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Apr 03, 2023
Bathroom renovation cost ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Bathrooms suffer a lot of wear and tear and a bathroom remodel can give your outdated space new life. Your bathroom renovation can be a basic upgrade or a full renovation depending on your requirements and budget. Here, we take a look at the different factors that will affect your bathroom renovation cost

Bathrooms are one of the most used spaces in a house and suffer the most wear and tear. A new bathroom design can give your outdated space new life. Your bathroom renovation can be a basic upgrade or a full renovation depending on your requirements and budget.


What Factors Affect the Bathroom Renovation Cost?

Multiple factors can affect your bathroom cost per square foot, like:

  • Size of the bathroom – A small bathroom renovation cost will be less than renovation costs for a large one.

  • Scope of the renovation - The extent of the renovation, such as, replacing fixtures, installing new tiles, or changing the layout, will impact bathroom makeover cost.

  • Materials and fixtures - The bathroom renovation price can vary significantly based on the quality and brand of materials and fixtures you choose.

  • Labour costs - This can vary depending on your location, for instance, bathroom renovation cost, Mumbai, will be higher.

  • Permits and design fees - Depending on your location and the scope of the project, you may need to obtain permits or hire a designer. 



Bathroom Remodel Cost for Different Bathroom Features

  • Bathroom Tiling and Installation
    Economical bathroom tiles cost: ₹60 to ₹80 per sq. ft.+ ₹100 per sq. ft. Standard bathroom tiles cost: ₹150 to ₹250 per sq. ft. + ₹150 per sq. ft. Premium bathroom tiles cost: ₹450 to ₹650 per sq. ft. + ₹200 per sq. ft.

    Note: The above costing is for ceramic tiles. Expensive flooring options will cost more.

  • Plumbing Costs
    Standard: ₹28,000 to ₹30,000 per sq. ft.

    This is for basic plumbing without fixtures, like bathtubs and showers.

  • Painting Costs
    Premium emulsion paint: ₹22 to ₹30 per sq. ft.

    Prices may differ based on the quality of paint.

  • Waterproofing Costs
    Brick-bat coba method: ₹60 to ₹100 per sq. ft.

  • Electrical Work
    Regular: ₹1,500 to ₹2,000 per point.
Monochromatic bathroom design for your home - Beautiful Homes
  • Labour Costs and Permits
    This will depend on the city, location, local rules and market trends.

  • Interior Designer Fees
    Interior designers charge between ₹2,000 to ₹3,000 per sq. ft.

What are the Different Components of a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

There are different components that contribute to the overall bathroom cost per square foot. This can include:

●    Demolition and Removal - This includes demolishing and removing existing fixtures, tiles, cabinets, and other elements in
        the bathroom and will affect bathroom makeover cost.

●    Plumbing - The small bathroom remodel cost will depend on the extent of the plumbing changes and the complexity of the
        installation. The cost range for plumbing lines is between ₹28,000 to ₹30,000.

Bathroom component costs for renovation - Beautiful Homes
Repair & waterproofing for your bathroom design - Beautiful Homes
  • Electrical Work - The small bathroom remodel cost will depend on the complexity of the electrical changes and the labour involved. The cost of wiring and switch control is between ₹1,500 to ₹2,000 per point.

  • Tiling - The size of the bathroom will impact the bathroom renovation cost, for instance, small bathroom renovation cost for tiling will be less than bathroom renovation cost for a large bathroom. Ceramic tiles can cost anywhere between ₹60 to ₹200 per square feet.
Bathroom counter top design ideas - Beautiful Homes
  • Repair and waterproofing - If you plan to change or repair the walls and ceilings, factors such as materials, labour, and the need for additional insulation or waterproofing will impact the bathroom cost per square foot. The price range for waterproofing is between ₹8,000 to ₹10,000 per bathroom.

  • Fixtures and Cabinetry - The cost of bathroom fixtures like sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, faucets, and cabinetry can vary widely depending on the quality, brand, and design. Upgrading to higher-end fixtures will increase the overall bathroom and toilet renovation cost.
  • Countertops  If you are installing new countertops, the material choice, such as granite, quartz, or laminate, will influence the bathroom remodel price.

  • Painting and Finishing  The cost of painting the walls, ceilings, and trim, as well as any necessary finishing touches like caulking or sealing, should be considered when calculating bathroom renovation price. The cost of an Asian Paint premium emulsion is between ₹22 to ₹30 per square feet.

  • Civil modifications and Permits – Depending on your location and the scope of the project, you may need to obtain permits and hire a designer. These additional expenses should be factored into the overall bathroom makeover cost.

  • Site location – Labour costs and price of materials will vary depending on the location, for instance, bathroom renovation cost, Mumbai, is higher.

  • Size of the bathroom – A large bathroom remodel will be less than a small bathroom renovation cost.

  • Other essential bathroom must-haves – Apart from the fixtures and fittings, bathroom interior décor could add to the overall bathroom and toilet renovation cost.



Why does an Average Bathroom Remodel Cost So Much?

Bathroom remodels involve plumbing, electrical work, tiling, and other labour-intensive work. The cost of good quality bathroom fixtures and materials is also high, making the bathroom remodel price expensive.

How do Fixtures and Bathroom Essentials Impact Bathroom Remodel Cost

Bathroom fixtures and some bathroom essentials will have to be factored into the bathroom remodel cost.


A bathroom fixture is a permanent feature of your bathroom that is plumbed or wired in. They include bathtubs, toilets, sinks taps, toilet seats, wall cabinets and mirrors. Prices vary depending on the quality and brand. High-end fixtures can help give your bathroom a premium feel.


The bathroom essentials help keep your bathroom simple and clutter-free as well as elevates the look of the space. Some bathroom essentials you should consider during renovation include, shower curtain and liner, hand soap dispenser, mirror, wall hooks, toilet paper holder, and towel ring.

Bathroom fixture & bathroom essentials for your home - Beautiful Homes

How Bathroom Designs Across Different Budgets can Look

Bathroom renovation cost can vary widely depending on the budget allocated to the project.


Low Budget:

  • Focuses on basic functionality and cost-effective materials.
  • Uses simple and affordable fixtures such as a standard toilet, basic sink, and a budget-friendly bathtub or shower.
  • Economical flooring options, like vinyl or ceramic tiles.
  • Affordable wall paints.
  • Basic lighting fixtures and standard storage solutions.


Mid-range Budget:

  • Better choice of materials, fixtures, and finishes.
  • Stylish vanity or sink with customized cabinetry and storage options.
  • Better flooring options, such as porcelain or natural stone tiles.
  • Incorporates decorative elements, like a backsplash or framed mirror.
  • Enhanced lighting options.


High-end Budget:

  • Premium and luxurious fixtures and materials. 
  • High-end fixtures, like a designer toilet, a bathtub, or a multi-jet shower system.
  • Uses premium materials, such as marble or granite.
  • Incorporates custom cabinetry with high-quality finishes.
  • Upgraded lighting options, like accent lighting.
  • Upscale design elements like custom-designed vanity units, heated floors, towel warmers, or smart home integration.


How can Beautiful Homes Help You with Bathroom Remodel?

At Beautiful Homes, by Asian Paints, we believe that ideas are a collaborative effort. Our dedicated customer experience specialist will take down your requirements of interior design and an expert interior designer will fine tune the designs for your bathroom remodel and provide you with an average bathroom remodel cost. Visit our website to check our bathroom renovation projects or walk into our state-of-the-art home décor and furnishing stores spread across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Amritsar and Tumakuru.

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