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Bedroom wallpaper designs for your next bedroom makeover

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Feb 26, 2020
Landscape-inspired bedroom wallpaper design on dark blue background - Beautiful Homes

While paint is still the most popular option for a large majority of Indians when it comes to dressing up their bedroom walls, in the last few years more and more people have turned to modern bedroom wallpaper designs as another viable option. Wallpapers allow you the freedom to treat your bedroom design to more frequent makeovers without burning a hole in your pocket. However, when you are handed a catalogue of bedroom wallpaper designs, it’s also important to evaluate the care and consciousness that has gone into their making. Make sure you ask the retailer for bedroom wallpaper design options that are free of Volatile Organic Compounds, better knowns as VOCs—the chemicals that emit toxic fumes, which then linger in the air for many days, after a wallpaper is freshly applied. These days, wallpaper organic options include cotton cellulose, cotton threads and even recycled paper. Do your research well before you pick wallpaper design for bedroom pattern and colour that matches your personality. Indeed, your choice of wallpaper could say a lot about you.

1. Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas For The Vintage Lover


If you love a touch of opulence and have a soft spot for all things vintage, this modern bedroom wallpaper with motifs reminiscent of miniature paintings can be a delightful way to dress up your walls. However, while going for a rich, deep shade—such as the indigo in this room—it would be wise to play up on one wall instead of all four. (Dark colours absorb light and can be overwhelming if you have a modest-sized bedroom.)


When planning your bedroom design, don't forget to consider the impact of your wallpaper choice on the overall aesthetic of the room. Also, you don’t need too many things screaming for attention when you have opted for a bold, glamorous & classy bedroom wallpaper design such as this one. Therefore, choose wall art wisely. The framed illustration of the bicycle here is all about elegance and simplicity.

Bedroom wallpaper design ideas with miniature paintings in indigo, big bed with blue linen, writing desk and vintage rug - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Neville Sukhia

Wallpaper for bedroom with metallic accents, big wall art in darker shades, bedside table with flowers in a vase - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Neville Sukhia

2. Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas For The Glamorous Minimalist


If you like classy bedroom wallpaper design ideas that are all about understated sophistication and minimalism, there is a wide array of modern bedroom wallpaper designs available in muted pastels out there. All that lovely simplicity on your walls should not translate into a blah and boring ambience, though. For a super glam and contemporary vibe, choose bedroom wallpaper designs that are patterned with metallic accents/sheen. Want to up the sex appeal a notch further? Hang a sizeable wall art in a contrasting shade.

3. Wallpaper Design For Bedroom Outdoors Junkie


Besides being a nod to the great outdoors, a light shade of lush green for room wallpaper design on your bedroom walls can make your private space appear larger while adding to the height of the room. (Tip: All cool colours such as blue, violet and green conjure a sense of tranquillity and airiness.) The delicate motifs of flora and fauna bring in an element of playfulness, dreamscapes and serenity, all rolled into one. The overall green vibe can be as calming as settling into your own little nook under the shade of a large, ancient tree. 

Wallpaper for bedroom in lush green with playful motifs of flora and fauna, bed with many colourful cushions - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Neville Sukhia

Wallpaper design for bedroom with cacti, blooms and fruits on beige background, bed with neutral coloured bed linen, rug and armchair - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

4. Wallpaper Design For Bedroom For The Whimsical Humourist


Instead of run-of-the-mill pretty choices in florals and stripes, if you want your bedroom wall to exude your offbeat, zany personality, keep an eye out for unusual motifs without exactly sacrificing subtlety. For instance, even though the room wallpaper design here is dominated by a dense scattering of cacti, large blooms and fruits, the beige background and the genteel colour palette keep things delightful without running the risk of being labelled gaudy. Unless you love overkill, go for bed linen and floor rugs in colours that are wonderfully restrained and delicate.

5. Wallpaper Design for Bedroom For The Classy Daisy


If you're looking to incorporate block prints into your modern bedroom design, consider experimenting with unconventional colour combinations or oversized patterns to give this traditional motif a contemporary twist. Block prints may seem like a vanilla choice, thanks to the recurring motifs that they are laid out in. But the sheer visual impact of such a choice also depends on the pattern and colour schemes you opt for. This classy bedroom wallpaper design borrows inspiration from the exquisite swirls of flowering plants and blooms that form a bulk of the repetitive inlay work on the marbled walls of the Taj Mahal. The red floral motifs on the grey background add up to a royal, classy vibe.

Wallpaper design for bedroom with red floral motifs in block prints, golden wall art, bedside table and stool and colourful rug - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

Bedroom Design with Landscape-Inspired Bedroom Wallpaper on Dark Blue Background - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Madhurjya Saikia

6. Wallpaper Design for Bedroom For The Wild And Edgy Stylist


You need to have a fair share of verve and panache to root for this modern bedroom wallpaper design that looks like it has walked out of one of the many Tahitian landscapes painted by artist Paul Gauguin. The intensely saturated teal and leafy green, punctuated with spurts of buttercup yellow, takes you deep into the woods. Make sure you have tons of sunlight streaming into your bedroom, else this could easily lead to a sombre space. While it’s only rational to tone things down with plain bedlinen and accessories, if you love a touch of spirited eccentricity in design, go ahead and get yourself the biggest long-legged blooms in large vases, a statement night lamp and bedlinen in a psychedelia of colours.

7. Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas For The Graphic Lovers


If you're a lover of all things graphic, then your bedroom walls are the perfect canvas to showcase your creative style. Bold and colourful geometric patterns are perfect for creating a statement wall in your bedroom. Opt for a bedroom wallpaper design with a repeating pattern in bright hues like pink, yellow, and blue to add some vibrancy to your space. Do not be afraid to mix and match different graphics using complimentary colours. So go ahead, let your creative side run wild and create a bedroom that truly reflects your unique style.

8. Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas For The Classy Retro Vibe


As you step into a bedroom adorned with classy retro wallpaper, you're instantly transported to another era. Exuding a vibe of sophistication and nostalgia, these bedroom wallpaper designs are a happy medium, considering a pattern with retro-inspired colours paired with Art Deco accessories. If retro is your vibe, be on the look for patterns with intricate details and muted colours.

9. Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas To Create A Statement Wall


Every room deserves a conversation starter and statement wallpapers are perfect to keep the discussion going. Pick a wallpaper with a bold pattern that reflects your personality and makes its presence known. No matter what type of wallpaper you choose, be sure to pair it with complementary bedding, furniture, and decor to create a cohesive look. 

10. Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas For The Bold Colour Lovers


Are you a lover of bold and bright colours? Do you want your bedroom to reflect your vibrant personality and sense of style? Look no further than these bedroom wallpaper designs for the bold colour lovers! This bright, whimsical wallpaper is artsy and filled with colour. It's the perfect way to transform a neutral bedroom that needs a big dose of personality. So go ahead and let your true colours shine!

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