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21 bedroom decoration ideas & tips

  • Bedroom Design
May 17, 2022
Minimalist bedroom interior design with ceiling fan - Beautiful Homes

Up your bedroom décor game with these fun and chic ideas

Have you been obsessing over getting your bedroom decoration just right? You've come to the right place. You may want it to be a place where you can unwind and relax without distractions. Or you may want it to reflect every bit of your quirky personality. And the combination of the two may sound just about right as well. Let's look at how you can achieve the goal of creating the perfect oasis for you.

1. Choose a Subtle Colour Palette

If you're looking to create a restful haven, then subtle hues are your best friend. Pastels bring tranquillity, particularly cooler tones such as mint, lavender, baby blue, etc. Neutrals, too, are pretty calming, particularly a monochromatic palette.

Designer black accent chairs creating a statement in this room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sources Unlimited

Grand piece of accent sofa set design in the living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, rED

2. Don't Overlook the Ceiling

The ceiling can make for an excellent feature wall in the bedroom. Consider adding crown mouldings to the ceiling in a vintage-inspired room. Use beams to add an architectural element. 


A POP ceiling is a great way to hide all the lighting fixtures and wiring. Recessed mood lighting will help you create the ambience of your choice and keep. Take it up a notch with paint treatments, stencils or even wallpaper.

3. Choose the Right Size Furniture

The size of the room will determine the furniture you get. You always want the furniture to be proportional to the available space. When you're contemplating bedroom furniture ideas, always measure the room first. A king-sized bed in a smaller room will make it claustrophobic, whereas, in a large bedroom, a single bed will get engulfed.


4. Bedroom Decoration Ideas - Moody Colours

Rich, creamy colours are excellent options for a moody and sensual room. Opt for jewel tones such as emerald, burgundy, amethyst etc. Cosy it up with heavy and plush textiles. Balance the moodiness with metallic accents.

5. Always Account for Storage in your Bedroom Design

Keeping your surfaces clutter-free will allow you to relax and wind down. And ample, innovative storage is how you can stay organised. Maximise your closet space with custom organisational systems and units. A vanity is a good option for accessories and products you use regularly.


Keep anything that you want with easy reach on your bedside table. Use under-bed storage for linens, sheets, seasonal clothing, etc. And if you have enough space, add a bench or a trunk at the foot of the table to keep things you require periodically.

Designer black accent chairs creating a statement in this room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sources Unlimited

Grand piece of accent sofa set design in the living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, rED

6. Minimal Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Keep the bedroom decoration by focusing only on the essentials. Keep the colour scheme simple and focus on patterns and texture. Invest in luxurious textiles to increase your space's comfort and introduce visual intrigue. Good quality cotton or linen for bedding will make you want to curl up and never get out of bed. A plush rug will anchor the space. Consider fabric or textured wall coverings and heavy curtains for a more tactile room. Round off the room with soft knit throws. 

7. Create a Snug Little Nook

It doesn't have to be elaborate. The setting can be simple: an armchair by the window with an ottoman and a throw blanket. Enjoy the view and bask in the sun in the morning. Add a small stool or table to convert it into a breakfast nook. You only need a floor lamp to turn it into a cosy reading nook.


8. Layered Lighting

Control the illumination and ambience in your bedroom with multiple sources of lighting. First, you will need overall or ambient lighting as the primary source. Chandeliers, recessed lighting in the ceiling, and multiple pendants are a few options. Second, get task lighting for specific tasks such as reading, getting dressed, make-up, etc. Recessed lighting, sconces, lamps etc., are some options. And finally, if you want to highlight particular elements in the room, such as artwork and architectural details, you'll need accent lighting. Get started with spotlights, toe kick lighting or cove lighting.


9. Biophilic Bedroom Themes

Who doesn't like a slice of nature in their interiors? Biophilic design is the latest bedroom design trend. Incorporate nature-inspired décor in your bedroom for a relaxing vibe.

