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Attractive tiling ideas for a unique living room design

  • Flooring
Sep 23, 2021
Living room floor tile design with herringbone pattern & straight line mouldings on wall - Beautiful Homes

The flooring in your home unknowingly says a lot about you. Since it’s a surface that’s isn’t quick and easy to remove and redo regularly, it ends up dictating the overarching style of your house. It also reveals the materials you’re drawn to, the way you maintain your home, and even the amount you may have splurged on it.


A well-designed floor also ties the décor of a space together—sometimes even enhancing it. If you’re looking to add in an interesting design detail or infuse colour and texture through your flooring, there might be the right tile design for living room out there to do the trick. From porcelain and ceramic to natural stone and mosaic, here’s a round up of the tiled floorings for living room that we’re eyeing this season.

1. A Dark Bold Tile  Design For The Hall
If you’re looking to create a sense of sophistication in your contemporary living room décor, consider a darker moodier palette for the entire space. While every piece of furniture, furnishing and accessory doesn’t have to follow this theme, you could pick one accent piece or fixture to set this tone. In this home interior, large sleek black stone tiles have been laid out for the living room flooring. In contrast, other elements in the room such as the unique chandelier on the ceiling and the tangerine couches bring in bright pops of colour to create a sense of balance.


Style Tip: When using darker shades, less is always more. To avoid a room looking too flat and gloomy, play with textures and patterns, or layer hues of the same shade to create a sense of depth.

Dark sleek black stone tiles - Floor tiles design for living room - Beautiful Homes
Cohesive colour palette matching with herringbone tile design in this living room décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

2. Following A Colour Palette For The Home Interior's Tile Design

Although a single colour for an entire room can end up making your interiors look too matchy-matchy, you could create a cohesive colour palette or theme for the space. Working in similar hues across your furniture, walls, and even your floor tiles for living room, can tie a room together stylishly. In this living room décor, we see an overall broody earthen palette, even though there are several different colours used in the space. The ruddy walls and slate basket-weave floor tiles for living room pay a tasteful and contemporary homage to the colours found in traditional Indian homes.

3. A Neutral Tile Design For The Hall
When pairing bright colours in any room in the house, you need a neutral or clean canvas against which it will stand out. While a mix of colours always adds more character to a space, you want to pair the perfect shades to tie the room together. They can be from the same colour family or even two opposing shades colour blocked. But, to avoid a circus of colours that could make a room look busy, pare down some elements in the room, such as the paint on the walls or the tiles you choose for the floor.


Expert Eye: A clever way to bring in multiple colours in your furnishings is through a similar print or pattern. On the cushion covers and rug in this living room’s décor, stripes dictate the theme of space even though they’re in different colours.

This living room flooring has neutral coloured tile design matching with the wall colour - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Purple Backyard

Unique tiles design for hall under coffee table as a makeshift area rug - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creations

4. Use Your Tiles To Create A Unique Design Element In The Living Room Decor

We all know that a rug truly ties a living room together. However, in India, with the dust and humidity most cities face through the year, this can be a tall order in several homes. However, certain tiles and tiling styles can create prominent and eye-catching design features in your home interior. In this glamorous Indian living room, a contrasting set of tiles under the coffee table make for a unique makeshift rug, without the hassle of having an actual one. Similarly, strips of highlighter tiles design for hall, can also do the trick or help create sections within a space.

5. A Pattern Tile Design For The Hall

While there are several tile design for living room interiors to choose from, tiling them in a unique or unusual pattern can elevate the space’s aesthetic even more. While straight horizontal or vertical rows are usually the conventional way to line up tiles, patterns like herringbone, double-basket weave, Chantilly and chevron will add grandeur and elegance to your floors.


Expert Eye: For a more polished look, this living room has added straight-lined moulding to the walls, which pairs beautifully with the herringbone-patterned tiled floors

Living room floor tile design with herringbone pattern & straight line mouldings on wall - Beautiful Homes
Living room with mirror effect mosaic floor tile design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tessera India

6. The Perfect Tile Designs For A Maximalist

Tiles are probably one of the most versatile décor materials for the home. Available at a range of price points and in a variety of finishes, textures and colours, there’s a tile out there for just about anyone and any style preference. So, even if you’re the ultimate maximalist who likes to add glamorous and opulent elements in every room of the house, you can always turn to the right tile design for hall to do the trick. In this jewel-toned azure living room, the mirror-effect mosaic floor tiles for living room reflect the brilliance and lustre of the micro-tiled wall next to it.

7. Continue The Living Rooms Decor Outdoors With Tiles

To have a home with ample balcony space is a true luxury. And, if this balcony adjoins the living room, it serves as the perfect spot to dine and host guests outdoors. For such a space, you’d want its décor to look stylish and well put together. Since it extends from the living room, you may even want to continue the same style into this area. Usually, an outdoor space doesn’t have too many fixtures and fittings, so the floor is the best spot to bring in uniformity between the two rooms. To keep things neat and neutral, this living room which opens into a spacious balcony has a simple ecru tiled floor. A keen eye will notice that the tiles design for hall from the backdrop outside have been used on the flooring inside to replicate the effect of a rug.

Living room design with extended balcony having ecru floor tiles design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Monochrome patterned tile design for hall matching with home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, shutterstock

8. A Monochrome Home Interior With Tiles

For permanent fixtures in a room, such as the floorings (which aren’t easy to redo when you want to give the space a quick makeover), it’s wiser to pick a colour or design that’s classic and timeless. Simple neutral shades or a long-lasting high-quality material will create a floor you won’t get tired of easily for years to come. If you’re looking for patterns or design details within your flooring, pick a versatile combination like black and white, which will bring in a monochrome palette that will never go out of style!

9. Replicate Your Favorite Material With Tiles
Certain tiles are not only long-lasting but can also serve as an affordable and easily accessible alternative to high-quality materials such as marble, wood and stone. In fact, the right floor tiles for living room can create a more practical flooring option that’s easy to maintain over a long period of time. In parts of the country, where materials such as wood may not fare well in its weather conditions, a tile replica works as a fuss-free alternative. Similarly, if you love the look of marble but don’t have the budget for it, there are plenty of tile design options offering the same finish and effect for any room in the house.

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