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Balcony window designs for your home

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May 11, 2023
Arched balcony window design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Here’s some balcony window design inspiration for long-lasting windows that are as elegant as they are efficient!

As a component that allows into the private intimacies of home parts of the natural world outside, windows are an important part of any home interior design. They are the funnel through which sunlight, fresh air, and warmth are let in in a safeguarded manner, ensuring the house basks in regulated natural elements without being adversely affected by it – such as by excess dust or rain. There’s no two ways about installing an efficient, durable window for various sections of your home.


But when it comes to windows that are attached to another, arguably integral aspect of a house, the balcony, well then, there’s double the onus on having a good balcony window design fit!


That doesn’t mean that the balcony window design cannot be super stylish as well. Quite the opposite, in fact: a chic, elegant balcony window can very easily be effective and long-lasting. With balconies becoming a fast favourite in India, there are several balcony window ideas to pick from. The balcony window serves as a source of natural light and ventilation for the room in the house it is a part of, whether it is the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Its design and make, too, will depend on its functionality in that particular part of the house. Moreover, as the balcony is a small, self-contained area in itself, you’ll also need to consider the balcony design when choosing what kind of window would be the most ideal. 


Fortunately, there is no dearth of balcony window design ideas. In fact, we might just have the perfect mix of the various balcony window ideas out there – be it a glass window design for balcony, the more traditional wooden design, and everything in between.


But before you can dive into exploration and experimentation mode with your balcony window design, it helps to take stock of the different types of designs and the materials used in them.


Types of Balcony Window Designs and Materials Used


Vinyl Balcony Window Design

Balcony windows built using vinyl tend to be durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a synthetic material popularly used in other aspects of home construction including plumbing, and proves to be quite a reliable material. When designed with a bit of creativity, a vinyl balcony window can turn out looking quite chic!


Balcony Window in Glass Design

There should be no surprise that one of the most popular materials used in balcony windows is, of course, glass. Recently, what with the introduction of reinforced glass and fibreglass that assure good quality and durability, homeowners don’t think twice about installing glass shutters for balcony. Plus, the different kinds of glass available in the market – such as tinted glass, frosted glass, and stained glass – have upped the material’s style element considerably.


Wooden Balcony Window Design

As a natural material, wood is a classic choice to immediately lend your balcony as familiar, traditional vibe. It can also be fitted and built into a multiple of shapes, forms, and sizes. It does however require some effort towards maintaining it, especially from the vagaries of the weather. 


Balcony Window Made of Aluminium

Aluminium balcony windows are slowly picking up in trendiness due to the material’s strength and long-lasting qualities. As a material it is light in weight but quite tough, and offers a sleek look. Moreover, it can be easily powder-coated in various colours, requires a low level of upkeep, and is affordable.


Once you’ve attained some clarity in terms of the materials you want to use, your design choice, budget, needs, and the interior design and architecture of your home, take stock of these window balcony ideas we’ve gathered for you.

Louvered Balcony Window

The salient feature and indeed the main selling point of louvers is the uninhibited passage of fresh air they allow without impinging upon privacy. They also offer protection from too much sunlight, and ensure the space is sufficiently airy and ventilated even when shut. Foldable and perennially stylish, a balcony window design with louvers such as in this image is the perfect option for you if you need your balcony to remain private and undisturbed. As an added factor, this sort of balcony window tends to be cost-effective, requiring minimal upkeep.

Louvered Balcony Window design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aman Resorts

Balcony window design with scenic view - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Kuber Shah

Balcony Window Design that Enables Scenic Viewing

Designed to maximise the view of the natural scenery outside, this is a contemporary glass window design for balcony that comes fitted with functional sliding panes made of glass. The balcony window is expansive, and does not impede with the interiors in any way. For instance, while the theme of wood is consistently applied in the furniture, door, and used for the window sill, the balcony glass window is mainly built using a metallic window frame.


The balcony space itself is quite snug and intended for a leisurely time spent with nature. 

A Sliding Glass Window Design for Balcony

One of the most efficient balcony window ideas that is both high on functionality and low on upkeep is installing a sliding balcony glass window that is vast and transparent. The balcony glass window design seen in this picture is built of aluminium or vinyl frames and smoothly slides to open up for fresh air and ventilation, and can be shut completely when the area is not in use, or to distinguish it from the living room inside. The window is designed to allow for an unimpeded panorama of the wonderful surroundings. Large, thick curtains of solid colours ensure privacy, and can be easily drawn when needed. Otherwise rather small, the sliding balcony glass window creates an illusion of spaciousness. It also creates a free-flowing vibe: notice how smoothly the space transitions from balcony to hall. Cost-effective, durable, and creative, this balcony window design is both a smart and stylish option for small spaces.

Sliding glass balcony window design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Shijo Thomas

Wooden balcony window design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Wood-themed Balcony Window Glass Design

If you prefer balcony window design ideas that are more traditional in taste, try going for a wood-themed balcony with wood-and-glass sliding doors. In this bedroom-attached balcony, wood is used in the framework of the sliding doors, in the balcony railing, as well as in the furniture. It’s a continued overall theme of the entire space, since even the ceiling in the bedroom contains wooden beams. The choice of using stone tiles for the balcony separates that space from the rest of the house and also helps lend a natural effect. The woven cot and coffee table in the balcony add to the element of nature and traditionalism in the interior design.

An Arched Balcony Window Design

Modern with a hint of classical architecture, an arched balcony window can add a subtle touch of high living to your balcony design. Classy and functional, a balcony window design similar to the one in this picture works as a design statement in itself. Wooden shutters have been installed in this case, which can be folded as per need, but the use of glass shutters for balcony might also be a good idea, especially if you have a small balcony window. The arch provides a rounded look to the balcony and gives the effect of spaciousness.

Arched balcony window design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

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