  • Plants are the most straightforward bedroom decoration items
  • Opt for natural materials such as wood, jute, cotton, etc.
  • In terms of shape, look for organic and biomorphic ones.
  • Wallpaper depicting nature.

10. Keep it Tech-free

For a better lifestyle, keep all the tech and distractions away from your bedroom. Dedicate the space to unwind, relax and intimacy.


11. Simple Bedroom Décor Ideas- Rugs to the Rescue

Rugs or mats will help you anchor and demarcate various functional areas in your bedroom- the dressing space, the sleeping area, the study, a reading nook, etc. They're also a great way to add colour, pattern and texture to your bedroom decoration, and all at the same time.

Designer black accent chairs creating a statement in this room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sources Unlimited

12. Budget-friendly Bedroom Ideas

Spice up your bedroom walls with masking tapes and washi tapes. These are easy and pocket-friendly options to paint, wallpaper and other wall treatments. Create interesting shapes and designs for a unique feature.

Grand piece of accent sofa set design in the living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, rED

13. Bedroom Accessories- The Headboard

Use it as a focal point and an unsuspecting storage space in your bedroom design. Decorative panels or POP headboards can add an architectural element to the room. Use cove lighting to highlight it. For a cosy look, opt for an upholstered headboard in plush material.


14. A Gallery Wall

Treat it like a storyboard. You can put up pictures of you and your loved ones, highlighting precious memories. Use it to showcase your hobby- artwork, record covers, fashion, etc.

15. Don't Forget the Windows

Decked-up windows are key to an aesthetic bedroom. Frame the view with accented window frames. Introduce colour, texture and pattern to the room with draperies. Enjoy the warm glow of natural light with sheer fabrics. Add shutters or blinds for when you need privacy or block all light when sleeping.


16. DIY Art for Bed Room Interior Decoration

You don't need to be a certified artist to give your bedroom an artistic flair. Here's a bunch of things you can try:

  • Create simple geometric patterns that you can frame
  • Put up frames of present flowers and leaves
  • Create a collage with printed pictures
  • Display fashion accessories such as hats, jewellery, etc.
  • Craft origami animals and stick them on the wall

17. Earth Tones- Bold Yet Soothing

Saturated hues make for great accents, but beyond that can be jarring for many. Instead of bright variations, opt for earthy or muted tones. For example, choose rust instead of tangerine, terracotta instead of pink, mustard instead of a sunny yellow and so on.


18. Bedroom Decoration Items- Pillows, Pillows and More Pillows

Can you ever have too many pillows? We think not. Experiment with different fabrics and patterns. To keep the look cohesive, stick to a colour palette. Use pillows of different shapes and sizes for a more exciting look. You can easily swap out the covers for seasonal and festive looks.

Designer black accent chairs creating a statement in this room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sources Unlimited

19. Add Fairy Lights to your Bedroom Interior Decoration

The soft, warm glow of fairy lights can take your bedroom décor to the next level, making it look enchanting. Here are a few ways to incorporate them:

  • Hang them down the curtain rods to further filter the light
  • Cascade them down behind your bed to create a focal point
  • Weave them through the canopy of the bed
  • Circle it through the entire room along with the ceiling


20. Embrace Maximalism

If you like a little bit of everything, maximalism is for you. With this style, the sky's the limit. Big, bold colours, pattern mixing, and layering textures is all a part of it. You needn't get too matchy but always find ways to balance the décor. For example, play with patterns and textures while keeping the colour palette restricted or using the same accent material throughout.


21. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are the go-to option to enhance the dimensions and brightness of a room. Place a full-length mirror opposite a window for the full effect. A frameless or a simple wooden framed mirror would fit right in with contemporary and minimalist styles. Ornate frames with a metallic finish are an excellent option for something antique-inspired.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you Decorate a Beautiful Bedroom for your Home?

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