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Bed with storage: all the tricks you didn't know yet

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Mar 20, 2020
Green Colour Bed Design With Drawer For Storage - Beautiful Homes

In urban India, the idea of space has become a luxury. From studio apartments to small-space rentals, whether you’re a single occupant or housing a whole family, one of the biggest concerns is having enough space to live and store your belongings. While usually our first thought is working with closets and cabinetry (often already built-in or provided in a home), we tend to overlook the space under our bed.


Although usually this space becomes the perfect zone for dust to collect over time, instead of being considered an asset, the breadths of the barren area under our beds are precious real estate. This space can be used to store away items—such as suitcases, home linens, clothes for the winter and many more—that aren’t necessarily needed everyday but can’t be done away with. Maximize the potential of this often overlooked storage space in your modern bedroom design by investing in under-the-bed storage containers or utilizing vacuum-sealed bags to save even more space.


Here are 10 unique and clever ways that will make you consider investing in a king bed with storage or—why not—even a custom-made solution for a bed with drawers!


1.    A Bed With Drawers Is A Functional Idea That Can Work With Any Bed Style

When mentioning a bed with drawers, the first thing that comes to mind is a contemporary, modern bed frame and design. However, that isn’t always the case. In this plush bedroom, the classic king bed with storage hosts ample space to stow away your belongings in the drawers at the foot of the bed. The woodwork on this bed is perfectly complemented and matched by the bedside tables and chest drawers.


• Insider's Eye: We love how this high bed gives you the best of both worlds—storage and an elevated space above the floor—to add height to the furniture.

Bed With Drawers For Bedroom, Matching Wooden Furniture - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Kostenlose Nutzung/ pixabay

Bunk Bed Design with Drawers in Children's Bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cuckooland

2.    Maximise The Potential Of Your Child’s Single Bed With Drawers

Children, while small in size, come with a slew of needs…and things! From schoolbooks and supplies, to sports equipment and toys, —there’s a lot to store in a little one’s room; which, sometimes, is also the smallest in the house. While we agree that bunk beds are the cleverest multitasking furniture pieces to invest in, why not maximise the storage space by choosing a solution like the one in the picture? Bunk bed yes, but with a single bed with drawers underneath, to easily and quickly stow away toys and knick knacks!

3.    A Daybed Can Also Work As A Bed With Drawers

Especially in small-spaces or studio apartments, a day bed can multi-purpose as a sofa, making it a must-have piece of furniture! When lounging or entertaining during the day, or also when used as a cosy space to sleep at night, could you not use a little bit more storage with your daybed? Make sure to find yourself a daybed with wide, roomy drawers to store away your bed linens and pillows when not in use. You won’t regret it. 

Daybed Design Ideas with Drawers and Bedroom Furniture in Light Wood - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cuckooland

Bed Design With a Combination of Cabinets and Drawers Underneath - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Devin Kleu/ Unsplash

4.    A Bed With Storage Can Have Cabinets As Well

When planning for a bed with drawers, you don’t actually have to restrict yourself to drawers as storage options. Installing cabinetry in the space will serve you just as well.


• Pro-Tip: Add versatility to a king bed with storage by mixing your options with both cabinets and drawers.

5.    Create A Solid Colour Palette With Your Queen Bed With Storage

If your style is bolder, instead of adding a hint of colour to your room, create a solid colour palette by painting and blending the storage under your bed with the floors of your bedroom in a shade close to your personal style.


• How To: This style tip works wonderfully with coloured epoxy floorings or floors with distressed wood.

Green Colour Bed Design With Drawer For Storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, bezikus/

Low Bed Design With Drawers and Extra Storage Space Around The Bedside - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Roberto Nickson/ Unsplash

6.    No Matter How Low And Close To The Ground It Is, You Can Have A Platform Bed With Storage

This bed with storage, while low in height and close to the ground, has fitted drawers all around the perimeter of the bed, adding surface area above it to keep any odd bedside belongings close at hand.


• Insider’s Eye: The storage space in the headrest behind the bed serves the dual-purpose of a bedside table—a clever space-saving idea for a small apartment. 

7.    An Infant’s Crib Is Often Overlooked As A Single Bed With Drawers

With your new bundle of joy comes bundles and bundles of diapers, baby linens, clothes, toys and cleaning products: to name just a few items you’ll need to find storage space for. All of which must always be close at hand for regular changes and your baby’s needs. Can your new-born’s crib be a single bed with drawers? Yes it can! Find all the space you need right under your infant’s bed.


• Pro Tip: When buying a cot for your baby, invest in one that will double as a single bed with drawers, such as this, with broad roomy drawers to allow you find and grab anything you need immediately.

Storage Ideas For Single Bed With Drawers And Rails in Infant's Bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sameer Tawde

Bed Design With Drawers Painted in Different Shades of Yellow - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Basileus/

8.    Play With Colour On Your Bed With Drawers

Break the rules! Your bed with drawers doesn’t always have to be in the same wood as the bed frame or in the same colour scheme. Use this nifty storage to add a pop of colour in your bedroom design by painting the outsides in your favourite hue.


• Style Tip: You could go a step further and add visual appeal by colour blocking the insides of your drawers in a complementing or contrasting colour to follow one of the cool trends of the year.

9.    Don’t Have A Single Bed With Drawers? You Can Improvise

And finally, if all else fails but you still desperately need the extra storage space and don’t want to break the bank investing in new furniture, create custom drawers under your bed or add storage cases in the space underneath the bed for easy access.


• Easy Hack: For storage cases that aren’t attached to the bed as drawers or cabinets, add small wheels below them for quick and easy rollaway. 

White Crib Bed Design With a Custom Drawer For Storage For New Born Baby - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pixel-Shot/

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●      Choose a bed design with drawers


●      Use a bed with cabinets


●      Make custom drawers that go with your bed




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