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Chic balcony seating designs that add a sparkle to your interiors

  • Balcony Design
Apr 12, 2023
Large balcony sitting area with patio furniture – Beautiful Homes

Stylish and functional, these balconies sitting area ideas will help maximise your balcony space

When done up well, the balcony can turn into a useful and cherished extension of your home space that offers a lot without too much upkeep. Several things need to be in place for a balcony design to truly work for the house in question as well as the house’s interior design –you would want a balcony that seamlessly melds with the rest of your interiors after all. But first, you’d need to consider what use your balcony can serve, what kind of paint and colours would suit it best, and what décor or other functional objects could it possibly store.


An essential element to the balcony that requires your special attention is your balcony seating arrangement. Figuring out seating ideas for balcony can prove to be quite an arduous task, not least because the balcony sitting area to go with is usually limited in any case, and the instinct is to retain as much of it as possible. Moreover, urban flats and apartments typically come with tiny balconies, which make the whole task of figuring out balcony sitting doubly tough!  


On the flip side, this is where you can flex your creative brain muscles. The key is to be able to maximise the available balcony area without cluttering up the space. Opting for furniture that is ideal for your space, arranging it to enhance balcony utility, and accordingly designing the space will do the trick. And when it comes to balcony floor seating ideas intended to help you with your balcony arrangement, let’s just say we might have an idea (or eight) for you.


Whether you’re looking for small balcony seating ideas or inspiration in designing a more expansive balcony, we’ve got you covered. Sift through some inspiring balcony sit out ideas with us here to get for yourself a nice, cosy, refreshing and relaxing balcony arena!

1. Balcony Sit Out Ideas Designed for the Grandiose

Since space is more of an asset here, the terrace seating in this case goes all out and embraces the sheer expanse of the balcony. Instead of frantically making use of all the space that is available by crowding the area with furniture and décor items, the balcony design clearly luxuriates in the space. The balcony sitting is arranged in a spaced out manner, with big sofas and a coffee table placed comfortably apart from each other at a luxurious distance. Even the side tables are kept wide apart. The décor elements and furniture such as a mirror and table and a decorative wheel are placed leaning against the walls, so that the huge space remains freed up and extensive.

Balcony sitout designs with sofa & center table – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nivasa

Chic balcony seating ideas with wall art – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Hex

2. Unique Seating Ideas for Small Balcony

If space is an issue however, as it’s likely going to be for most cases, a good seating option is to go off-floor by installing a swing. This swing instantly brightens the otherwise constrained space with its quirky cushions, stylish tiles, and offbeat grey colour theme. The swing is also offset by a uniquely decorated wall behind it. This kind of sitting not only makes for one of the best seating ideas for small balcony, but the elevated seat of the swing also provides a wonderful vantage from which to view outside.

3. An Ultra Chic Balcony Sitting Chair for an Ultra Chic Balcony

One way to avoid cluttering up the balcony area is to arrange the furniture horizontally. This frees up the balcony along its length, fostering movement and enabling you to take a peek at the breathtaking view outside without having to navigate through objects first. Even better if the furniture you keep in the balcony is minimal. A single chic chair or a sofa such as this one is ideal, since it offers a comfortable seating option without compromising on style. A few plants placed around the seating area, and you’re good to go.

Balcony seating with a bench – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Kuber Shah

Balcony bench ideas for lounging & leisure – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

4. A Terrace Seating that Maximises View

If your balcony offers a spectacular view, it only makes sense to explore balcony floor seating ideas that would maximise this privilege. One of the most workable small balcony ideas when it comes to seating is to feature an offbeat chair, which will even ensure a stylized balcony space. This quirky seat with a plush, comfortable cushion is geared to maximise the viewing of the beautiful scenery. Emphasis has been put on the cushion of the seat for both comfort and style: the pop of vibrant turquoise makes the space lively and inviting. The seat’s wooden arms nicely complement the wood panel flooring style of the balcony space. A brightly coloured and funky swing adds an element of fun to the space.

5. Movable Balcony Seating for Leisuring at Home

If you tend to use your balcony for your evening cup of chai among the noise of the birds and the setting sun, consider investing in furniture that is light, foldable, and easy. This set of table and chair in white not only look absolutely chic and classic, but they also seem weightless and movable. You can face one chair towards the outside, change the whole direction of the seating, or even stow the table or any of the chairs away as per whim – the beauty lies in the furniture’s easy flexibility.

Balcony seating design with movable furniture – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Shamanth Patil

Balcony sit out ideas with sofa chairs – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pramod Group

6. A Balcony Sitting Chair that Makes a Statement

When space is scarce and you want to make a statement with less, explore terrace seating ideas that are bold, stylish, and unique. For example, take a look at this table-and-chair arrangement in a compact, space-crunched balcony area. All of the space has been utilised by the furniture, but its length-wise layout makes it a snug affair rather than seem cluttered. The weave pattern of the chairs and table is stylish, and the dark hues go marvellously with the overall theme of the balcony itself.

7. Lounge Seating for Balcony

For those lucky ones blessed with a large balcony sitting area, don’t be afraid to go big when it comes to balcony seating. A well-designed terrace space can be used to entertain friends, hold meetings with guests or be turned into a designated area to sit outside for a breath of fresh air. In such a case, installing plush, comfortable sofas or armchairs in the balcony is a good idea. These armchairs are huge in size, are well spread out, and create an atmosphere of ease and comfort.

Large balcony sitting area with patio furniture – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Cosy seating for balcony with a mini bed – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

8. Terrace Seating for Lounging and Relaxation

With a little flair of the imagination and some design methodology, a balcony can very well prove to be a good space to establish a cosy nook for oneself. If you’ve personalised your balcony to cater to your special, particular needs, you’d need balcony seating ideas that suit your vision. Consider investing in a cosy cot that can double up as a seating option. This mini bed is the perfect choice for the utterly snug, reposeful atmosphere created in this balcony space.

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