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Types of Bed for Different Bedroom Styles: Which Bed is Best for You?

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Apr 25, 2018
Four-Poster Bed Design With Table Lamp and  Wooden Flooring - Beautiful Homes

Pick the right bed for your bedroom style with this quick guide

We know it’s not easy picking a bed. After all, it has to be the most comfortable thing in your house, considering you will spend at least about eight to ten hours in it. However, you don’t want it to look like an eye-sore in your beautiful bedroom, so how do you pick a bed that will fit right into your bedroom interiors? The good news is that most types of bed designs can be adapted to suit a myriad of décor styles. We’ve listed which ones broadly work.


Different Types of Beds for You to Choose From


1. Traditional Bed Style

A four-poster bed works beautifully with traditional, ethnic, European or Colonial style bedrooms. Columns with carved embellishments or a draped, fabric canopy will elevate the traditional look. These work better in larger rooms. Consider a sleek and minimalistic four-poster bed with monochromatic bedding for a bedroom design with a sophisticated and contemporary look.


2. Modern Bed Style

Modern décor focuses on simple form and functionality. Streamlined platform and box beds with straight linens and sleek designs work wonderfully with this style.


3. Contemporary Bed Style

Contemporary design is ever changing and emulates popular, current styles. It’s fluid and hence, borrows from different styles without focusing on one. High-back, murphy or wall beds, fully upholstered beds and winged or tufted headboards are popular choices.


4. Minimal Bed Style

Focuses on open layouts, geometric forms and favours white and neutral colours. Simple platform beds, floor beds with a built-in base and pull down beds work well with this style. Look at uncomplicated, straight lines and a material palette of natural wood or wrought iron. These types of beds also work with industrial chic décor.


5. Transitional Bed Style

This style blends traditional flourishes with modern design resulting in an elegant space that is comfortable and classic. Modest sleigh beds with curved headboards and footboards are great additions. Consider panel beds as well. They have a straight, high headboard, low footboard and side panels – all in natural wood. They also have headboards and footboards made of wood slats, metal rods, wicker or upholstery.


6. Rustic Bed

A rustic bed is the perfect addition to any cosy and inviting bedroom that features natural elements and earthy tones. A rustic bed typically features natural wood materials with a distressed or weathered finish, creating a sense of warmth and charm in your bedroom. The headboard and footboard of a rustic bed can also feature unique details such as hand-carved accents or metal hardware, adding to the overall rustic aesthetic. A rustic bed pairs well with organic bedding, plush throws, and earthy décor accessories, creating a warm and welcoming bedroom space.

7. Country Bed

A country bed is a classic and timeless choice that creates a cosy and comfortable feel in any bedroom. This type of bed typically features a wooden frame with a painted or distressed finish, adding a touch of charm and character to your bedroom. The headboard and footboard of a country bed can also feature unique design elements such as turned posts or carved details. A country bed pairs well with floral bedding, soft lighting, and vintage décor accessories, creating a charming and inviting bedroom space.


8. Mid-Century Bed

A mid-century bed is a perfect option for those who want to create a sleek and modern bedroom design. This type of bed typically features clean lines and minimalist design elements, such as a low profile platform or a simple upholstered headboard. The materials used in a mid-century bed can vary, from wood to metal to leather or fabric upholstery. A mid-century bed pairs well with bold artwork, bright accents, and modern décor accessories, creating a sophisticated and stylish bedroom space.

Country bed design for a blue bedroom – Beautiful Homes

With a wooden frame, Country Bed adds a touch of charm and character to the bedroom.

Different Types of Beds for Your Bedroom Style:


1. Tufted Beds

Tufting enhances the elegance of an upholstered headboard while adding texture. Blind-tufting which looks great in a contemporary setting uses a stitch detail to finish the look. Button-tufting which is perfect for a traditional setting uses buttons usually covered in the same fabric to hide the stitches. When it comes to shapes, grid-tufting lends a modern look, diamond-tufting is better suited for a classic feel and panel-tufting is perfect for a sleek style. You can add an interesting visual element by opting for pleats in the fabric that connect the tufts.


2. High-back Beds

One of the most attractive décor feature in a bedroom design is a high back bed comes with a tall headboard. A multitude of fabrics and materials can be used to make a high back bed. The most common style is the upholstered bed with a rectangular, padded headboard which can be plain or tufted. Sometimes the padded headboards can have wings on either side to create a welcoming cocoon of sorts.


3. Four-poster Beds

Poster bed designs have four vertical columns extending high above the bed from each corner, sometimes supporting an upper framework. They tend to look bulky and work best in larger bedrooms. For an antique look, go in for a wooden frame with ornate carvings on the columns. A contemporary setting will work well with a simple frame made from wood or metal. Add a romantic touch by draping sheer fabric from the upper framework.


4. Wrought iron beds

For a look that is less bulky but has a touch of vintage charm, consider a wrought iron bed frame. These are available in a vast array of designs which can work well in most room styles from soft and romantic to sleek and modern to rustic and chic. Sturdy in design, iron beds can come with headboards and footboards attached to the main framework. They also tend to be cheaper on the pocket.


5. Bespoke Beds

Bespoke beds are the perfect way to make use of great design while adding your own personalised touch. These beds are designed in such a way where you can personalise different features according to your needs and tastes while maintaining the basic framework. Features like size of the bed and headboard, fabrics and colours of the upholstery, kind of storage available and mattress can be tailor-made to give you that one-of-a-kind bed.

