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11 attractive pendant lights for a luminous kitchen

  • Lighting Ideas
Jun 25, 2021
Symmetrical pendant light for perfect illumination of your kitchen interior - Beautiful Homes

Picking the right lighting for your kitchen is like choosing the right footwear for your outfit. It’s not the center of attention but it definitely holds the power to make or break your look for the day. While there are a number of lighting solutions available, pendant lamps seem to offer the perfect balance between functionality and chicness.


Be it to drive focus over the chopping board or to illuminate the overall space, there is a pendant lighting solution for every requirement. Let us take you through some of the most intriguing pendant lamp designs for your kitchen;

Perfect for a modern Kitchen design, such pendant lighting not only illuminates the entire space when switched on, but also adds a unique sense of style even as an accessory. Transparent glass pendant lamps are a great choice for relatively noisier kitchen design. 

Image courtesy, christian mackie/ Unsplash

Image courtesy, Jodie Johnson/

Modern And Minimal
If you love all things minimal and white happens to be your go-to shade for interior design, we’re sure you must have fallen for this kitchen design idea. While the overall design here is quite simple, the uniquely shaped pendant lamps with a metallic touch subtly add a surprise structure, elevating its aesthetic appeal.

A Piece Of Art In Itself
If you want the lighting in your kitchen to make a statement like it would if it were displayed in an art gallery, you must pay attention to the details in its structure and form. These pendant lamps not only serve the functional purpose but also add a sense of style that’s not very common indoors. 

Stylish pendant lamps that make a statement in your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, faisal waheed/ Unsplash

Image courtesy,

For A Studio Style
If every space in your home is designed to inspire, why let your kitchen be mundane? The stunning combination of studio pendant lamps, bar stools and marble tabletop completely transforms this open kitchen into a creative space that will continue to inspire your gourmet adventures each passing day..

Handmade Delights
When it comes to creating a warm-themed space, the right kitchen lighting ideas can make all the difference. For a monochrome kitchen design that feels like a serene afternoon far far away from the city, going for elements made of wood and other sustainable materials will surely give you the desired results. Lamp shades made out of cane are not just a conscious choice for sustainability through design but also a beautiful accessory to any warm-themed space.

Image courtesy, jorge de jorge/ Unsplash

Image courtesy, Breadmaker/

Make A Statement
Just because a kitchen is primarily a functional space doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Take cues from this elegantly designed kitchen in white, with pendant lamps that state how attention to details is crucial in order to elevate your design game by multiple levels. While other forms of light installations help in practical use of various sections in this kitchen, the pendant lamps are enough to make your visitors go gaga over your selections.

Symphony In Symmetry
Matte black pendant lamps symmetrically aligned above the table not only acts as an interesting element of modern design in this but also strategically illuminates the center section of this kitchen space. You can go for any other colour or metallic materials for the pendant lamps as per your design theme, to make it stand out in the space.

Image courtesy, r architecture/ Unsplash

Image courtesy, Breadmaker/

Low Hanging Pendants
Another interesting way to use pendant lighting in a kitchen is to go for low hanging ones that add an enticing structure to your space while also serving their primary practical purpose.

Moonlight Pendants
While some pendant lamps help illuminate a focused spot, bigger ones like these can best light up the entire space while adding to the alluring sense of design in a kitchen space. 

Image courtesy, roam in color / Unsplash

Image courtesy, Richard Salamander/

Go Big, At Home
A one of a kind pendant lamp that holds multiple bulbs in a set to efficiently illuminate the space while acting like a statement piece hanging right above your most used section of the kitchen, might just be the kind of design element you need in your modern kitchen design.

Mix And Match
When it comes to pendant lamps in a series, it’s not necessary to use the exact same one all along. An interesting mix of shapes can help keep the kitchen space unpredictably amusing.

Interesting combination of pendant lightings for your kitchen interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, sergiophoto/

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