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Amazing wall texture designs to revive your bedroom interiors

  • Bedroom Design
Dec 07, 2020
Archi concrete wall texture designs for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Wall texture designs have the power to effortlessly enhance your bedroom interior design as per the decor theme you pick to go for. Be it on a single wall to have a certain section of the space stand out, or across the room, wall texture designs are the best way to transform your home without taking up any space.


Let us take you through some of the most aesthetic wall texture designs we love.

Vintage In Paisley
For a bedroom design that not only feels royal but also warm, floral and paisley prints do great justice. Having the headboard wall have a solid colour splashed across it, while the others have a mesmerising wall texture is a good idea to keep for a vintage bedroom design.

Victorian lamps and velvet seats only enhance this bedroom design, with marble flooring and a faded carpet. The best thing about this bedroom design is how a pop of colour can be added through the bedding or even armchairs.

Aesthetic wall texture designs for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

Wood like wall texture designs for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creations

Pastels And Wood
Soft pastels coupled with wood-like wall textures create a chic yet comfortable mood to a bedroom design like this. While the bed, drapes and walls are sleek, the artistic carpet and textured headboard wall adds a fusion of urban and earthy design touches.


This is also a great takeaway for small bedroom designs. Using wall texture on the headboard wall and keeping it simple across others makes the bedroom feel more open and yet stylish.

Metallic Wall Textures
Who said metals are just for architectural fittings and accessories? Here is a majestic wall texture design that not only subtly enhances the bedroom but also matches the chandelier. A wall texture design can make a lot of difference in any space but especially in a spacious one. We also love how the curtains and the bed sober down the bling in this Victorian bedroom design.


If gold is not your go-to, you always have the option to experiment with bronze and platinum for the desired effect. 

Metallic wall texture designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42mm

Wall texture designs with tiles for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Inhabit

Quirky Tiles
While the entire space is rustic and grey, the wall texture design here adds just the right quirk it needed. Where various tiles of contrasting colours and prints are used in this bedroom design, you can always experiment with a mosaic version of this or even to form geometric shapes forming a larger picture! We like how the cushion keep the quirk going and the warm lights complement the wood work.

Stone Wall Textures
Grey stone wall texture is as beautiful as it is uncommon. Not only does it keep the bedroom cool but also serves as a base that makes the bedding and other accessories pop out. Following the lead of creating a cool bedroom design, different shades of blue are used across everything you see in the picture. Almost feels like a beautiful combination of a mountain cliff and the ocean. Just surreal.


The satin headboard adds a little gloss to this earthy bedroom design.

Stone wall texture interior designs for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sanjyt Syngh

Floral wall texture interior design ideas for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

Dark Hues And Floral
If you’d rather be in a garden than the mountains or even a beach, a floral wall texture design might just make your dream bedroom design a little more dreamy. While the ceiling structure in this image is so royal, the wall texture design in shades of green and pink complement the velvet pink bedding so perfectly. The glass partition with a view we could look at, all day, lets in a lot of natural daylight.


We would love being quarantined here forever! Wouldn’t you?

Industrial Yet Chic
This bedroom design is one of a kind. The wall texture here is Archi Concrete by Asian Paints - which not only works well with the ethnic prints but also makes the floor and cushions pop. A beautiful combination of dark and light wood is used across furniture and the false ceiling. That also adds a bit of shadow effect, highlighting the rest.


A cozy bedroom where you feel closer to nature and your ethnic roots is probably the best of that homely feeling.

Archi concrete wall texture designs for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Stratosphere Studio, Photography by Arka

3D art wall texture interior designs for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42mm

3D Art Wall Textures
If you’re looking for a wall texture that feels like a piece of art, here’s a bedroom design for you to take inspiration from. A beautiful mix of greys and beige, tucked away in a forrest feels too good to be true. The golden lamps complement the warm colour palette too.


When your surrounding views are vibrant, going with earthy hues or even monotones is a good call.

Cozy And Royal
There’s no better way to make your bed more cozy than by having a padded wall as its headboard. This wall texture design by Asian Paints, not only enhances the pearl and wood design theme in the bedroom but also makes for an extremely comfortable bed design. Whether you want it right behind your bed or across the wall, ways of designing your bedroom with a feature wall texture like this is endless.


The best part about padded wall texture designs is the variety of colours you can go for depending on your space’s aesthetic approach.

Wall texture design for bedroom with extremely comfortable bed - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Stratosphere Studio, Photography by Arka

Concrete and stripes wall texture designs for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Concrete And Stripes
A wall texture design like this one not only stands out in a space irrespective of its size but also leaves room for mood lights. While most of the headboard wall texture here gives out a modern design vibe, the wooden extension to it adds a beautiful contrast to it with warm lights where you can also opt for colourful ones. The spotlights on the sides provide a well-balanced and easy to control the amount of light you need in the space.


If grounded monotones are your go-to for bedroom designs, this wall texture might just be the inspiration you need.

Which wall texture design do you wish for?

●      Vintage in Paisley

●      Pastels and wood

●      Metallic wall textures

●      Quirky tiles

●      Stone wall textures

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