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Design ideas for the partition arch between living/ dining areas

  • Interior Design
Nov 29, 2022
Arch design between living & dining room - Beautiful Homes

There’s no denying the elegance and beauty that arches can bring, especially when designed to fit seamlessly into the aesthetics of your home. These unique archway specific design ideas do just that!

From retrofitting eye-catching decorative finishes to highlighting the architectural element with stylish design motifs, there’s plenty of great ways to integrate arches into your interior décor. Here, we’re shining a spotlight on the interior arch; dining room and living room with an archway between flow seamlessly together for a more open, larger appearing space, using the shape of the arch for living room décor creates a stylishly contoured aesthetic, and multiple interior arches form a harmonious progression when a similar finish is used for the arch between kitchen and dining room… these 7 design inspirations explore some of our favourite archway specific trends.


7 Design Concepts for the Arch Between Living Room and Dining Room Spaces

1. Old-World Beauty: Add a Stone Arch Between Living / Dining Rooms

Picking faux or natural stone as the finish for the partition arch between living /dining spaces gives your interiors a classic feel. Use grey, textured stone for arches that are reminiscent of mediaeval castles, or design the arch between living room and dining room in the style of a vintage moongate with a rounder curve and paler stone in thinner strips for a more unique look. With either style of arch, dining room décor that uses natural materials and colours would be a good fit.

White wall window between living & dining room design - Beautiful Homes

2. Symmetric Style: Include the Arch Between Kitchen and Dining Room

Do you have a kitchen arch between living /dining areas that are open plan, or an archway leading out of your living room as well as an arch between kitchen and dining room? Making sure this décor device is included in your interior design is always a plus. While you can decorate multiple arches in exactly the same style, you could also add subtle differences in colour and texture for the kitchen arch between living /dining archways to create more visual interest.



3. Rustic Charm : Choose a Brick Finish for the Drawing Room Arch

There’s strength in arches, which is why they’ve often been used in place of structural beams, and by picking a time-honoured finish like brick for your drawing room arch you bring this historical significance and durability to mind. Plus, a brick arch between kitchen and dining room or used as the partition arch between living /dining areas adds a picturesque simplicity to your interiors.

Avant grade arch décor for your home design - Beautiful Homes

4. Avant-Garde Allure : An Arch for Living Room Décor that’s Modern Inspired

Today, we mostly think of arches as being two columns that are connected by a curved lintel, but other than a purely hemispherical curve, there are many styles of arch for living room spaces that are more contemporary and unusual. Try a flat-topped arch between living /dining areas for a sleek minimalist look. Or, for a trendy ethnic style, look to ogee or cinquefoil shapes for a drawing room arch that lends itself to modern boho aesthetic.

5. Repeat Attraction: Focus on the Arch for Living Room Décor Patterns

If you love the fluidity of a curve then why not highlight this by using the form of an arch for living room interiors, both in your décor and in your architectural features. By adding kick-knacks and design elements that echo the arch shape (e.g. include a small wooden window-style kitchen arch between living /dining areas), you create a visual illusion of continuous flowing curves that mesmerise and are soothing to the eye. To further repeat the form of an arch, dining room or other furniture with curved edges and even arched recesses in the walls can be added.

Yellow arch design for your living room - Beautiful Homes

6. Effortless Flair: Wallpaper the Arch Between Living Room and Dining Room

Want a unique look for your drawing room arch? Wallpaper – with the many varieties and styles available – is a great way to personalise the arch between living room and dining room! Just use your favourite wallpaper to delineate the pillars or add a subtle strip to the inside curve of the arch between kitchen and dining room to create an absolutely one-of-a-kind effect.

Mirror for your arch décor between living & dining room - Beautiful Homes

7. Reflected Glory: Highlight the Arch Between Living / Dining with Mirrors

Mirrors are a practical yet beautiful décor item that will never go out of style, and that’s why they can be used very effectively when decorating around archways or for the partition arch between living /dining areas themselves. For a recessed area next to the arch between living /dining rooms, pair a large mirror with a decorative pendant lamp to open up the space and create an inviting nook. Or, similar to the previous idea of echoing the arch, dining room décor could include a round mirror placed on the wall opposite the archway to reflect the arch shape while also making the space look larger.

Want more ways to do up the arch between living room and dining room spaces or need further design inspiration? At the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website, you can browse our expertly curated magazine or explore our previous projects. With end-to-end interior design and home renovation solutions, our team of experienced professionals at Beautiful Homes are here to help. Book your 3D consultation call to learn more about our services and products, or simply walk into any of our stores across India!

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