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Bathroom lights for a home makeover in style

  • Bathroom Design
Sep 10, 2020
Bathroom ceiling lights in elongated curved shapes in a bathroom with many geometric patterns

With brands these days, both international and local, innovating the most uniquely designed bathroom lights for home, we are extremely spoilt for choice when designing every room in our house. The bathroom is no exception! From the most intricately styled fittings to highly functional fixtures, the thing that’s caught our eye lately is bathroom lights.


Whether you’re styling your dream powder room or looking for small hacks to give your bathroom a makeover, here are nine ways your bathroom lights can switch up the style in the space in your home.

1.    Create A Theme With Your Bathroom Lights
Often overlooked as just a functional fitting, your bathroom lights can do more than illuminate a room. When styling your Bathroom design, consider using not only your bathroom ceiling lights but also all the other light fixtures in the space to set an overall theme or aesthetic. You could even pick a particular shape for your fixtures and use it everywhere in the room or alternatively you could also get similarly designed or similarly styled holders and mix-and-match them around the bathroom—the choices are infinite.


Style Tip: We love the understated Victorian-style light holders that are fitted on the sides of the sink mirror and hung as a group together to create a chandelier fitting. This is an unusual but welcome style to find in a powder room.

Vintage bathroom lights, Victorian-style light holders on the side of sink mirror, marble floor

Image courtesy, PTA Design

Concrete bathroom ceiling lights, grey walls and simple wood blinds in a muted bathroom

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

2.    Bathroom Lights Between Brutalism And Minimalism
Often, your bathroom lights can singularly lend an aesthetic or create a statement in the room. In this bathroom, the humble grey walls and simple wood blinds would otherwise render it a minimalistic space. However, with the concrete bathroom ceiling lights, one can’t avoid thinking of brutalism.


Insider’s Eye: The key for creating a statement with your bathroom lights is to make sure the rest of your interiors and décor are kept muted or to a minimum, and the light fittings are bold enough to steal the attention in the room.

3.    Use Your Bathroom Lights To Create A Colour Palette
Sometimes, you may like to follow a set colour pattern or palette in your décor or interiors, and what better way to add hints of it than with your fittings and accessories? Instead of decking out the entire room in one colour, singular elements around the bathroom—both moveable pieces and immovable fixtures—can create uniformity when paired in a similar hue. This prevents the room from being overpowered or looking cramped.


Insider’s Eye: In this bathroom, the stylist has subtly created a dark, moody look without the space looking too dull or dingy. While the walls are deep grey, complemented with a jet-black sink and lights that extend from the ceiling, the light coloured wood adds a dash of colour and brightness to break the monotony.

Bathroom lights hanging from the ceiling, deep  grey walls, jet-black sink

Image courtesy, ADND

Bathroom ceiling lights in clear acrylic domes, mix of prints, colours and textures for the rest of the room

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

4.    Your Bathroom Lights As Canvas
These bathroom lights are perfect if you’re a maximalist and wish to extend your personal style also to your interiors. With a mix of prints, colours and textures—even when paired right—you could end up making a space look too busy and not aesthetically put together. The key here is to add balance. This powder room’s bathroom ceiling lights in clear acrylic domes not only act like a neutral fitting that doesn’t take away from the rest of the décor, but also manage to stay inconspicuous within the room.


Style Hack: When playing with multi-colours and different styles, always make sure to allow only few elements to make a statement. To achieve this, keep your fittings, fixtures and accessories in a clear or neutral material to blend in.

5.    Complement The Floral Details With Your Bathroom Lights
The best way to spruce up a bathroom and immediately add some freshness to it is by placing small plants, a vase of flowers or leaves from your garden or backyard. But a more permanent, evergreen solution is adding fixtures and accessories inspired by nature. This powder room has bright green bamboo shaped bathroom ceiling lights that trick the eye and make you think to an outdoor space. Paired with the flowers on the countertop and wildlife art, we have a unique safari-themed aesthetic in an otherwise overly functional space.

Bright green bamboo shaped bathroom ceiling lights in a dark bathroom, flowers in a vase and wildlife art

Image courtesy, KdnD Studio

Bathroom ceiling lights in elongated curved shapes in a bathroom with many geometric patterns

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

6.    Add Geometric Appeal With Your Bathroom Ceiling Lights
A bathroom is an unassuming space to play with unusual or eclectic styles, which makes it even more interesting to do so. This bathroom pushes its style to a whole other level with a mélange of cabinetry shapes and designs, and pairs them with a conventional sink countertop. With its many geometric patterns on the outsides of the cabinets and drawers, this bathroom adds to the visual play by selecting bathroom ceiling lights in elongated curved shapes. This, once again, makes a strong case for pairing your light fixtures with your décor to create a purposeful aesthetic.

7.    A Case For Concealed Bathroom Lights
Maybe your bathroom lights only serve the functional purpose of illuminating the room, and you’d prefer to focus on the décor of the space to create a statement. In this case, you can never go wrong with concealed bathroom ceiling lights placed strategically around the room to brighten it accordingly.


Pro Tip: Concealed lights, such as these, usually require false ceilings. While we’re not the biggest fans of lowered ceilings or reducing the height of a room, in a bathroom such as this, a false ceiling can also act as a storage space to hide away unsightly fittings such as the geyser, pressure pump, pipes, wiring, and anything else that’s better left hidden!

Concealed bathroom ceiling lights in wooden false ceilings, black and white marble on the floor and walls

Image courtesy, ADND

Single golden bathroom light hanging in a bathroom mostly in stone with earthy hues

Image courtesy, Purple Backyard

8.    Metallic Details In Bathroom Lights That Add Glam
There’s something about a hint of metallic detailing that always adds a dash of glamour and drama—in fashion and even in interior design. Also, since metal is soothing to the eyes, fitting in bathroom lights made from brass or distressed copper or gold will make the overall space feel more relaxing. Nothing pairs better with warmer-toned metal than earthy hues or shades with a hint of pink undertones.


Style Tip: Take cue from this powder room decked out mostly in stone—from the solid sink on the countertop to the breadths of walls. When styled with a simple dull gold single bathroom ceiling light, this powder room immediately becomes a glamorous space usually reserved for the glossiest pages in an interior magazine or catalogue. 

9.    Your Bathroom Lights Can Double As A Piece Of Art
The best thing about designing your own space is pushing the envelope and redefining the rules of design to create a space to call your own. This is true for every room in the house—even the bathroom. From incorporating any style or design movement in the space to fitting in the most grand or avant-garde statement pieces, your bathroom can be designed with any element that’s personal to you—and that could include your art as well. And, if it’s not your art, it could be bathroom lights that look like a lightening installation! This adds a polished or eclectic sense of style to the space (depending on the fixture) and adding a tasteful aesthetic to an otherwise overlooked room.

Golden bathroom lights artistically shaped in a farily simple bathroom with bathtub

Image courtesy, Richa Bahl

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