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Balcony decoration ideas with lights to sparkle up your space

  • Lighting Ideas
Nov 18, 2022
Balcony scone ceiling lighting ideas for balcony decor - Beautiful Homes

A balcony offers you a slice of heaven and with a little attention to detail and the right décor it can become your very own outdoor oasis. Here are enchanting balcony lighting ideas that will add a sparkle to your space

In our cramped cityscape, these days, having a balcony can be bliss. There's value to a balcony that goes far beyond the square footage it adds to your apartment. With a balcony, you’ve got your own little slice of heaven to customize exactly how you would like. A little attention to detail, the right décor and light decoration in balcony, you can turn a small, drab balcony into your very own outdoor oasis.


Balcony Decoration Ideas with Lights

Whether your outdoor space is a modest terrace or a small rectangle, with creative lighting ideas for balcony, you can transform your itsy-bitsy balcony into an irresistible sanctuary.


Here are cool balcony decoration ideas with lights that can turn your balcony from drab to fab in no time.


1. Antique Sconces for Traditional Balcony Light Decoration

Create an elegant and classy space to entertain in with antique metal wall sconces as light decoration in balcony. Pair the balcony wall lights with rustic wooden chairs and a glass table for memorable wine evenings with close friends. Add playful painted lanterns on the balcony railing for a whimsical twist.

2. Vintage Small Balcony Lighting Ideas

Nothing screams boho-chic like vintage lace and a lampshade in vintage lace is one of the most delightful small balcony balcony lighting ideas. Add a couple of colourful cushions on the floor, put in a low table adorned with the vintage lamp and a few charming trinkets to help create the intimate and inviting space you crave.

Small balcony vintage lighting ideas - Beautiful Homes
Pendant lighting ideas for the balcony decoration - Beautiful Homes

3. Unique Pendant Lights for Balcony Décor

Pendant lamps in natural finishes, like wicker, make great balcony lights. A single, large and unusual pendant lamp or a cluster of lamps in different sizes help create a space that your friends will envy. Layer the floor with cushy elements made of outdoor fabrics, like patterned rugs and plush cushions, to make your balcony a tiny bohemian paradise.

4. Glass Globes are Stunning Lighting Ideas for Balcony

Glass globes hanging at different levels doubles as art in a small balcony with no floor space for decorative elements, while also drawing the eye up instantly. A lounge chair, floor level seating and linen curtains add flair to make this a spectacular space. Drape balcony string lights over clustered greenery for an enchanting touch.

Glass globe balcony lighting ideas for a traditional balcony design - Beautiful Homes
Balcony light decoration with string lights - Beautiful Homes

5. String Lights make Cool Balcony Lighting Ideas

String lights are great balcony lighting ideas that are inexpensive and provide a big impact. Weave balcony fairy lights through the balcony rails to add both light and character. Lights strung over a small table can help create an intimate entertaining area. Run them along the edge of the balcony or drop them from the ceiling to create an ethereal fairyland that’s all your own.

6. Japanese Inspired Balcony Light Decoration

Infuse a Japanese-inspired look into your balcony with small teak lanterns arranged along the edge or hanging off the railings. Lay tatami mats on the floor, add a low table, cushions to sit on and a couple of bonsais to create a serene and soothing Japanese style balcony.

Japanese lighting ideas for balcony - Beautiful Homes
Festive star lights for a decorative balcony - Beautiful Homes

7. Festive Star Lights for Balcony

Stars shaped lights epitomize celebration and are a great way to add a festive air to your balcony. Moravian stars as hanging lights for balcony can be used to accentuate the house’s architecture, by running them along balcony railings, eaves and windows for a classy and elegant seasonal look. During Indian festivals, add coloured diyas for an Indian vibe.

8. Use Lanterns as Decorative Lights for Balcony

Add a touch of whimsy by filling everyday lanterns with a strand of multi-coloured lights and line them as decorative lights for balcony. Alternatively, hanging lamps for balcony can be strung up and attached to the eaves or to the railing to create a delightful vibe. A comfy lounge chair is the only addition this small balcony needs to make it a soothing space.


9. Modern Balcony Lighting Ideas with LED Wall Lights

Backlighting plants with low wall lights is a lovely way to create a brilliant light show right on your balcony.  Statement lighting for the garden works best when paired with simple, low plants that won't compete for attention or make the space feel too busy.


10. Surreal Layered Lights in Balcony

Layered lights are an excellent idea for big balconies. Fix elegant balcony ceiling lights and scatter low bamboo lamps between plants to provide a surreal ambient glow. Add bamboo seating with smart pinstriped cushions for an idyllic area for an evening soiree.


11. Edgy Modern Balcony Lighting Ideas

Balcony LED lights provide a cool alternative to break away from tradition and give your balcony an edgy vibe. Smart outdoor LED lights that can be controlled with a smartphone are a great way to make a balcony more inviting for entertaining close friends.


12. Add Elegance with a Metal Balcony Lamp

A metal floor lamp is an elegant and chic way to add lights in balcony. They can be adjusted for reading or doing focused tasks. Pair them with recessed lights or singular wall lights to achieve that perfect layer effect. Put in a little love seat or a small sofa with a blanket to read books in comfort



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Balcony Lighting Ideas?

At Beautiful Homes, we try to make every space in your home a pleasure to be in, including your balcony design. With thoughtful, comfortable, and timeless design, amazing concepts, and innovative colour palettes, we create spaces that will take your breath away. For cool and chic accessories for your balcony, check out our online store. Contact us for interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune. Book a 3D consultation today to take a step ahead in designing your dream home!

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