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15 gorgeous artificial flower décor ideas that are perfect for every setting

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Feb 01, 2023
Artificial decoration ideas in vases – Beautiful Homes

Learn how to make use of artificial flowers and plants to give your home a fresh and elegant update

I truly believe one of the easiest and fairly potent ways to uplift your home décor is with flowers and plants. It’s the reason there are over 40 indoor plants of varying sizes placed all over my modest apartment. Since I am a renter, I needed to find ways to turn my house into a home that didn’t involve a major makeover and plants turned out to be a very effective décor element. Not to mention the overall effect being close to and looking at nature has on one’s mental wellbeing. However, I was wary of using artificial flowers and small artificial plants for home décor but I have come around to appreciating their usefulness and aesthetic. You might have similar misgivings; the understanding is that they will look plasticky and cheap. Over the years I’ve realised the most important factor to using artificial flowers for home decoration is to put in the effort to find good quality, realistic looking ones. In this article we give you a list of design ideas on how to use your plastic flowers for home decoration.

1. Let your Home Artificial Plants and Flowers Blend in with your Real Indoor Plants

Using a mix of real plants and artificial flowers for home decoration is an easy way to uplift your bedroom design. For the real ones, try to arrange different plants of varying heights, sizes and shades of green around the home and use artificial flowers as centrepiece arrangements or a place a few tall stalks in a tall vase as an accent corner element.

Artificial flowers for home decoration for bedroom – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nivasa

Plastic plants in pots for décor – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

2. Place Home Décor Artificial Plants where you Can’t Use Real Ones

There are one or two corners in my apartment where real plants wouldn’t do to well because the corner doesn’t receive enough light. However, I really wanted to elevate these dull areas and dead spaces with greenery. I used small artificial plants for home décor in corners that didn’t receive enough light and artificial hanging plants on the veneered ledges. Artificial flowers and plants are great additions in kitchens and bathrooms where there is limited light or heat from steam or cooking might not be ideal to grow real plants.

3. Use Artificial Décor Flowers to Create a Calming or Spa Vibe

A large brass bowl filled with floating flowers looks great when placed at the entrance or in a balcony. Smaller decorative bowls can be used as coffee table décor or centrepieces for your formal tablescapes. You can also add a few floating candles and drops of essential oils to enhance the vibe. Remember to change the water and give the bowl a quick rinse every few days. This is also a great way to recycle old artificial flowers.

4. Deck Up your Artificial Plant Decorations the Right Way with the Perfect Planters and Vases

Just like with real plants and flowers, choosing the right planters and vases is equally important for artificial ones. Use an artificial flower stand, unique vases and pretty planters to add to the visual.

Artificial decoration ideas in vases – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dialogues by Nirmals

Plastic flower decoration for home – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Micheile dot com/ unsplash

5. Learn a Few Flower Arrangement Techniques to Elevate your Plastic Flowers for Home Decoration

Use your home décor artificial plants to create unique and arresting arrangements. Mix and match colours, textures and plant types to create something spectacular. Add real elements like dried twigs or pebbles and create balance using different heights.

6. Give your Artificial Décor Flowers and Succulents a Little Boost

Choose a large and shallow bowl or planter to arrange your artificial succulents. Mix and match a variety of succulents in the bowl with one or two trailing kinds to spill over. While different shades of green can look wonderful together, however, there are so many varieties that come in vibrant colours and with exotic flowers. Artificial succulent arrangements make for great table décor.

Artificial flower arrangement in bowl – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Artificial plants with pots – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Gryffyn M/ unsplash

7. Create a Vertical Garden with Artificial Flowers for Wall Decoration

Turn an empty wall into an accent element by adding pretty wall hung planters adorned with artificial plants and flowers. You can also purchase artificial plant panels which usually come in 12x12inch pieces that lock into each other. Create a variety of shapes and heights covering the wall for both indoor and outdoor areas with these panels. A great way to uplift a living room design is to use artificial plants.

8. Faux Pampas Grass are Ideal Rustic Big Artificial Plants for Home Décor

Dried pampas grass looks rustic and elegant but it sheds quite a bit. Why not recreate the look of dried pampas with a faux version? Add a few tall stalks to a talk and narrow vase to place as a floor arrangement. Faux pampas also come in a variety of muted shades so you can add a little colour to the vignette.

