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Bedroom colour ideas to match your personal style

  • Interior Design
Feb 17, 2020
Bedroom Colour Design With Luxe Grey Bed Frame and Frothy White Sheets - Beautiful Homes

Discover bedroom colour design ideas to match your home décor. Check out visuals of bedroom colour ideas in pastel shades at Beautiful Homes

Bedroom colour to soothe your sleep come mainly in pale and pastel tones. Far from being an option available only for kids’ bedroom colours, pastel colours can majestically represent sophisticated tastes and make a strong design statement. That is to say: if you know how to work pastels into your décor, then you’re already a pretty confident decorator.


Be it ornamenting a living room with some softness or calming down the chaos of office spaces, pastel colours make all kinds of spaces a bit better, but they are at their cosying best as a bedroom wall colour. As the bedroom is the most personal space in the house, its purpose is to soothe our bodies and minds after a whole day spent dealing with the world. Therefore, the best colour for bedroom is most likely going to come in pastel tones, as it is surely a safer choice than most other bedroom colour palettes. If you agree with the theory but are now looking for practical ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a visual journey of bedroom colour ideas in pastel you can take inspiration from:

1. Bedroom Colour in Cotton Candy – For the Quiet Time Lovers

The two-colour combination on the bedroom walls in this picture is a gradient pink coupled with white, as seen on the mini cushions, making this the bedroom of our dreams. To sober up the possible excessive sweetness of the pink pastel, the carpet has been matched with neutral tones.


The uneven stack of marble blocks and strategically placed white décor objects make a subtle, yet noticeable, difference in what seems to be a play of alternated shades. The wooden cross-legged bedside bench and the metallic lamp are absolute game changers in this bedroom colour choice. For a cohesive and polished look, try a matching pink two colour combination for bedroom walls with a soft, pale pink as the main shade and a deeper, rosy pink as an accent.

Bedroom Colour Ideas In Pink and White Shades With Uneven Stacks of Marble Blocks and Metallic Lamp - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, H and M

Bedroom Colour Design With Luxe Grey Bed Frame and Frothy White Sheets - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Furniture Village

2. Bedroom Colour to Create a Refreshing Wave – For all Creative-Souls

If the sea is your muse and its waves have a calming effect on your mind, this bedroom colour is just the right one for you to take cues from. While the frothy white sheets and pillows hold the same muted vibrancy, the couple of teal velvet decorative cushions add a dash of rich accents in this colour combination for bedroom design. The printed rug and ottoman, along with the luxe grey bed frame, make this bedroom colour idea very interesting especially when framed by the abstract wall art and the wooden frame, that perfectly match with the bedside table.


Not to oversee is the green gradient lamp that so effortlessly stands out even while still no clashing with the bedroom colour choice. Which, indeed, is the subtle art of designing incredible spaces.

3. A Peach Paradise with a Twist – For Those who can Never Choose

Two colour combination for bedroom walls sounds already like a busy bedroom to you? Here is the minimalistic approach that suits you. The metallic bed frame and side tables not only add a sheen of modern décor to the muted bedroom colour, but its reflecting nature makes it oh-so dynamic. It is perfectly in sync with the bedroom colour hero—pastel peach. The table lamp with a metallic core visible through a layer of clear glass and the ceiling shade with inch-long tassels seamlessly counter-balance the sweetness of the peach pastel, adding a little sass. We also can’t help but notice how perfect the art wall looks, especially when it’s not been placed in a traditional way, that is aligned with the centre of the pastel colour headboard. 


This bedroom gives plenty of proof that the best way to add some depth to a dreamy pastel bedroom colour is by laying down a faded printed carpet. 

Bedroom Colour Ideas In Pastel Peach With Metallic Bed Frame and Side Tables  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, NEXT

Bedroom Colour Décor Ideas With Green and Artistic Paints - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, NEXT

4. Take a Leaf! – Bedroom Wall Colour for the Adventurer

If you think pastels are too feminine, think again. How about a bedroom colour taking cues from nature? The greens and artistic prints across this room are refreshing bedroom colour ideas that we’re sure you’ll love.


Any solid dark hue pastel shade adds a different volume of awe and mystery to anything it touches. Not to miss: the contrasting rug and the pendent lamp are genius additions for a chic touch, in this bedroom colour in pastel greens.

