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Discover stunning balcony tile designs for your outdoor space

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Dec 17, 2022
Breezy & modern balcony tiles design - Beautiful Homes

With increasing space constraints, having a balcony is an advantage, and with a little imagination, it can be made into a stylish addition to a home. Here are creative tiles designed to transform your balcony

The forced stay at home during the pandemic showed people that having even a little balcony is a great advantage. With creative balcony designs, you can transform compact, uninspiring areas into welcoming spaces that make the most of minimal square footage.


Tiles Design for Balcony Floor

There are many ways to optimize a balcony into a relaxing and cosy nook. An oft overlooked aspect in balconies is balcony tile design. While a person’s first interaction with a space is visual, the first physical contact are the floors.


Here are innovative tiles design for balcony floor to help revamp your outdoor space.

1. Checkerboard Balcony Tile Ideas Make a Trendy Statement    

You can't go wrong with classic ceramic checkerboard balcony tile design. Create an edgy effect with high contrast colours, or go with red and white for a more contemporary scheme. Choose neutral wall colours and neat, minimal pieces, like a slim bench and a nested wooden table, to tone down the vibrant balcony tile design.


2. Laminated Wood Finish Balcony Design Tiles

Laminated wood balcony design tiles offer a raw charm, as balcony flooring. Create a parquet style floor in different shades and textures to create a unique design that will age beautifully. A comfy lounge chair is the only addition this small balcony needs.


3. Etched Stone Modern Balcony Tiles Design for Contemporary Home

For open balconies, choose balcony tile design that withstand wear and tear. Stone tiles are durable and offer an unwavering style that can elevate the look of a balcony. Pick neutral modern balcony tiles design shades for understated style and add ambiance with a small couch, a coffee table and mood lighting.

Cozy balcony floor tiles design- Beautiful Homes

4. Athangudi Front Balcony Tiles Design for Traditional Home

Athangudi front balcony tiles design can create a timeless foundation for your balcony vibe. Opt for traditional furniture, like a vintage easy chair, brass planters, rustic side table, and ornate fixtures to complete this stunning space.


5. Balcony Floor Tiles Design with Border

Use a colourful, patterned cement modern balcony floor tiles design as the focal point of the balcony. A running bond balcony tile design with a contrast border can provide a classic look. A jaunty runner, vibrant throw pillows, and a stylish side table can add warmth to this enchanting space.

Best front balcony tiles design - Beautiful Homes

6. Minimalist Modern Balcony Floor Tiles Design

Porcelain modern balcony floor tiles design with an inlaid pattern in muted colours will add interest but not overpower a minimalist space. A glass see-through barrier, neutral walls, neat furniture and elegant lines make for a sleek aesthetic that is visually intriguing.


7. Large Balcony Terrace Tiles Design

For a large balcony, an intricate porcelain modern balcony floor tiles design in bold colours and traditional motifs can create a unique aesthetic. Add rustic rattan furniture, a wooden coffee table, a bar nook and an outdoor grill to complete this terrace entertaining area.


8. Art Inspired Front Balcony Tiles Design

For a fun atmosphere, select a playful front balcony tiles design, like a double hued mosaic balcony floor tiles design that creates a sense of movement and dynamism. A wall with panelled wainscoting, etsy art, colour blocked wooden swing and table blocks will make this space a perfect blend of quirky, stylish, and soothing.

9. Traditional Terracotta Balcony Tile Ideas

Terracotta is a tried and tested balcony floor tiles design option for those who gravitate toward earthy finishes and rural Indian design. Complement the deep rust of the balcony floor tiles design with crisp white walls, couple of elegant armchairs, a tribal dhurrie, low wooden console and ethnic Indian prints for a soothing vintage ambiance.


10. Enchanting Balcony Tile Ideas with Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is easy to install, simple to maintain and can last for many years. Pair artificial grass as balcony floor tiles design with rustic wicker furniture, under a striped awning or an umbrella stand, to create a cosy and inviting space.



Wall Tiles Design for Balcony

Balcony design is all about creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space that seamlessly blends with the overall architecture of the building. Who says tiles have to be relegated to the floor? Installing wall tiles design for balcony is an opportunity to make a statement. Beautiful and trendy wall tiles design for balcony can create a stylish wall decoration that can elevate the look and feel of your balcony.


