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20 balcony decoration ideas for 2022

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Jun 03, 2022
Balcony interior design with seating arrangement - Beautiful Homes

Sipping a cup of coffee in a comfortable armchair and watching the sun rise is a great way to start the day! If you are one of the lucky people who have a balcony in your home, here are some great balcony decoration ideas

Imagine curling up in an armchair on your balcony design and watching the sun rise every morning! Having a balcony is a treat, but unfortunately many people do not use their balcony space efficiently. Large or small, with some innovative design, a balcony can become a space to entertain friends, a romantic spot for a couple, or a relaxing nook to curl up in.


The usefulness of a balcony, especially in small living spaces, cannot be undermined, but it doesn’t need to be an ugly area.  If you are blessed with a balcony, it is time to reclaim it and make it an aesthetically appealing and comfortable space that you will love spending time in.


20 Balcony Decoration Ideas for 2022

Redesigning a balcony does not require rocket science or a load of construction. Clearing away clutter, repositioning furniture, and adding cute balcony wall décor items can turn it into a wonderfully pleasing spot.


Home balcony decoration ideas to maximize your precious balcony space.


1. Vivid and Colourful Balcony Design

Colour brings life and soul to a space and a balcony is no exception. Use rich, patterned cushions, colourful rugs and vividly coloured planters as balcony decoration, to make your balcony a vibrant area that will lift your spirits.


2. Include the Balcony in your Living Room Design

If you have a small living room, extend the living room to include the balcony. Use sliding glass windows or sheer curtains to enclose your balcony and let the décor of the living room flow seamlessly into the balcony giving the space a larger and airier feel.

3. Gorgeous Balcony Decoration with Plants

Plants are the best and only decoration that a balcony needs. Create a lush jungle with large leaved plants of different heights or a desert oasis in a corner, with cacti, sand and rocks. Be innovative with your planters, for instance, an old watering can or a bamboo basket make whimsical planters.


4. Use Decorative Lights for Balcony

Good lighting can transform your outdoor space into a cosy paradise. String lights make great decorative lights for balcony and can be hung on the walls and around plants to give a surreal feeling to the space. Add a couple of lamps for a touch of elegance.


5. Big Balcony Decoration Ideas

A big balcony can be transformed into an outdoor living room for entertaining or lounging, on pleasant evenings. Some big balcony decoration ideas include creating striking visual features like exposed brick partitions or a water element. Rattan furniture, striped cushions, pretty rugs and a coffee table will complete this elegant outdoor area.


6. Home Balcony Decoration with a Trellis

A trellis is a useful and pleasing feature to add to your home balcony decoration as it lends itself to many functions. It can be the main décor element in the balcony, with string lights and lanterns, or a support for flowering creepers. It also provides privacy, especially if you have adjacent balconies.

Balcony décor ideas with string lights - Beautiful Homes

7. Budget Friendly Balcony Decoration Ideas

Sprucing up a balcony doesn’t cost much. Don’t over complicate the décor as it may make an already small space feel even more restrictive. An old armchair, a side table and decorative plants are enough to convert your balcony into your little slice of heaven.

Open balcony decoration ideas with cane chairs - Beautiful Homes

8. Open Balcony Decoration Ideas

If you have a beautiful view, one of the coolest open balcony decoration ideas is a small drop-down breakfast bar attached to the railing. Add a few bold, painted stools for a charming balcony space that offers you breakfast with a view.


9. Cute and Cosy DIY Balcony Décor

Anyone can create a cute DIY balcony décor with an old mattress. For a comfortable seating arrangement, cover it with a pretty patterned quilt, add some vibrant cushions and a comfortable throw for a cosy and comfortable reading nook.

10. Balcony Decoration for the Romantic in you

For a personal and romantic balcony, use sheer curtains or a trellis for privacy. Add candles, and string lights, and layer furniture with pretty cushions and throws for a cosy and inviting feel. Get sweet smelling, flowering plants like jasmine and rose to create a romantic space that is perfect to cuddle up in.


11. Include a Barbecue Grill in your Balcony Décor

A barbecue as balcony décor is a brilliant idea especially if you love entertaining. A custom-built barbecue is great if you have the space and budget. Otherwise, there are inexpensive grill options to enjoy barbecue nights on the balcony with family and friends.


12. Apartment Balcony Décor that Offers Storage

Multifunctional furniture is a perfect solution for small balconies. Seating options with built-in storage, and slim wall shelves and wall cabinets overhung with creepers are great apartment balcony decorating ideas as they offer storage and look decorative.


13. Whimsical Vintage Balcony Decoration

If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your balcony decoration, prop a ladder against one of the walls and fill it with plants for a unique touch. Hang wind chimes and lanterns in different shapes and colours as balcony hanging décor to add to the vintage air of this winsome balcony.


14. Balcony Decoration Ideas that are Pet Friendly

Make a little pet corner on your balcony for your favourite friend. A cosy dog bed right next to your armchair, and a little water fountain for puppy to play in are all the additions you need to make this a happy place for you and your best friend.


15. Rustic and Rural Small Balcony Décor Ideas

Create a rustic look for your balcony with an abundance of dried flowers. You can arrange them in vases, in baskets, and hang them as balcony décor on the walls and on the railing to give your balcony a rustic, cottage vibe.

16. Balcony Garden Décor Ideas for an Apartment

One of the most useful and pretty balcony garden décor ideas is a vegetable patch. Use wooden box planters to grow microgreens, salad greens, basil, mint, rosemary and coriander. There is nothing as magical as eating fresh foods picked from your own balcony garden.


17. Bedroom Small Balcony Décor Ideas

If you have a balcony that is adjacent to your bedroom, fill it with flowering plants, hang fairy lights and add a swing or a hammock to make it a relaxing space to snooze in if the mood hits you.

Balcony garden décor ideas with wooden table & chair - Beautiful Homes

18. Balcony Hanging Décor that Gives a Beach Vibe

Bring the ocean into your balcony by decorating it in shades of blue. Place mason jars filled with pretty pebbles and beautiful seashells amongst leafy plants. Hang windchimes and dreamcatchers to complete the beach vibe.

Apartment balcony décor with a study space & ottoman - Beautiful Homes

19. Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas

A minimalist approach is a great choice for small balcony decoration. Keep it simple with a small seating arrangement. Add plenty of lush plant life to your apartment balcony décor to make the space feel like a private wilderness that only you have access to.

20. Grilled Balcony Decoration with Plants

If your balcony has a grill, you can still make it a pleasant and pretty space. Fix planters in different colours and shapes to the grill. Wind fairy lights through the grill and the plants to make this space your private paradise.

Balcony decoration with plants & hammock - Beautiful Homes

Small Balcony Decoration Ideas

If you have a small balcony, it doesn’t mean that it should be ignored. Even the smallest balcony can be turned into a comfortable and cosy nook to relax in with unique small balcony décor ideas. Some small balcony decoration ideas include:

  •  Use light effectively – String lights and soft-focus lights as balcony décor add a romantic vibe.
  •  Keep it minimal – Don’t overwhelm the space with furniture. Only add what is necessary.
  • Use plants for balcony decoration – Create a feeling of being in a garden with lush foliage.
  • Install a swing – Even in the smallest balcony, a swing is a cosy addition.
  • Keep it grounded – Don’t use furniture. Make a seating arrangement on the ground with cushions and throws.


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