5. Just what you Need… But Prettier – Bedroom Wall Colour for the Minimalist

Bedroom design is a key factor in creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for sleep. Doesn’t this bedroom colour invite you to put on some PJs, turn off your phone and dive right into the sheets for a nap? It’s not just the quilt and fluffed-up snowy pillows that’s giving you that sense of comfort, we can tell you that. The beautiful play of pastel green walls and light brown polished wooden bed makes this two colour combination for bedroom walls effortlessly relaxing.


Pro tip: Adding one or two house plants near the headboard can instantly amplify the comfort quotient in your bedroom.

Bedroom Colour Décor Ideas In Muted Colour With Polished Wood Bed Frame - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, John Lewis

Bedroom Colour Design In Blush Pink and Bold Green Shades With Plush Bench and Armchair in the Bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Matalan

6.  Velvet Crush, Pastel Blush – Bedroom Colour for the Fashionista

If your personal style oozes high fashion, this amalgamation of pastel colours, bold green accents and velvet fabric is the colour combination for bedroom you were waiting for. We absolutely adore the print on quilt and bold green velvet chair, surrounded by all shades of pink possible. The dominant bedroom colour is visible on the pink plush bedside bench and even on the tassel pendant lamp, which shows that attention to details we dream of. The circular pink carpet adds a touch of soft cosiness to this otherwise bold bedroom colour combination.


This pastel décor idea is all about prints and fabrics to create a masterpiece using only two colours and some gold accents. 

7.  Nail that Artsy Vibe – Warm Bedroom Colour for the Workaholic

Brown and ochre pastel colours, as in the above bedroom image, coupled with a wooden table make for a super cosy and modern bedroom colour palette. Modern bedroom designs with minimalistic furniture and clean lines can enhance the sleek and contemporary feel of the space. The abstract art pieces have tones that fit the colour palette of the bedroom while adding a creative vibe to it. Playing with a set of not more than four adjacent shades is some gold level décor advice right there: be it for a serious and sober look or a vibrant chic one.


The bedroom colour use on the light-weighed curtains brings a dull décor to the next level, giving it a modern look. Try keep all accessories minimal, as the clear vase on the bedside table, to not overshadow the pastels in this bedroom colour scheme, and you’ll be able to create the perfect environment to curl up with a glass of Chardonnay and a mystery novel!

Bedroom Colour Design In Brown and Ochre Shades With Wooden Bench - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Desenio

Bohemian Style Bedroom With White Walls and Wooden Furniture - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy,

8. A Bohemian Bedroom Colour – For the Free-Spirited

If your bedroom is your creative haven, a bedroom colour like this might truly help in getting your creative juices flowing. The adorable lamp, the bedside table and the impressive wall art all together seem to hit the right notes to create an unmatched melody of bohemian artistry. With light wood furniture and light green creepers, this one-of-a-kind bedroom is full of bedroom colour ideas for that bohemian touch. An urban jungle vibe is topping the chart of décor trends this year.

Take cues from this bedroom colour scheme to find the best colour for bedroom in your own ‘free-spirit’ world.

9. An Instagrammable Bedroom Colour Scheme – For the Influencer

Two colour combination for bedroom walls that take the breath away are surely: pink and sea green, as they go great together especially when married to tropical prints. What brings this bedroom colour scheme together is the metallic leaf on the bedside table, that matches the golden-rimmed circular mirror. Its this kind of details that makes your social media post go viral!


The off-white tassel table lamp is very retro, adding a refined elegance to the otherwise chirpy mood of this bedroom. Which brings us to the major décor tip of this bedroom colour palette: if you love the chicness of pink pastels but think it’s too sweet for your personality, retro décor is that bit of savouriness that will balance out the sugariness of the pink.


P.S. Don’t forget the tassel pillows, we love them!

Bedroom Design with Tropical Prints in Pink and Sea Green Shades and Golden-Rimmed Round Mirror Design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, George Home

Bedroom Design With Simple Wooden Bed Brame and Bedside Table - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy,

10. A Ray of Sunshine & Wood – For Those Who Like it Simple

If you love waking up to a sunny day, we’ve found the perfect bedroom colour idea for you. Sometimes, a simple wooden bed accompanied by a polished wooden table is all you need to create a tranquil bedroom. To stir things up just a little, you can mix up faux fur and velvet cushions, with woollen throws and of course… a house plant. These bedroom colour ideas work well with any pastel tone. In this bedroom, the grey sheets add a dash of mystery.

Which bedroom colour idea matches your personal style?


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