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Balcony Jhula Design: Swing Your Way to Beautiful Balconies!

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Apr 26, 2023
Swing design for balcony - Beautiful Homes

Having a balcony with a swing can be just what you need. We’ve listed a few balcony ideas with swings to help you create a relaxing haven with your outdoor areas

It harks back to the wind in our faces, swishing past our ears, hair flying all over the place as we climb higher and higher with each swing. The sense of freedom and weightlessness, the pure joy of not having any worries, the memory of feeling on top of the world – there is something particularly exhilarating about being a child on a swing. We may not swing as high as we used to as kids, but we still get so much joy from relaxing on a swing for the balcony. The soft rocking and gentle breeze instil a sense of calm. 

In the last few years of lockdowns and now a post-pandemic world, we are spending a lot more time at home which had made us really appreciate our outdoor spaces so much more. We’ve realised just how important it is for our wellbeing and mental health to connect with our surroundings and whatever form of nature we can get. Garden, rooftop terrace or balcony design became a popular query, especially for urban dwellings. And, of course, the swing reigns supreme in turning an ordinary balcony into a haven of peace. Here are a list of garden and balcony swing ideas along with a few design tips to give your outdoor spaces a fun makeover.

Balcony jhula design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Decontruct

Balcony Swing Design Ideas

Take inspiration from these swing ideas for the balcony and other outdoor spaces – whether small or large. From traditional to boho-chic to rustic to modern, there is a swing style out there for any kind of space. Work in a few of our below-mentioned balcony design ideas along with a swing to craft your perfect spot.


1. Balcony Swing Design - Traditional Elements to Add Vintage Vibe

This freestanding wooden jhula design for balcony adds a traditional flair to your outdoor spaces. Every element from the ornate carvings and elephant figurines to the canopy and finials elevates the décor with Old-World charm.

Balcony swing ideas - Beautiful Homes

Balcony swing design with traditional elements; Image courtesy, Asian Paints

Single swing jhoola design for wooden front balcony - Beautiful Homes

Rustic balcony swing design; Image courtesy, Cindy Fogg / Unsplash

2. Swing in Balcony Ideas – A Rustic Design in Which to Enjoy Nature

Wood and cane are a match made in heaven. Create a natural and rustic vibe in your balcony or other outdoor spaces by using these materials paired with organic textures and earth tones. Add a soft and comfy swing cushion, something you can just sink into like the one seen here.

Swing chair for large balcony will wall decoration & patterned floors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Hex

3. Balcony Jhula Design – A Loveseat for Cosy Evenings

This two-seater cane jhula for home balcony is the perfect for spending time with loved ones. The comfortable seating and simple, ceiling-hung design make it the ideal addition to a medium-sized outdoor area while cane works well with most décor styles, adding an organic texture to the visual. The neutral, grey colour-scheme is elevated with a patterned flooring and pops of vibrant colour with the soft furnishings and wall décor.

4. Balcony Hammock Ideas – A Hammock Style Swing to Snuggle Up with a Book

This hammock style jhula is a great small balcony swing idea. If you love the feel of relaxing in a hammock but your outdoor space is too small for one, this compact, ceiling-hung version in a swing form is perfect to snuggle up and enjoy some alone time. The style will also work well with quite a few décor styles from Boho-chic to beach-vibes to a nature-inspired space.

amoliconcepts.JPG	balcony-swing-design	Balcony swing design - Beautiful Homes	Balcony swing design - Beautiful Homes

Balcony hammock ideas; Image courtesy, Amoli Concepts

Swing for balcony - Beautiful Homes

Modern jhoola design; Image courtesy, Studio Namah

5. Modern Jhoola Designs – A Compact Swing for a Small Balcony

This balcony isn’t big on floor space but it is well-designed and showcases the ideal way to plan a small outdoor area. By using expansive, floor-to-ceiling sliding windows and continuing the same balcony flooring to the outdoor area, there is a visual connection formed giving the appearance of a larger area. A muted colour scheme is uplifted by live plants, minimal prints and a conservative use of brass accents. This swing for small balcony adds a more contemporary feel to the space and becomes the focal piece. Yet, it does not overpower the compact balcony. Wood, cane and brass work beautifully with the houndstooth patterned cushion; all coming together to create a peaceful zone.

6. Swing Design for Balcony – A Big Swing for Glorious Naps

If you’ve got a big enough balcony, it’s the perfect place to take a nap, especially if your surrounded by relaxing landscape. A bigger swing, like the one in the image, is almost like a gently rocking daybed – perfectly positioned to take in the sights and sounds of nature yet shaded from direct sun. A swing like this is a great garden jhoola design hanging in your patio and perfect to curl up in.

Swing for small balcony - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Owl and the Pussycat Hotel

Swing design for balcony - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

7. A Safe Jhula for Home Balcony - Create a Safe Outdoor Space for Kids

Remember the pure joy of swinging higher and higher as a child – it’s innate. Kids will always want to swing higher and faster so safety is the most important factor if you have kids using the swing especially on balconies and terraces. Make sure the space is enclosed in some way – metal safety ‘nets’ or even grills from top to bottom don’t take much away from your view but add a lot of safety. 

Balcony Design Ideas to Help You Craft the Perfect Outdoor Space

When designing these areas, try a less is more approach. You don’t need to keep it stark and clinical, just creating a relaxing space with less. Not everything needs to conform to the minimalist design, you’re aiming to cut the unnecessary clutter to create a soothing vibe. Pick and choose from these balcony design ideas to create your ideal spot. 

Balcony swing jhula - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cane Boutique

Jhula for home balcony - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Rosemary Fields / unsplash

  • Add live plants at various heights. Try hanging pots, railing planters, plant stands, floor planters or even a vertical garden. 
  • Small water features can work wonders for adding another sensory layer attached to nature. 
  • Stagnant water can turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Bring in something with constant movement of water, change the water often or add essential oils like citronella to repel insects.  
  • For colder climates, a sleek table top ‘fireplace’ can allow you to enjoy the crisp winters outdoors.
  • Layer soft or diffused, warm lighting. Solar powered lights are a great option for outdoor areas that receive a lot of sunlight during the day.
  • Bring in a few pieces of comfortable outdoor furniture and choose those specifically built for the outdoors with waterproof fabrics.
  • For areas that get direct sunlight, make sure you have some element that will provide shade. Awnings, pergolas, gazebos, outdoor and motorised blinds all work in different outdoor spaces.
  • Small spaces can benefit from a neutral or muted colour scheme or even something that feels organic. Sometimes just a coat of paint and a few tone-on-tone textured soft furnishings can do wonders to refresh the space.
  • All your outdoor elements including your floor decking should be waterproof or unaffected by rain. Make sure the water can effectively drain away. For independent houses, consider a rainwater collection system.



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