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Back-painted glass designs and where to use them at home

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Dec 14, 2021
Back painted glass design on the cabinet in living room - Beautiful Homes

Wondering where to add on Back-painted glass designs? Let’s delve into the know-how of back painted glass and help you choose the right space in your home

If anyone ever thought luxurious looks or a premium vibe is achieved in a house only through adding expensive materials to your space, they couldn’t have been more wrong. There is more than one way to achieve that oh-so-rich vibe in your house! The secret is to creatively mix and match the materials available and not disregard your budget in the process. A pop of colour can also be that little touch required to make any space cutting-edge and inviting. For example, one of the most unique trends that have been gaining popularity over the years is a contemporary addition to your room design scope - Back Painted Glass. You can use this versatile glass design anywhere in your house. From lending a versatile look to your kitchen to providing a luxe vibe to your living room or bedroom - back painted glass can do it all. Back-painted glass can lend an ineffable charm to modern or traditional homes alike.


What is Back-painted Glass?

Sometimes also known as lacquered glass, back-painted glass as a name is self-explanatory, and is exactly what it sounds like. The name comes from the fact that back-painted glass is simply glass that is painted on the back. This leads to the glass becoming opaque from the other side. Due to the paint, the effect from the front is that of glass but with a solid colour behind it. It feels chic and has a glossy feel - with the added flexibility to have a colour of your choice in the process! It feels delicate and aesthetically appealing at the same time. What else appeals to modern and minimal sensibilities alike?

How is it Made?

Let’s dive right into how this piece of art is made! A pre-cut sheet of glass is first cleaned thoroughly. This is done to ensure that no dry or wet debris is left lingering on the surface. Such debris, if left uncleaned, will get embedded on the glass surface and will lead to a lackluster product finish. After this is done, masking tape is laced throughout the front edges of the slab to ensure that it does not get coated with paint. The glass pane is then laid flat on a surface and paint is applied to one side. Usually there are multiple coats of paints applied at a given time.

Lacquered glass used on the kitchen cabinets & countertop - Beautiful Homes

Many times, the glass can be transferred to a large oven that will bake the wet paint, ensuring good adhesion between the paint and the glass.


Back-painted glass can be cut and polished in case the size dimensions need to be altered following its manufacturing process.


Where can You Use it?

Back-painted/ lacquered glass is possibly the most versatile interior décor item you can use while renovating or creating your new home. From cabinets, partitions, wall accents to backdrops for furniture you can smartly use back painted glass in every corner of your home! Lacquered glass price can never be a blocker here as most glass is priced affordably. That being said, here are some of the most popular and appealing places to set this up in. Read on!

Back painted glass design in the kitchen on cabinets - Beautiful Homes

1. Lacquered Glass for Kitchen

Back painted glass can be used in a number of ways when doing kitchen interior design. You can have cabinets made of back-painted glass. These lend a sleek and modern appearance to the space, which may be just the perfect idea for contemporary kitchens. Back-painted glass is easy to wipe down and hence pretty easy to keep germ-free and sterile. Be warned that glass is a delicate addition to your kitchen, and rough usage of equipment like cutlery in a back-painted glass kitchen can lead to cracks or breakage.

If you feel that you are not ready for that kind of commitment, you can always experiment with a couple of cabinets made of designer lacquered glass and the rest out of regular doors. This not just breaks up your monochrome palette but allows you to add a splash of contrast to your kitchen colour scheme.

Another space in the kitchen where you can use back-painted glass is a backsplash. These are becoming increasingly popular in back-painted glass kitchens as they can serve the purpose of a tile while having a similar range of benefits. This kind of use of back-painted glass, again, allows you to add a splash of colour to the kitchen appearance. This also allows a minimalistic look and feel to the back-painted glass kitchen without the perils of a more traditional tiling feel. And as usual, glass can be cleaned much more easily and readily and it is less susceptible to stains. A back-painted glass kitchen, if done right, is truly a sight to behold!

Black back painted glass design - Beautiful Homes

2. Back Painted Glass for Living Room

Usually, living rooms designed with a monochrome design can feel dull and monotonous. You can change that vibe - simply by transforming a plain wall from a painted slab into an accent wall using a designer lacquered glass design. You can also use it as the TV unit backdrop and grant it more texture. You can use a colour palette that accentuates your elegant living room vibe and grant a chic, rich look to your living. Told you it’s easy if you get creative, didn’t we?

You can use lacquered glass design in an eating area or dining area - Beautiful Homes

3. Lacquered Glass for Dining Room

Whether your dining room is a full room, or just a partitioned area of the living room, or an open kitchen, you can always use back-painted glass in the mix. You could use back-painted glass as the tabletop for the dining table or even as the partition itself. If you have a fully separate dining room, then by all means, go crazy with the colour scheme to fit the walls or the floor or both! 

4. Back Painted Glass for Pooja Room

This is a newer addition to modern and contemporary Indian households, a room dedicated to prayers and devotion. You can always create a characterful space by using the luxe back-painted glass as a substitute for tiling. Deities and scenes from the epics can be painted across these installations. If you have idols, you can always use this as a backsplash to add a contrast or subtle hint of aura to the idols. It will instantly highlight the idols and make them look more appealing.


Back-painted glass still works if you do not have a separate room. You can use this as a partition to create a Pooja room, and use it as a backsplash as well. Whatever you do, you can use back-painted glass to make your devotion space look more harmonious and inviting.


5. Lacquered Glass for Bedroom

If you have a TV unit in the bedroom, you can choose a complementary shade and use the back-painted glass as an accented back wall to add some character to the space. You can also use lacquered glass in bedroom to decorate your bathroom vibe or as a partition in your bedroom suite.


Pros and Cons of Back-painted Glass

There are a lot of advantages and contrastingly some disadvantages to having back-painted glass as an addition to your home décor.


Let’s have a look at the pros, shall we?


Advantages of Using Back-painted Glass

  1. Glass is non-porous, and hence it means that it will not trap foreign elements and germs or bacteria. This can keep things clean and sanitary.
  2. It is easy to wipe down and hence can keep the space hygienic and clean.
  3. It is easy to maintain and if used well, can last really long.
  4. It is available in a wide range of colourful designs to choose from. This lends variety and a level of flexibility to your interior décor needs.
  5. It can be cut and molded to fit any size, frame, or design.
  6. Back-painted glass can be used as a reflective surface and make a room seem bigger than it actually is, without compromising on colour.
  7. Lacquered glass price can be affordable depending on the width of the glass slab you’re using.

Disadvantages of using Back-painted Glass

  1. Glass is fragile, and it can break if used roughly. This means it needs extra care and installation in areas that are prone to activity needs some careful consideration.
  2. Back-painted glass colours on installations are very difficult to change. If you have decided on a colour, and you want to change it later, you’ll need to replace the whole thing. This makes it difficult to change your mind easily and increases switching costs.
  3. Installation may require expert personnel as fixing and swapping back-painted glass panels is difficult.


At Beautiful Homes Service Advantage for modern and functional home interiors (services, products and shop), we can help you make better choices and informed decisions for your back-painted glass design needs. If you need any assistance with home décor needs or interiors, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be genuinely happy to help!

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