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Beautiful home mandir decoration and design ideas

  • Pooja Room Design
Mar 20, 2023
Temple design in the corner of the room fitted with glass doors - Beautiful Homes

This curation of ​​temple design for homes is easy to incorporate

In India, across every faith, an integral part of most houses is a home temple or mandir. It serves as a space that provides solace, comfort and tranquillity for the members of a family (and even visiting guests). Whether you’re a large joint family looking to create a room of worship for the entire home or you simply need a way to incorporate symbols of your faith in small mandir designs in apartments, here are seven home mandir ideas to help you along the way. 

The Art of a House Temple Design

Much like one’s faith, the style of a pooja ghar design is personal and different for everyone. For some, it can be a quiet place to meditate alone; while for others, a space for bringing a group together in communal prayer. So, the interior design of your home temple room can also be a reflection of your personal choices and style. If you are a muted minimalist, who finds clarity and calmness in simple interiors with clean lines, begin with a fuss-free space where your idol or spot of meditation takes centre stage. For anyone who prefers something more elaborate, a pooja room can even be the grandest place in the home to echo their devotion and celebration of faith. These ​​home mandir ideas are aesthetically pleasing.

A grand pooja room with unique pair of matching birds on the ceiling & bottom of drapes - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM

Temple design in the corner of the room fitted with glass doors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

A Unique Corner for Your Home Temple Design

Most urban Indian homes face the tricky challenge of optimally utilising the limited space in their floor plans. Between finding room for each member of the family to having ample space in a living room to entertain guests, it could be difficult to also find the area for a home temple design. However, if you get creative, there can always be a solution. A clever trick is creating a pooja room or mandir interior design for home in a nook or corner that would otherwise be a space overlooked. This list of temple design for homes will help you make a large statement.

10 tips to design pooja rooms

The Right Materials for Your Puja Ghar Design

Your home temple design should create a space that leaves you feeling tranquil and calm. Its interior design can incorporate elements that are soothing and relaxing to help you connect to your faith. The right materials and décor finishes will echo this aesthetic in your pooja room design. Since your idols can be ornate or heavily decorated, use a lighter theme to balance out the rest of the room. Simple white walls are always the best option for a relaxing space. Marble is a versatile stone that’s cooling, brightens the room, and can be used on the floors, walls, and table or mantle tops. These home mandir ideas and temple design for homes are practical and awe-inspiring.

Use a Room Divider to Create a Pooja Room

If your home temple is placed in the living room or an area common to regular visitors and guests, you could create an element of privacy with a room divider to create a mandir design for hall. As a multitasking fixture, a room divider allows you to block off a space in a room while lending its design aesthetic to the rest of the décor. To complement the symbols and motifs that represent your idols, you can add etchings or stencil cuts on these screens to build a theme in your home mandir. Similarly, room divider ideas with cut-out patterns or slats will also allow natural light and ventilation to steam into the temple.


A Wooden Mandir Design for the Home

There’s a feeling of being at peace when one is outdoors in nature—something similar to what you’d feel in a temple. So, it would make perfect sense to pair the two if you have the space for it. In larger, independent homes, it could be a unique home mandir idea to place your puja room or home temple closer to the outdoors. A material that generally fares well against the elements is wood. Wooden pooja mandir designs for a home will be a symbolic homage to the outdoors in a home that overlooks a garden, the ocean or any other form of nature. This mandir design for hall is warm and welcoming!

Home temple design with cut out patterns on room divider - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cane Boutique

Temple design with white walls & gold texture as backdrop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tessera India

The Right Backdrop for Your Devghar Designs

When it comes to mandir decoration ideas at home, we can have an infinite number of designs depending on the breadth of the walls. During the festive season, you could place strings of fairy lights lengthwise behind the images of gods and religious figures. Or, a screen upholstered in a pattern, colour or texture that complements your idol will play up its grandeur and charm. For further inspiration and guidance on creating the perfect ambiance, consult a pooja room guide to ensure your devghar design reflects your spiritual aspirations and personal style seamlessly. The choice is yours! 

A Temporary God Room Design

Whether it is to celebrate a festivity in the home or to mark the days of mourning in a family, sometimes the need for a home temple or mandir arises for a limited period of time. Often overlooked areas such as corridors, a lobby or staircase landing can serve as a place to hold poojas. Instead of building doors or buying room dividers and screens to segregate the mandir, you could try a simple solution with curtains or cloth partitions. These temple design for homes will help you craft a beautiful abode.


Small Mandir Design Ideas 

Wall Mounted Small Pooja Room Designs in Apartments

This temple design in flat is an example of beauty as this pretty small mandir design is excellent for limited-space apartments. Found quite extensively on so many online stores and in various designs and styles. It has got a shelf, a stunning door design, a storage drawer, and ambient lighting while occupying minimal space. This mandir design for hall idea is certainly a win-win!


Floating Shelf Modern Mandir Designs for Flats

In regards to mandir decoration ideas at home, a floating shelf mandir design in flat is a wonderful option for homes with no floor space to spare. The best part? It comes with storage options like a drawer which can store matchboxes, incense sticks and much more.

Wall mounted small pooja room designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Anai Design Design

Temple design in the corner of the room fitted with glass doors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Elegant Passage Temple Design in Flat

One of the most intelligent ways of incorporating a small temple design for flat is by tucking it in an empty or unused space in the home. A little passage can be converted into a small pooja room. These ​​mandir decoration ideas at home and temple design for homes are practical yet clever ways to add some charm to the forgotten space.

