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Balcony curtain ideas/types of balcony curtains

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Dec 10, 2022
Balcony Curtain Design Ideas for Home - Beautiful Homes

Curtains serve both functional and aesthetic purposes whether it is for indoor or outdoor spaces. This compilation of best balcony curtain ideas will help you pick the best option for your requirements

Curtains and drapes provide just as much aesthetic value as functionality. Even when it comes to outdoor spaces in our homes such as balconies and pergolas, balcony curtain design has become an essential part of the balcony décor. Here are some balcony curtain ideas to spruce it up as well as provide privacy and protection against weather.


1. Balcony Curtain Ideas #1: Canvas Curtains

When it comes to curtain ideas for balcony, canvas curtains are a great choice due to the benefits they offer. The material they’re made of, acrylic, is resistant to mildew, rot, mould and stain. While they’re on the more expensive end, canvas curtains for balcony curtain design are highly beneficial. They’re also available in multiple colours to suit the design style in your balcony.

2. Balcony Curtain Ideas #2: Foldable Bamboo Curtains

If you like the organic modern trend, bamboo balcony curtain design is an excellent option. It will allow light to filter in and block wind. Bamboo material is weathe-proof and hence will last you a while but it may not be the ideal choice if you live in a region with strong winds and high rainfall as it may not be able to block these.

Balcony Curtain Design Ideas for Home - Beautiful Homes
Curtain design ideas for apartment balcony - Beautiful Homes

3. Balcony Curtain Ideas #3: Sheer Curtains

For anyone looking for curtain ideas for balcony to create a romantic ambience, sheer curtains are the way to go. They help diffuse sunlight and allow in breeze creating a whimsical moment. The downside though is that if you’re looking for weather-proof outdoor curtain ideas to keep out weather elements, sheer curtains are not the best option.

4. Balcony Curtain Ideas #4: Cordless Roller Shades

Turn your balcony design into an indoor-outdoor space with cordless roller shades. When it comes to outdoor curtain ideas, shades in knitted fabrics are an excellent option— they’re breathable, block UV light, and allow hot air and humidity to escape. Pick synthetic materials such as polyethylene for resistance against mildew and mould.


5. Apartment Balcony Curtain Ideas #5: Magnetic Net Curtains

Enjoy evenings in your balconies worry-free with magnetic net curtains. These will allow the cool breeze in while keeping the mosquitoes and other bugs out. They also work well to diffuse harsh sunlight. The magnetic frame makes installation and keeping the area secure much easier.

6. Apartment Balcony Curtain Ideas #6: Blackout Outdoor Balcony Curtain Ideas

Instead of simple curtains, choose heavy-duty olefin drapes for your outdoor balcony curtain ideas, particularly if you live in a sunny area. They are UV resistant and hence do not fade with extended exposure to direct sunlight. If you're looking for apartment patio curtain ideas, this is a great option.

Outdoor apartment balcony curtain design ideas for home - Beautiful Homes
DIY curtain ideas for apartment balcony - Beautiful Homes

7. Apartment Balcony Curtain Ideas #7: DIY Apartment Balcony Curtains

Are you someone who likes seasonal or festive décor? If so, try these outdoor balcony curtain ideas. Repurpose your old dupattas or sarees into curtains for your balcony. This DIY hack is budget-friendly and allows you to introduce colour and pattern to your balcony décor.

8. Apartment Balcony Curtain Ideas #8: DIY Apartment Balcony Curtains

Another creative DIY balcony curtain design hack is to use old fabric and make unique patchwork curtains. This is an excellent option for anyone who likes a creative project and for those who prefer boho or eclectic styles for their homes.



1. Why Add Curtains to Your Balcony?

In terms of functionality, curtains can help protect against harsh sunlight and winds and keep bugs out. In terms of décor, they’re a great way to introduce visual interest to the space with colour, texture and patterns.



2. What to Consider Before Hanging Balcony Curtains?

Your requirements in terms of weather-proofing will determine the material of the curtains. If you’re renting, you may also need to check the regulations for installation methods. Style and price points are also important when you’re shopping for balcony curtains. Do your research so that you do not exceed your budget and try to get a design that will fit in seamlessly with the rest of the balcony décor. These aspects are important if you’re considering apartment patio curtain ideas and other outdoor spaces.


3. Which curtain is best for a balcony?

Whenever possible, particularly for long-term use, opt for outdoor materials for balcony curtains as they are made to withstand various weather conditions. Olefin is a great option for synthetic material and canvas for natural or blend materials. Look for options in these materials for patio curtain ideas and other outdoor spaces.


4. How do you hang curtains on an outdoor balcony?

There are many options when it comes to curtain installations. Hanging up a rod is the easiest option if drilling is not a problem. Ensure to measure width and the height to install the rod in the right spot. In case of uncovered balconies, you could install vertical pods or pergolas. In case you’re looking for patio curtain ideas and how to install them, a deck with a pergola is an excellent option due to how sturdy it is.



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