Large artificial flower arrangements in vases – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Artificial flower garlands for decoration – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Annie Spratt/ unsplash

9. Enhance your Tablescapes with Plants and Artificial Flowers for Home Decoration

An easy way to uplift your festive tablescape is by using artificial flowers, plants and candles to decorate around the tableware. A simple faux plant garland placed in the centre and running the length of the table paired with small mason jars filled with faux lavender stalks can be just what your tablescape needs. One simple stalk of rosemary or eucalyptus can enhance the napkin setting on the plate. Or fill a few small, clear glass vases with artificial white roses. Remember to keep the arrangements short so it doesn’t come in your eyeline and you can reach around the table to pass dishes.

10. Give your Bedside Table a Colourful Lift with Artificial Décor Flowers

A simple arrangement of a few faux flowers and plant stalks is a great way to enhance bedside table décor that needs very little maintenance. Combine a medium-height ceramic vase holding a floral arrangement, a small planter holding a small faux plant and a pretty glass candle holder to boost this corner.

Fake flowers for bedroom décor – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Rose gold artificial flowers for table décor – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

11. Mix Fruits and Flowers for the Win

The combination of fresh fruits and artificial flowers can be just what your kitchen needs. It’s a great way bring a little colour into a corner on your countertop or enhance a sunny window ledge.

12. Create a Statement Setting with Decorative Flowers for Living Room

Take a cue from this arrangement; you don’t need a lot to create a statement vignette. A single flowing stalk in a textured glass vase, a fluted glass candle and a clear glass decanter create a striking visual with different heights. Set against a pared back artwork and within a muted grey tray, the pop of green is all this living room console needs.

Fake flowers for decoration in vases – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Deconstruct

Small artificial plants for home décor – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

13. Green and White is a Timeless Combination for Plastic Plants for Home Décor

The simplicity of a few tall green stalks set against a white background with white decorative elements adds oodles of elegance to a space be it your living room, dining table or bedroom setting. You also can’t go wrong with adding a few pillar candles of different heights to elevate the look.

14. Enhance your Entrance or Hallways with Plastic Plants for Home Décor

Plants and flowers can be the perfect welcoming element for your entryways or decorative feature for your hallways that need a little enhancement. Whether it is an empty alcove or corner in the passageway or the console near your front door, using home décor artificial plants and plastic flowers for home decoration becomes a convenient way to decorate these areas of your home. Being greeted by a pretty flower arrangement as soon as you enter can set the tone of your home and artificial décor flowers won’t wilt and die keeping your arrangement long-lasting. For your hallways you can try a vertical garden created with artificial plants decorations or a tall vase filled with a few tall leaf stalks or faux pampas grass.

Entryway home décor with artificial plants – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Assorted decorative flowers for living room – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Niklas Ohlrogge/ unsplash

15. Add Bursts of Colour with Artificial Plants Decorations for Festive Décor

We all love decorating our houses for the festivals with lights, rangoli, diyas and candles and maybe even changing the soft furnishings to add to the festive décor. Take your festive décor up a notch by adding a few vibrant artificial flower arrangements like the one in this image to bring in colour to your festivities. From coffee and side table décor, console decorations, floor planters, table settings to even anartificial flower toran or  artificial flower decoration for Ganpati like a wall artificial flower decoration behind the idol like a floral backdrop, there are so many ways to incorporate artificial flowers into you festive settings.

The great part is that plastic flowers for home decoration and home artificial plants can be used pretty much anywhere in your home without worry. You can adorn your walls, empty corners, hang artificial flowers planters from the ceiling or drape them from arches, decorate your coffee and side tables in the living room, use them as centrepieces for your dining table and festive tablescapes, adorn your kitchens and bathroom nooks, enhance your entryways and hallways and bring life to your bedside tables or window ledges in the bedroom. Make sure you get plants that look realistic; you can buy artificial flowers for home decoration online as well. To maintain them dust them daily with a dry cloth and give them a good soak and wash every so often. If you are looking to revamp your interior design, try the Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints. The dedicated team of design experts will help you create the home of your dreams from start to finish with ease. You will get the benefit of seasoned contractors and a dedicated project manager to work out each step of the way. You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online shop or retail stores in various cities for an exceptional range of furniture, lighting, home décor, accessories and wallpapers for home.

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