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Bedroom design tips for best sleep

  • Bedroom Interiors
Nov 10, 2022
Bed design & position for a good sleep in your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

A good night’s sleep is essential to feel rejuvenated and your bedroom design can help ensure that you get the rest you need. Let’s take a look at some important design elements of a bedroom that help promote better sleep

A person’s bedroom is a sanctuary to retire to at the end of a long day and welcome a comfortable night’s sleep. Every element of a bedroom plays a role in making it more conducive for rest and relaxation, from the colours of the walls, to the design of the cot and mattress.

After a long day, people look forward to the refuge of the bedroom to relax and rejuvenate. When designing a bedroom for a client, I encourage them to make interior design choices that facilitate sleep. Bedroom elements that are essential for good sleep include:

1. Choosing the Right Bed for Good Sleep

The bed is the focal point of a bedroom and when chosen with care can provide years of comfort. Make sure that the bed design offers enough space for movement when asleep. Position it away from the door or window to cut down on light glare.


2. Choose a Comfortable Mattress for the Bed for Good Sleep

Mattresses come in a variety of materials, tensions and springs to make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Finding the right mattress for your bed design can make a difference between a good sleep or a restless night. Look for one that has the right firmness and tension to support your back. Try out the mattress before buying it.

Comfortable mattress for the bed for better sleep - Beautiful Homes
Use comfortable furnishing in your bedroom design for a better sleep - Beautiful Homes

3. Comfortable Pillow for Sleep Friendly Bedroom

If your pillow is too hard or too soft it can disturb your sleep. Spending a little more, and getting a pillow customized to your needs, can help with insomnia. A perfect sized pillow with the right density can make a world of difference to your sleep rhythm.

4. Pick Luxurious and Tranquil Linen Colors in Bedroom for Best Sleep

Invest in bedding that not only looks good but is also comfortable. When choosing bed linen, check thread count, type of fabric, weave and colour. Choose pastel colours in simple patterns that are not chaotic. Large patterns and bold colours can be disruptive to sleep.

Tranquil linen light colours in bedroom for a better sleep - Beautiful Homes
Blue best bedroom paint colour for sleep friendly bedroom - Beautiful Homes

5. A Convenient Bedside Table in Best Colour for Sleeping Room

The bedside table is the most used piece of furniture in the bedroom after the bed. Choose a well-designed bedside table, in the best colour for sleeping room that accommodates all you would need at night, from a bedside reading lamp, to a carafe of water. It should be placed within easy reach of the bed.


6. Furniture in a Bedroom Design for Better Sleep

Keep bedroom furniture to a minimum. A cot, bedside tables and a comfortable armchair is all you need. Every piece of furniture has a visual weight, so keep them light and neat, for instance, use a minimal bed frame with no headboard as opposed to a chunky bed frame.


7. Consider Lighting in Bedroom Design for Better Sleep

Instead of one bright light, layer the lighting in your bedroom with several different light sources, like lamps and recessed lights, for maximum functionality and cohesion. Low or ambient lighting can also give a bedroom a cosy and serene feel that is perfect to drift off in.


8. Best Bedroom Paint Colors for Sleep

Restful and soothing colors in bedroom for best sleep can help you get up refreshed every morning. Brighter colours can make it very difficult to relax and unwind. Though shades of whites and beige are the best bedroom light colors for sleep as they create a neutral ambiance, the other best bedroom light colors for sleep, are greens, blues and greys as they are calming, but still add a dash of colour to your space.

9. Room Décor Colors in Bedroom for Best Sleep

Keep the décor of the bedroom simple and neat. A few black and white photographs as wall décor or a favourite painting in pastels on the wall should suffice. Plants as room décor are beneficial to health and provide a calm vibe to the bedroom.


10. Bring in Calming Scents into your Bedroom Design

Aromatherapy affects sleep, and incorporating certain essential oils into your bedtime routine may help you sleep better. Use pleasant and soothing lavender or chamomile candles in your room décor to create a serene and soothing ambiance.

Best bedroom light paint colours for a better sleep - Beautiful Homes

11. Declutter your Sleep Friendly Bedroom to Make a Calm Space

A cluttered bedroom can feel cramped and uncomfortable. Use well thought out wardrobe designs and creative storage solutions to ensure that all your clothes and accessories are tucked away neatly.

12. Blackout Shades for a Restful Bedroom Design

The bright rays of the sun during the day, and the glare of road lights at night, can be disruptive to sleep. Use blackout curtains to keep out the glare, day or night.

Keep your bedroom furnished with lights shades for a better sleep - Beautiful Homes

13. Layer Textures for a Well-Insulated Bedroom Design

The outside road noises, or night-time insect and bird noises can keep some light sleepers awake. Layering the bedroom with rugs, thick curtains and heavy linen can reduce ambient noises and promote restful sleep.


14. Consider Ventilation in Bedroom Design

An airy and well-ventilated room makes for a comfortable space and provides better sleep. Incorporate windows or a balcony in your bedroom design for better ventilation.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Perfect Bedroom Interior Design?

At Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints, when designing the bedroom, we choose each element, from the best bedroom paint colors for sleep, to the perfect mattress, with utmost care to ensure that you have a peaceful night’s sleep. Check out our lovely collection of bedroom furniture and furnishings at our online store. Contact us for bedroom design or renovation services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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