroom is large enough, one could opt for more old-fashioned almirah designs that are quite classic. The design of your almirah can be based on antique almirahs and you can achieve that effect by using heavy wooden doors with inset bevelled mirrors, barley twist detailing and carved brass handles to transform your bedroom into a rich and luxuriant boudoir.

Classic & traditional almirah designs for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you to Design Bedroom Interior?

At Beautiful Homes, we forge stunningly gorgeous spaces to reflect unique personalities and create an uncompromising interior design experience. Our expert design team will take the time to understand your style and your needs and dedicate our full attention to ensure the final result exceeds expectations. We manage each project from concept to completion and provide our clients with a seamless experience that’s on time and within budget.

Our goal is to create functional, beautiful bedroom designs that are individualized to your lifestyle and taste. Our team will work with you to find out what it is that you are looking for and will use the space as efficiently as possible to create timeless interiors that reflect each of your unique briefs. From helping you select the perfect colour for your bedroom walls to designing the most stylish almirah for bedroom, it will be a collaborative experience.


We have a great rapport with trusted tradespeople and hence are able to ensure that we can source quality material at the best prices and on schedule. We will work tirelessly to give you a great bedroom interior that is layered with texture, warmth and refined comfort so that you come home to a space that is the perfect sanctuary.

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