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9 beautiful bookshelf design ideas

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May 12, 2022
Book shelf ideas for a modern office - Beautiful Homes

The apt design of a bookshelf can enhance the style of your interior decor, taking it to the next level. Check our creative and beautiful bookshelf design ideas for your home

Decorating a home or moving into a new one can be one of the biggest excitements of life, however, it can also be a time of confusion and uncertainty, particularly when it comes to interior design. How do you make your space look visually appealing and welcoming while reflecting your personal taste and style? Do it nicely and you’ll end up with a cosy, comfy and happy home. Do it poorly and you’ll end up with a hodge-podge of furniture, materials and paint colours that never congeal into a pleasing whole. With a little thought and planning, and by following some expert advice from professional interior designers, you’ll have a much greater chance of success. While we prepare for decorating our home with beautiful pieces of furniture and ornamental elements we often tend to forget a bookshelf.


With a drastic evolution of digital literature, the requirement for space-consuming bookcases has become less. It is certainly not hard to imagine a future wherein paperbacks and hardcovers are to be seen only in book libraries. A few special, beautifully set classics will always take pride in a personal library.  There is no furniture so precious as books, even if you never open them or read a single word. A shelf full of books adds instant charm to any room. We have gathered the most inspiring book shelf designs, living room bookshelf, and bookshelf design for bedroom or study. From modern book rack designs, to traditional classics which conceal hidden doors, there are book shelves designs of every type in this blog to inspire something as mesmerising as the books and literature that fill them.


Bookshelf Design Ideas to Store your Favourite Homes

1. Ladder Bookshelf Design

Books are not just your best friends but they have also become an element of home décor. Most interior designers like to showcase them in beautifully designed book shelves along with some showpieces, photo frames and such. Ladder style wooden bookshelves are a popular choice nowadays mostly because of the laid-back vibe it gives to your space. It fits well in most modern rooms and even bathrooms for that matter.

2. The Traditional Book Rack Design

The most standard bookshelf design is a single, gigantic piece of furniture. It comes with open or closed-backed racks and the racks are usually adjustable. They are usually rectangular and lofty. Usually, the material used is wood, but you can get them in metal, bamboo, or even plastic. From a home décor perspective, you can also place two or more units together to create a big system. Kid’s bookcases can be painted in vibrant colours and the shelves are made to adjust tall illustrated books. This simple bookshelf design can be wall-mounted or free-standing and designed to match the aesthetics of your room. In the era of modern home décor, a wall bookshelf adds to the charm and beauty of the space.

Floor to ceiling open bookshelf design - Beautiful Homes
White living room bookshelf design - Beautiful Homes

3. Showcase Book Shelf with Glass Door

This one is a classic way of storage of books that have been found in most houses. A showcase bookshelf for home with a glass door and flexible shelves have been the foremost choice for many people. Moreover, as the showcase is closed, you can save your books from any dust that enters the house. You can’t go wrong with this one.


4. A modern Cubicle Bookshelf Design

Geometrical patterns and shapes are in trend. A lot of geometrical shapes are used in home interiors and décor today. A cube-shaped bookshelf is an ideal mix of utility and décor. Hence, you can place your books as well as décor items to break the monotony. Or just display your kid’s favourite comic character with all his favourite comic collections on the shelf racks.

5. Contemporary and Modern Bookshelf

The modern and unconventional book shelf designs for home are something that you should seriously consider for a stylish, edgy vibe. If you are selecting one for the kids’ room, you can have the joy of playing with your options –A sunburn style, a thinking tree, a telephone booth or even comic characters. If you are buying one for the living room or bedroom, opt for a circular, oval structure etc.


You can also check out a modern floating style book shelf for your home. A few unique support clips make an illusion of floating books in mid-air. It is a style certain to invite a lot of compliments and questions. The hardcover books themselves are an element of décor. This small bookshelf design is an innovative way to display a select few favourite books. A collection of similarly bound editions would create a classic, rich appearance, while brilliantly-coloured tomes would add a hint of whimsy. No matter which books one reads, this optical illusion is sure to be a

6. Stair Storage Corner Bookshelf

Book shelf designs for home that take the benefit of space that would otherwise be wasted are predominantly the best in smaller homes. This built-in style is both functional and appealing. A wooden rack creates a classic, inviting look while the well-built shelves make the most of open space. Every inch of space becomes usable with various size shelves housing various size books. An ideal combination of structure and utility, this is an aesthetic that could fit into almost any home décor with ease.

Simple bookshelf design for kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes
Vintage study room with book shelf & lampshade - Beautiful Homes

7. Full Wall Book Shelves Designs

A full wall coverage modern bookshelf design is a cult favourite. Start with floor-to-ceiling bookcases and you get a dramatic visual masterpiece. These bookshelves are perfect for an avid book collector or an individual with many photos or small pieces of art to exhibit. There is an abundance of space here to house a full display. The arrangement of the books and other mementos can also change the style of this configuration. This design permits much room for personal preference and style.

8. A Kitchen Bookshelf

Every food lover relishes the pleasure that comes from flipping through cookbooks to discover the perfect meal to pull together for a private dinner for two, a family luncheon, or a vacation affair. Having a place to store these treasure troves of thoughts can be a challenge. A kitchen island bookshelf is an effortless solution. A solid top adds extra serving space to the kitchen island while the slim profile of the stands takes up relatively little floor space. The traditional style construction is understated, yet graceful. If set against earthy tones or light backgrounds, the decorative spines of the cookbooks add a right splash of colour.


9. Branching Tree Book Shelves Designs

Bring character to your own house with this element of furniture that conveys exclusivity and creation in every angle and detail. The limbs of your tree branching out from the main trunk, serve as excellent racks for books, each tilted at various angles from the horizontal. You can even subdivide the branches further and so on to create a dendrite offset lending a very unique and high-style look to the bookshelf.

Bookshelf design ideas to have in your modern kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Have your Own Happy Modern Bookshelf with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes

Having an innovative and inspiring home library is essential for productivity and a wonderful bookshelf design will deliver practical storage and personalization. A bookshelf can be a built-in solution or it can be a piece of furniture that is custom-built or bought from a premium quality store. They will add a modern element to your space while also helping to keep you organized.


How your bookshelf design will look depends on your exact needs, your design kind, and how much room you have in your home. We at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes have the most inspiring and creative home library trends experts in various styles to help you design your own space that includes a fabulous bookshelf design.


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