Here are inspiring wall tiles design for balcony.


1. Geometric Modern Balcony Tiles Design for Wall

A geometric balcony wall tile design can breathe life into any space it adorns. A unique yet classic, glass modern balcony tiles design paired with a more subtle floor pattern can make your balcony pop. From squares and rectangles, in black and white, to abstract patterns in blue and green, you can choose between a monochromatic balcony wall tile design or one that is full of lively hues. 

2. Front Balcony Wall Tiles Design with Border

Want to add a touch of whimsical drama to your balcony? A bordered porcelain tile wall as front balcony wall tiles design can create an instant focal point in a sleek, contemporary balcony. Add a contrasting floor pattern to add more intrigue to this stunning space.


3. Statement Balcony Tiles Design Wall

Statement tiles design for balcony wall can liven up the space. Add drama to your balcony with a ceramic balcony tiles design wall in varying shades, decorated with shelves of potted plants. Pair with large tiles for the floor in in a complementing shade for a more cohesive appearance.


4. Textured Tiles Design for Balcony Wall

Textured balcony wall tile design is a powerful way of injecting some life into your walls. Patterned balcony tiles design wall with raised designs will be wonderfully decorative. Match it with plain stone floors and eclectic pieces.

Chic wall tiles design for balcony - Beautiful Homes
Vintage tiles design for balcony wall - Beautiful Homes

5. Wood Finished Balcony Wall Tiles Images

Wood-look balcony tiles design wall is very popular as it’s easy to maintain, durable and stylish. For a rustic balcony wall tile design, go for dark wood finish, half or full panelling and pale wooden floors. An overstuffed sofa and ample foliage will make this a comfortable and snug nook.


6. Retro Exposed Brick Wall Balcony Terrace Tiles Design

Half wall panels with exposed brick walls can give a large terrace a very retro feel. Create seating arrangement with durable rattan furniture. Add brass sconces, terracotta flooring, and ikat prints to give this charming entertainment space a very Indian vibe. 

7. Balcony Wall Tiles Ideas in Contemporary Home

Stone front balcony wall tiles design add perfect drama and highlight the outdoor feel of a balcony. Use light, pale colours to give a more spacious feel, or dark, dramatic colours for a bolder statement. Neat benches with space for storage are functional and helpful additions.


8. Japanese Inspired Balcony Tile Ideas

Grey granite tiles can be the jumping off point for a Japanese inspired tiles design for balcony wall.  Matching grey stone slab floors with a pebble border, Tatami mats, bonsais, bamboo lanterns and a little water body will make this the perfect space for morning meditation.


9. Vibrant mosaic Modern Balcony Tiles Design for Wall

Intricate and unusual front balcony wall tiles design with colourful small mosaic tiles not only looks gorgeous but can make the space feel bigger. Pair with neutral ceramic floors, comfortable armchairs and bamboo planters.


10. Marble Balcony Wall Tiles Ideas

A stylish marble tiles design for balcony wall can add an air of luxury and elegance. Up-end furniture, metal accessories, marble floors and plenty of greenery will make this balcony a perfect space for casual entertaining.

Minimal yet chic front balcony tiles design - Beautiful Homes
Open & breezy balcony tile ideas for your space - Beautiful Homes


1. Which Type of Balcony Design Tiles are Best for Balconies?

Balcony tiles come in different materials, from ceramic, to wood, to marble and stone. The type of tile you choose will depend on the style of your home, budget and interior décor.


2. Can you Use Tiles Design for Balcony Floor?

Tiles are a wise choice for a balcony as they are durable, easy to clean and maintain, do not get damaged easily and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Apart from that, they also come in beautiful patterns, materials and designs.


3. Can you Waterproof Over Modern Balcony Tiles Design?

Most tiles are naturally waterproof and that is why they are popular for high moisture areas, like kitchens, balconies and bathrooms. But it is possible to further waterproof the balcony tiles with a sealer.

Beautiful Homes Design & Décor Magazine for Balcony Tiles Design

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary or transitional, at Beautiful Homes, we have the creativity and skills to take it on. Our great tile designs can help your space look beautiful, visually appealing, and enchanting. Browse through our lovely ideas and balcony wall tiles images at our online store. We can help in your home interior designs in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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