Display Cabinet Modern Mandir Designs for Flats

​​How about using your display cabinet or a pantry unit to house your little mandir? A section of any storage-cum-display cabinet in the kitchen or dining room can easily incorporate a pooja mandir with all the useful items. These small mandir design ideas and ​​temple design for homes will elevate the interiors of your home.

Small pooja room designs in apartments - Beautiful Homes
Temple design that is temporarily made in a lobby of the house with curtain dividers - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pramod Group

Cabinet Small Space Small Pooja Room Designs in Apartments

This type of mandir design for halls is a contemporary cabinet design that fits in beautifully in an everyday Indian apartment. It melds in with the rest of the basic and simple furniture–which is not selective but is practical. You can split the cabinet storage in such a way that the open portion serves as your modern mandir design for small flats while the closed sections work as storage for your other useful items like diyas, lights, cotton etc. These temple design for homes are breathtaking!


Wall Mounted Small Pooja Room Designs in Apartments with Cupboard

An easily available, ready-made, but a wall-mounted decorative cabinet makes for an excellent modern mandir design for small flats. The pooja cabinet pairs up well with a freestanding cupboard, and together they form your dreamy modern mandir design for small flats. This mandir design for hall is very practical.


Space Saving Small Pooja Room Designs in Apartments

Do not have enough space for a pooja room? Focus on all those forgotten nooks and niches. A corner pooja room is an ideal choice because it’s tucked into a nook, which could have otherwise gone unused. It adds a glamorous touch while setting the space apart from the rest of the house. This mandir design for hall is visually arresting.


Stand-alone Mandir Designs for Small Flats

Stand-alone niches such as modern mandir designs for flats are very appealing because even though they do not have a dedicated room, it feels as if there is one. It’s an intelligent design that can be made even more visually charming with jali doors and side drawers. This curation of ​​​​​​temple design for homes is highly functional. 


Temple Style Wooden Mandir Designs for Flats

A wooden temple style puja ghar design in flats is a wonderful addition to any Indian small space small pooja room designs in apartments. These mandir design for hall ideas in small flats are an awesome way to add both charm and serenity to your house.



Portable Pooja Room Designs for Flats

Modern​​ mandir design for halls can be portable puja units made of wood. It is an ideal example of the skill and talent that Indian craftsmen hold. This list of temple design for homes complements homes with modern or traditional design aesthetics.


Existing Cupboard Mandir Puja Room Ideas in Small Flats

Instead of investing in pooja cabinets or building new shelves, you can make use of one of your existing cupboards. This space saving small pooja room designs in apartments would be portable as it can be shifted easily to choose the ideal spot. Apart from that, it can easily meld into the home décor.


Kitchen Modern Mandir Designs for Flats

Not all homes are spacious enough to house complete small pooja room designs in apartments in any part of the house. Hence, the alternative is to use the kitchen area for the same. You can set up a particular space in the kitchen for a pooja unit and design it in the most brilliant way possible. It is an excellent solution to solve the issue of space. This curation of temple design for homes will help you craft an exquisite home.


Alongside Window Mandir Designs for Small Flats

Not everyone has a separate room for a puja unit, hence this tiny pooja room design in apartments ideas might help you. Pick any window of your house and set up a temple there. Only keep the essentials here and do not clutter the space. It is very crucial to use your space intelligently.


Living Room Cupboard Space Saving Small Pooja Room Designs In

As a standard, the living room is one of the largest rooms in any house. So, one can use some of its space for setting up small pooja room designs in apartments. It can be achieved by distinguishing some areas from the rest. You can install a cabinet in that confined space and arrange all the required items for a pooja room.


No Dedicated Pooja Room? Here are Expert Our Solutions

Mandir puja room ideas in small flats - Beautiful Homes

1. Pick Any Silent Corner at Home:

Turn a nook, a hallway or any less-used corner into finely designed pooja room designs in apartments with ample lighting and storage. If designed thoughtfully, this could become the best use of space in your home.


2. Create a Wall Niche:

Any wall niches available can be converted into pooja room designs for flats as well.


3. An Empty Wall can be Converted into a Pooja Room:

Making use of the wall is one of the innovative and modern ideas for setting up pooja rooms. You can use floating shelves to arrange the pooja idols, pictures, etc.


4. Pooja Room in Your Open Hall:

Using the living area for the mandir design for small space is one of the most promising ideas. It can offer a pleasant breathing space and gets along with the décor of the apartment giving the most beautiful pooja unit design in apartment.


5. Wall-mounted Pooja Space for Your Kitchen:

For those who desire just an altar, a small wall-mounted pooja unit in your kitchen design is a simple and favourable option.

FAQs for Home Mandir Ideas

1. Which mandir is good for home?

A mandir made from marble is the best choice for your home, However, a wooden mandir is also a favourable option to choose. The mandir should be placed in the northeast direction of the house as per Vastu experts.  


2. How can I decorate my mandir at home?

Decorate your mandir by placing fresh flowers near the idols or pictures of deities every day. Mandir decoration ideas include pooja items such as diyas, brass lamps, bells, and incense sticks. Create a beautiful accent wall behind the mandir to create a pious environment. These mandir decoration ideas are striking!


3. Can we hang mandir on wall?

Ideally, a separate prayer room should be created for the mandir in your house. However, if there is a lack of space in your house then you can go for a wall-mounted mandir. The mandir should be placed in the northeast direction of the house.


4. Which Colour is best for wooden mandir?

A bright yellow colour wall is the best suited to mount a wooden mandir in your house. You can also go with a combination of yellow and blue colours for your wooden mandir.


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. If you need additional advice on mandir decoration ideas and you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your interior design, home decor & renovation needs – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.

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