Round bed design with a pop bedroom ceiling – Beautiful Homes

Round beds are perfect for contemporary or minimalist bedroom styles.

6. Round Bed

A round bed can be a unique and luxurious addition to any bedroom style. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication that is hard to replicate with traditional rectangular beds. Round beds are perfect for contemporary or minimalist bedroom styles, where they can become the focal point of the room. They work best in large bedrooms with ample space, as they require more floor area than other types of beds. A round bed can also be a great option for couples who want to sleep closer together and feel more connected.

7. Canopy Bed

A canopy bed is a classic and timeless option that can add a touch of romance and elegance to any bedroom style. It features a frame that extends above the bed, and a set of fabric panels or curtains that drape down from it, creating a cosy and intimate space within the larger room. Canopy beds come in a variety of styles, from traditional and ornate to modern and streamlined. They work well in both small and large bedrooms, and can be a great option for those who want to create a sense of privacy and seclusion in their sleeping space.

8. Floating Bed

A floating bed is a modern and sleek option that can add a sense of lightness and airiness to any bedroom style. It appears to be suspended in mid-air, thanks to its minimalist design and hidden support system. A floating bed can be a great option for small bedroom designs, as it takes up less visual space and creates a sense of openness. It is also ideal for those who want to create a contemporary and minimalist look in their bedroom.


9. Open-Frame Bed

An open-frame bed is a versatile and practical option that can work well in a variety of bedroom styles. It features a frame that is open on all sides, with no footboard or headboard. This makes it easy to move around and decorate, and allows for better air circulation when sleeping. An open-frame bed can be a great option for those who want to create a cosy and inviting bedroom without overpowering the rest of the space. It can also work well in small bedrooms, as it takes up less visual space than other types of beds.

Platform bed design with a bedroom with hanging lights – Beautiful Homes

Floating bed takes up less visual space and creates a sense of openness.

Tips to Choose Your Bed:


1. Size-up Your Room

For starters, measure your bedroom and have a furniture layout in place before you start browsing for options. Pen down the essentials you would need – bedside tables, chest of drawers, wardrobe, dressers, etc before deciding on what bed you want.


2. Consider the Tallest Person

The bed should be at least four to six inches longer than the tallest person in your house. This should give you a starting point for shortlisting the kind of bed you need.


3. Visit a Few Stores

You can’t really get a good idea by looking at pictures of furniture on a screen. Exploring stores allows you to look at different styles, shapes, sizes, designs and finishes to suit your needs.


4. Choose a Style

Next, think about what features you want in your bed. Consider storage as an important aspect – you can stash everything you don’t use regularly here. If you enjoy bed time reading, opt for a cushioned headboard so you can lean on it comfortably. If your room is large, hang a canopy or opt for a four-poster bed with sheer curtains.


5. Choose the Material

Wooden beds are popular as they are durable and can be found in several finishes – veneer, laminate and even paint. Wrought iron beds look sleeker and are fairly easy on the pocket.


6. Buy a New Mattress

If you are opting for a foam mattress, it would be ideal that your bed have wooden slats. Buy your mattress and bed at the same time so they wear out together.


7. Read Before You Book

With so many options available on the internet, it becomes imperative to read reviews before buying. The best bed for you may not be the most expensive one. The cheapest bed may not be the most comfortable. It always helps to know another’s experience before making the purchase.




1. What are the different bed sizes available in India?

In India, the most common bed sizes are single, double, queen, and king. Single beds are 36 inches wide and 72 inches long, while double beds are 54 inches wide and 72 inches long. Queen beds are 60 inches wide and 78 inches long, and king beds are 72 inches wide and 78 inches long.


2. Which bed is best?

The choice of bed depends on individual preferences and requirements such as the room size, number of occupants, sleeping habits, etc. Some people prefer larger beds, while others prioritise comfort and support. It's important to choose a bed that is comfortable, supportive, and suits your specific needs and preferences.


3. What is queen size bed?

A queen-size bed is a type of bed that measures 60 inches in width and 78 inches in length. It is larger than a double bed but smaller than a king-size bed. Queen beds offer more space to sleep than double beds, making them a popular choice for couples or individuals who want more space to spread out.


4. Which bed type is best for children?

The best bed type for children depends on their age, size, and personal preferences. For infants and toddlers, a crib or toddler bed is recommended, while older children may prefer a twin or full-size bed. Bunk beds can be a good option for siblings sharing a room, while trundle beds can be useful for sleepovers. It's important to choose a bed that is safe, comfortable, and suits the child's needs and preferences.

Bedroom Design with Wooden Bed, Wooden Flooring and Brick Style wall - Beautiful Homes

There’s a little more wiggle space with a contemporary styled bedroom as you can pick something that is current and trendy. However, make sure you don’t pick something that is visually bulky.

Modern Bed Design for Modern Style Bedroom - Beautiful Homes

For modern bedrooms, beds with a sleek design and straight lines work best.

Measure your bedroom and have a furniture layout in place before you start browsing bed options - Beautiful Homes

It is important to measure your bedroom and have a furniture layout in place before you start browsing bed options.

A simple four-poster bed made from wood or metal - Beautiful Homes

A contemporary setting will work well with a simple four-poster bed made from wood or metal.

Four-poster bed with a wooden frame - Beautiful Homes

For an antique look, go for a four-poster bed with a wooden frame and ornate carvings on the columns.

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