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Are built-in appliances good for modular kitchens?

  • Kitchen Design
Dec 28, 2021
Wooden modular kitchen design with storage units - Beautiful Homes

Built-in appliances are one of the best ways to turn a modular kitchen into a cohesive living space. Let’s take a look at some of the many advantages of having built-in kitchen appliances

Modular kitchens have made food preparation and cooking easier for modern homemakers. As life gets more hectic and time management is a necessity, having an organized and efficient space to create healthy food for the individual or family becomes more of a priority. The advances in modular kitchen design have revolutionized the way in which we manage and interact with our kitchens. One of the ways to optimise the modern modular kitchen is with the installation of built-in appliances that increases efficiency and productivity.


Modular kitchens are designed to help make the kitchen interior more efficient and easier to work in. Every element in the modular kitchen, from the cabinet design to the backsplash tile, is utilized to make the modular kitchen high functioning. For instance, the cabinetry is designed to make optimum use of storage space and organization while the kitchen island, the sink and the hob are placed at optimal distance to ensure ease of movement while preparing food. The obvious next step in the evolution of kitchens is to install built-in home appliances that can improve the ease of cooking.


These days, when creating a modular kitchen interior, the dimensions and measurements for the spaces needed for the built-in appliances are integrated into the design during concept itself. By doing this at the conceptual stage, it is easier to optimize the space available, making for a seamless and simple kitchen design.


What is a Built-in Kitchen Appliance?

Earlier, in traditional Indian kitchens, one would find the stove in one corner, the fridge in another, and the oven in the third corner. This chaotic placement of essential features of the modern kitchen design, has now given way to a more streamlined process where every element is positioned perfectly to provide maximum efficiency, including the built-in appliances


In a modular kitchen design, built-in appliances are the kitchen appliances used to aid cooking that have now become part of to provide a seamlessly integrated facade. There are a wide variety of home appliances that one regularly uses in the kitchen. They include appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, and hobs, to name a few, and individually and together, they offer a better way to manage the kitchen and enhance the cooking experience. 


These days, quite often, your built-in appliances are also smart appliances which can help you manage your cooking much more easily. Smart kitchen appliances come with the latest technologies and intelligent features and improve the cooking experience using innovative features like AI, wifi, and voice control. They can be programmed to understand your preferences and can help you make cooking a stress free and fun experience. Integrating your kitchen appliances into your design offers several advantages.


Advantages of Built-in Kitchen Appliances for Your Modern Kitchen

Built-in Kitchen Appliances Increase Counter Space

Earlier, traditional kitchens had one long counter where all the appliances, like the blender, grinder, microwave and the mixer were arranged. This usually took up a lot of counter space and when it came time for food preparation, these appliances would have to be pushed aside to create a work space.


In a modular kitchen with built-in appliances, since all the appliances that would be needed in a kitchen are neatly merged into the kitchen design, counter space is opened up making it easier for food preparation and cooking. The appliances are placed in a way that allows for easy access and are tucked away out of sight when not needed.

Modular kitchen with built-in kitchen appliances - Beautiful Homes
Modular kitchen with built-in oven & microwave - Beautiful Homes

Built-in Appliances Enhance the Look of a Modular Kitchen Design

semi modular kitchen needs to provide not only an efficient cooking space but one that is aesthetically pleasing too. By concealing the kitchen appliances, a lot of clutter and mess is removed from the kitchen making it a neat space that is easy to keep clean.


Some people like to showcase their gleaming appliances while others use little doors and cupboards in their cabinet design to conceal a built-in kitchen appliance when not in use. Hence, as you can see, a built-in kitchen appliance can even be used as part of the kitchen decoration and can enhance the décor of the home.


Built-in Home Appliances can Open Up Floor Space

Kitchens have become the hub of the home. It is a space where the family comes together and friends are entertained. Cooking has in itself become a more immersive experience. With built-in appliances that are tucked away, there is more space in the kitchen for family and friends to hang out in.

Built-in Kitchen Appliances Help in Time Management

Very often, in a traditional kitchen there are only a couple of power outlets. In a small kitchen design, it is usually not practical to have an appliance plugged into the power outlet all the time as it may take up much needed counter space. So, a cook may have to use the same power outlet for many appliances and may have to juggle them around. This can be time consuming and irritating. 


In a modular kitchen, every built-in kitchen appliance will have its own little space and its own power outlet. This makes for a much more practical space for a cook as it avoids the necessity of juggling appliances and is a great time saver.


Built-in kitchen Appliances Help in Kitchen Management

When kitchen appliances are built into the kitchen design, it optimises space, helps improve movement across the kitchen and provides easier access to appliances.


Some clever ways by which built-in appliances can help manage your kitchen better is by placing the built-in kitchen appliance in a convenient height. For instance, when built-in ovens are positioned higher in the wall, it makes it easier to put in and take out food and also makes it easier to check on the food when it is cooking.

Built-in Appliances are Perfect for Open Plan Living

If your home is small and you have an open plan design, having visible appliances like mixers and grinders on the counter top can look untidy and ugly, especially if they are not in pristine condition.


On the other hand, if they are tucked away behind built-in spaces, your open plan design will look sleeker and more streamlined. An integrated design ensures that your open kitchen design flows harmoniously into the rest of your home.

Modular kitchen with built-in kitchen appliances like chimney & induction - Beautiful Homes
White modular kitchen with built-in microwave, gas stove & refrigerator - Beautiful Homes

Built-in Appliances Help Streamline the Kitchen

Finding the most efficient distance between where the kitchen appliances are placed is important when coming up with kitchen ideas for a modern kitchen. Use your cooking experience to place each of your appliances in the perfect spot to suit you.


Being clever about the appliance placement, for example, tucking in the oven right under the built-in hob or having the refrigerator within reachable distance of the cooking range are ideas that will help streamline your kitchen and ease food preparation.

Built-in Appliances Increases the Value of Your Home

Most people are not thinking of the resale value of their homes when building their modular kitchen. They are trying to build the best simple kitchen design where they can enjoy precious family moments. But, wouldn’t it be nice to know that if you are ever thinking of selling your home or renting it out, your modular kitchen with its built-in appliances will fetch more money? It may not be why you are designing a modular kitchen with built-in appliances but it sure is a nice bonus.


How can Beautiful Homes Help You with Creating the Perfect Modular Kitchen Model?

At Beautiful Homes, our modular kitchen design team balances each project based on client tastes and lifestyle, and our knowledge of design and art to create kitchen spaces in harmony with their surroundings. We bring alive every client's dream and provide an ambience for gracious living and entertaining. Our process involves a fluent progression of step-by-step development to create the best plan to meet your goals. We use all our expertise to manage the process from start to finish.


Building your modular kitchen is a collaborative process that starts with the initial on-site meeting to review your design needs and inspirations. We will discover what you want and your preferred styles and collect the information we will need to create a comprehensive kitchen interior design plan.


From developing the best layout for your modular kitchen to selecting and fitting in each individual design element from cabinets to each built-in appliance, we will ensure that the design is being carried out according to plan to give you a kitchen design where “there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.”

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