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8 clever balcony design solutions to make the most of the monsoon season

  • Balcony Design
Jun 08, 2022
Glass railing design ideas to beautify your balcony this monsoon - Beautiful Homes

Want to enjoy the monsoon from the warmth and comfort of your balcony? Use our design solutions to weatherproof your balcony and make the most of the monsoon


Homes with balconies are much sought-after, particularly in urban areas, and for a good reason. Balconies give you access to nature and the outdoors from the comfort of your home. When every square foot is valuable, who wouldn't want a little getaway of their own?


With monsoon at our doorstep, you ought to have a strategy to protect this slice of paradise. If you've put it off for one reason or another until now, fret not. We've got you covered. Read on to find out how you can weatherproof your balcony this season.


Whether you're a homeowner looking for permanent weatherproofing solutions or a renter who needs something temporary and portable, you'll find a solution on this enhance your balcony design. From waterproof fabric curtains to rain blinds for balcony, from waterproof furniture to shades for balcony, there are plenty of options to choose from.

1. Blind your Balcony

Many balconies have roof covers, but the sides are left open to let in natural light and breeze. To avoid any rain coming in sideways, blinds for the balcony are the way to go. Outdoor blinds for balconies come in a variety of designs, colours and materials. So you do not need to compromise on the style in favour of functionality.


Some popular options vis-a-vis materials include water resistant fabric blinds, PVC outdoor blinds for balcony, and classic bamboo blinds for balcony. Based on the material, you may get the chance to choose the style- roll-up, vertical, and shutter-style. You now also have the option of PVC waterproof roller blinds for balcony that imitate bamboo blinds.


The downside of blinds is that they can block the view and the natural light entirely. If you wish to avoid that, you can opt for transparent PVC monsoon blinds for balcony to block out all the rain but for the light to pass through. The added benefit is that you can get ones that are scratch-resistant.


To install outdoor blinds for balcony, you will have to place fixtures on the roof and/or the outside walls to hold them in place. The ones with weight on the bottom will keep the blinds from flapping around if the winds get too intense. The long-term benefit is that it preserves the structural integrity of the blinds. Curtains made of waterproof material fabric are an alternative to blinds.

Blind your balcony to protect it from monsoon - Beautiful Homes
Invest in good waterproof furniture for your balcony in monsoons - Beautiful Homes

2. Invest in Good-quality Outdoor Waterproof Furniture

The difference between indoor and outdoor furniture is that the latter is specifically designed to withstand the elements. Good quality weatherproof and waterproof furniture can therefore last longer and may require minimal maintenance.


Synthetic rattan furniture is a popular choice for outdoor furniture. It is usually made of resin or PVC since both are waterproof materials, hold up well against the harsh sun, and are rust-proof. 

They are also pretty lightweight, making it easy to move them around. If you're looking for a more casual option, you have the option of bean bags made of waterproof material fabric


Outdoor furniture made of wrought iron or wood is a good option for places without heavy rainfall and homes with completely covered balconies. While they're sturdy, they're not waterproof or moisture-proof. To increase their longevity, you must seal them periodically with sealants, paint or polish.

3. Weatherproof Fabrics

Textiles are a great way to add visual interest to any space. With outdoor spaces like the balcony, ensure that you choose a weatherproof and waterproof material fabric. Engineered waterproof cloth options include nylon, polyester, polypropylene and treated acrylic.


They can withstand any weather, are mildew-resistant and are easy to clean. You can use these fabrics for all textile use in the balcony- curtains, upholstery, rug, and so on. Additionally, many engineered fabrics do not fade. So you can choose kaleidoscopic ones to add some zest to your balcony without worrying about replacing them.

4. Cover it up with the Best Waterproof Material

Once again, you have multiple options to choose from: awning, tarps, roofs, etc. Tarpaulins or tarps are temporary fixes. If you have a ceiling cover, you can just add heavy-duty adhesive hooks to hang up the tarp. Or you can install light poles or screens to extend it from. Many tarps are flimsy and may not hold up to torrential rain and thunderstorms.


Retractable awnings are an excellent option for two reasons. First, they block out not only the rain but also the sun; secondly, you can find one for all balcony layouts and sizes. Depending on the weather where you live and the balcony layout, you can also opt for large beach-style umbrellas. Lean-to roofs are yet another alternative. With these, you can opt for transparent coverings to let in the natural light. You can also get really creative with these structures and turn them into decorative elements.


5. Take it in

Roofs and full enclosures are the permanent solutions to protect from rain and other weather conditions. A huge benefit of these options is that you can harvest rainwater. Just ensure that you use materials that don't pose a health hazard throughout the collection process.


The biggest drawback in both cases is that these structures can block natural light. Worry not; there are ways to overcome this con. 

Cover your balcony with waterproof materials in monsoon - Beautiful Homes

Opt for roofing structures clad in translucent acrylic sheets or toughened glass, as these will allow light to filter in. In the case of enclosed balconies, you can create an indoor-outdoor space. Sliding glass windows and decorative grills are just a few ways to open up the space.


6. Plan for Storage

Add a trunk or a drawer to store your pillows and cushions. This way, you can prevent any water and mildew damage. It'll allow you to keep blankets, books, candles etc., within arm's reach should you want them. Ensure that the storage is covered, so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged. Wood such as cedar and teak are pest-resistant and can bear high moisture levels, making them great options for outdoor furniture. Alternatively, you can pick seating with built-in storage.


7. Conceal the Electric Wires and Outputs

More often than not, balconies also have plugs and wirings. Ensure that there are no loose ends. All wires should be well insulated; if possible, choose recessed options for an added level of protection.

Railings for your balcony design - Beautiful Homes

8. Waterproof material for railing

Since your railing will be up against the elements constantly, it is prudent to pick materials that can hold up well. Steel and aluminium are lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant. They're available in various finishes and styles and combine well with other materials such as glass to create chic railings.


Tempered glass is an excellent option due to its sturdiness. Additionally, it will let in natural light without blocking your view. Cast-iron railings are classics for their intricate designs and patterns. You only have to seal it periodically to ensure longevity.

Brighten up your Balcony Design this Monsoon

Now that you know how to protect your balcony from the elements, it is time to cosy it up so you can enjoy the monsoon showers with a cup of hot chai and some pakoras.

  • Turn your balcony into a cheerful place with some colour. Opt for colourful textiles, wall treatments, rugs, etc.

  • Add plenty of cushions, throw blankets and a soft carpet create a cosy ambience.

  • Fight the mustiness with a few candles peppered around.

  • Add some sparkle with pendant lights, hanging lamps, sconces, fairy lights, etc.

  • Bring out the inner child with a swing or a hanging chair.

  • Soften up the décor with plants and foliage.
Add plants to your balcony for monsoon - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Making your Balcony Monsoon Ready?

Are you a DIYer? Create the perfect balcony plan with our products: paint, wallpaper, furniture, lighting, textiles— we've got it all. Or you can collaborate with the professionals at Beautiful Homes to do it. They are well versed in designing not only indoor areas but also outdoor spaces such as the balcony. With their expertise, you will get a balcony design that will stand the test of time and weather.


Visit our website to check the various options we offer and the projects we have executed so far. You may book a 3D consultation call to understand the project's process, Interior Design, and execution or walk into our stores across India to know more about our offerings. Our current home stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities. With our interior design services, you will get a personalised experience and custom solutions.

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