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Bathroom accessories ideas you hadn't thought of yet

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Feb 14, 2020
Bathroom with patterned wallpaper on the ceiling

Until a decade ago, bathroom design in modern Indian homes was all about utility and easy maintenance, aesthetic considerations were secondary. Thus, the bathroom continued to be the most modest corner of the house—useful but not indulgent, almost austere in the overall absence of decorative embellishments. But with the vast array of bathroom accessories that are now available on the market, bathrooms are no longer regarded as a mere functional space for quick and necessary personal hygiene. Like any other ‘important’ area of the house or indeed any playful one—as the drawing room—also the bathroom can now be thoughtfully endowed to become a significant marker of a home owner’s fine taste and unique personality. We kept an eye out for the best bathroom accessories, which range from the ultra-flamboyant to the utterly bohemian and on to the downright minimal—passing by everything in between—to bring you all the inspiration you need for your next bathroom design upgrade.


Bathroom Accessories To Decorate Your Bathroom In Style

A Touch Of Cinematic Drama

A clever play of colours and contours can remarkably underline the fine aesthetics of a bathroom. The hexagonal black and white tiles on the wall, recalled by the accents on the marble floor make for a black-and-white ethereal style in this bathroom, that one should definitely try to compliment when picking up the bathroom accessories. The solid four-legged black table is a nod to the vintage elegance of the mirror frame that, together with the stunning curvature of the wash basin bowl, create a dramatic effect. If that’s your style, let your furniture be the centre of attention and choose bathroom accessories in the same silver and muted colours to keep the cinematic drama theme going.

Black-and-white bathroom with silver bathroom accessories and large mirror

Image courtesy, Tejal Mathur

Bathroom of bohemian allure in a pastel shade of green with an open shelve unit for storage

Image courtesy, Tejal Mathur

Bathroom Accessories For The Bohemian-Chic Lover

If you like all things vintage with a touch of bohemian allure, make room for some bold bathroom accessories ideas. As a case in point we highlight the bold tile motif here that flows from halfway down the wall to spill all over the floor. The floor is beautifully balanced by the upper half of the wall, adorned with ceramic brick-shaped tiles in a delicate pastel shade. The ornamental baroque frame of the mirror, together with the cabinet and its chest of drawers, are painted in a matching shade that underlines their antique charm. For all bohemian-chic lovers out there that also like keeping their essentials within easy reach, the bathroom accessory we warmly recommend is the uber cool moveable etagere (the furniture unit with open shelves on the right). To break the theme in style, the industrial chic of the wall-mounted lamps is also an elegant and effective choice.

Eccentric Bathroom Accessories Ideas For All-white Interior

Though an all-white interior can enlarge a small bathroom design, it also runs the risk of appearing soul-less and sterile. Here is why in this case an unusual bathroom accessories choice is super effective—the black, floor-mounted spout here, for instance, is striking and irreverent in its industrial insolence. Ditch the normative stool/stand to place your phone, towels and books within easy reach; instead opt for a raw wooden block and bring in more texture to an otherwise smooth, pristine space. Lastly, a bathroom is maybe not the perfect place to showcase highbrow abstract sculptures, like the one in front of the window here, said No One Ever.

Bathroom with art pieces, towels and other accessories in pastel shades such as white, pink and grey

Image courtesy, H&M

Bathroom with repurposed ladder as shelves, next to vintage bathtub with metallic coating

Image courtesy, Artist Residence

Repurposed Items Add Coolness To Vintage

Feel like a modern-day aristocrat? A flamboyant tub like this one—with intricate metal accents and metallic coating—is just what you’d want to slip into at the end of a long battle-weary day at the office. As far as bathroom accessories go, the rustic vintage chandelier looks like it has walked straight out of a castle, especially with that pretty cornice moulding near the edge of the ceiling. What makes this bathroom so unique is the contrast between these features and the upcycled ladder, repurposed to hold toiletries, together with the framed poster, which add a casual coolness to tone down the opulence of the bathtub. The choice is especially successful thanks to the warmth coming from the zig-zag pattern of the hardwood floor.

Few Bathroom Accessories Can Still Showcase Your Style

Have a narrow-ish bathroom space? Keep things glassy and classy. If you have a lovely view outside, such as a thicket of trees or the sea, the facing wall could be fully or partially made of tilt-turn glass windows in a mix of transparent and opaque panes. A large mirror on the wall can ‘open-up’ the room tremendously, adding an illusion of vastness. The dark walls and floor tiles set up an enigmatic vibe, beautifully complimented by the bathroom accessories choice: a no-frills, overhanging bulb for a light solution that tones down the drama of the design. We recommend keeping the countertop as empty as possible, as too many bathroom accessories in a small space can give an unpleasant sense of disorder.

Dark and small bathroom with big window and no clutter, single hanging lamp as décor

Image courtesy, Architecture BRIO

Small and white bathroom with accessories such us wicker waste basket, potted plants and no-fuss mirrors

Image courtesy, Grounded

Clean Bathroom Accessories Ideas For A Small Space

Yet a few more bathroom accessories ideas, if you have a modest-sized bathroom with little space for excessive ornamentation. We recommend a simple, uncluttered aesthetic that can help keep things both functional and visually appealing. Go for cabinets that are painted in the same shade as the monochromatic tiles to create an illusion of space. The no-fuss circular mirror here is elegant and practical, while the patterned throw rug, wicker waste basket, potted plants and flower vase are all the bathroom accessories you need to bring in some vibrant pops of colour without cluttering the space.

When More Is More Choose These Bathroom Accessories

If you veer towards the grandiose, go for bathroom accessories that can capture all the opulence you heart desires and make a winning design statement in return. The protagonist in this magnum opus of a bathroom is the ‘flower burst’ mirror frame (look for one made out of mother of pearl or cut glass if you want to scale up the magnificence). The chequered accents on the cabinet and the wall lamp add to the bold, unapologetic swag.

Bathroom in black, white and grey with mother of pearl mirror frame and chequered cabinets

Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

White vintage inspired bathroom with patterned wallpaper on the ceiling, mirror and flower vase

Image courtesy, Neha Kachhara

Add Bathroom Accessories Where You Didn’t Think Was Possible

One of the most neglected features in bathroom architecture is the ceiling. You can make yours a talking point by covering it with a floral—or any other patterned—wallpaper. A compact wall-mounted base cabinet, large crystal vases with lush blooms, vintage mirror and old-world lamps make this bathroom a stunner. If you have a large window to spare, Venetian blinds can play up (and down) the cheery daylight streaming into the room.

Off-Tone Accents In A Monochrome Bathroom

If you love the solemnity of a beige palette, like clearly the owner of this bathroom does, here is a tip on how to prevent it from being boring and monotonous: the clever play of stripes and plains. However, bathroom accessories might also play a role. The dark grey of the bathmat is an unexpected choice of colour, an almost tongue-in-cheek in its off-key tone in the overall theme. The glass capsule of the shower stall and the minimal design of the mirror add some roominess to an otherwise very tight space.

Beige monochrome bathroom with large mirror and off-key dark blue bathmat

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Dark bathroom with accessories such as ornate mirror and stone wash basin on steampunk piece of iron

Photography by Niveditaa Gupta

Find Your Strength In Contrasting Bathroom Accessories

Several design influences scale up the muted charisma of this bathroom space. The key bathroom accessories here are the ornate mirror, reminiscent of grand palaces of yore, matching the same lattice work on the marble tissue holder. The delicate poetry of these pieces is in strong contrast with the rest of this decidedly masculine nook. The spartan wash basin is set in stone on a delicate opal blue tabletop and then mounted on a steampunk piece of iron industrial strength. The final result of these contrasting elements is stunning.

Choose Your Focal Point And Don’t Overdo It

Marble is not going out of fashion anytime soon, thanks to its resilience as a design element. It looks fashionable almost anywhere and even more so when it is foregrounded by a pop of reckless colour like the block of aquamarine on the cabinet here. With such bold, emphatic furniture, it’s wise to stick to a restrained choice of bathroom accessories. The shallow brown of the bowl wash basin, the potted plant, the slender verticality of the mirror and the antique artefacts come together in a simple and yet elegant way.

Bathroom with turquoise cabinet, brown wash basin and antique artefacts

Photography by Niveditaa Gupta

Flower arrangements in a yellow vase as décor in a brown and yellow bathroom

Image courtesy, Halli Berri

Keep It Simple With A Floral Touch

We firmly believe that for a strong makeover of your bathroom, fancy tiles and hardware might be left in piece. Sometimes the bold stroke on the canvas can be added by readily available bathroom accessories like a vase or a flower arrangement. Flowers can fit in anywhere and allow for a fresh new look on a daily basis. Make an unforgettable statement with an elaborate flower arrangement set in a specially handcrafted vase. The big flower work in this bathroom beautifully compliments the coffee-brown mosaic tiles and louvred doors on the cabinet, achieving a sophisticated design.

Low-ceiling Loft Bathroom Accessories Ideas

A low-ceilinged loft bathroom may seem like a limitation to play up imaginative bathroom accessories ideas. But this bathroom gives us all the inspiration we need, right from the floral wallpaper to the large champagne glass-shaped flower vases. The understated Victorian vibe offers a perfect setting for the gold frame mirror and the whitewashed basin.

Low-ceiling loft bathroom with Victorian wallpaper and mirror frame with flower arrangements

Image courtesy, Halli Berri

Earthy bathroom accessories in a bathroom open to the outside with a big window

Image courtesy, Summertime Goa

Tell A Summertime Story With Some Earthy Bathroom Accessories

If summer is your favourite season, this bathroom is your sunny statement. The dominant element here is the large window, that works best with a breath-taking view. A medley of bathroom accessories has been used to spotlight the earthy beauty of this room, including a leaning ladder, a bright bathmat, a vintage cupboard and an intricately designed stool. The over-sized canary yellow plant holder in the left corner makes for an unpredictable twist in the plot of this design, although the table lamp could be an interesting story already all by itself.

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