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20 best colour combinations for house exterior

  • Exterior Paints
Oct 22, 2022
Exterior wall paint colour combination ideas for your house exterior - Beautiful Homes

The exterior of your house is the first impression a visitor has of your home. Let’s take a look at the best colour combinations for your house exterior

The exterior design of the house is the first impression any visitor has of your home and it is important to make it a good one. Painting the exterior is an inexpensive and easy way to give a house a unique look.


Choosing the Perfect Exterior Wall Paint Colour Combination

It is important to choose the right house painting colour combinations for outside walls. Consider these factors when picking an exterior wall paint colour combination:


1. Neighbouring houses

Your exterior paint color combinations can blend into the neighbourhood or stand out.


2. Architecture

Factor in the architecture when picking colour combination for exterior home walls.


3. Durability

The exterior paint color combinations should be of good quality and protect the house against weather and nature’s damage.


4. Aesthetic appeal

With the different exterior paint color combinations available, picking the perfect house front colour combination can get overwhelming. Narrow it down to the top three colour combination for exterior home that you’re instinctively drawn to.


5. Exterior materials

Use an exterior wall colour combination that complements the materials used for the exterior.


6. Landscape

Rural homes look better with a more earthy exterior wall colour combination, while urban homes work well with edgy house painting colour combinations.


7. Season

It is always better to paint in summer as paint dries faster.



20 Exterior Paint Combinations for House

When choosing an outer wall colour combination, there are three elements to consider: the main colour, accent colour and trim colour. Here are some great exterior paint color combinations for exteriors.

1. Sophisticated Exterior Wall Paint Colour Combination – Cream, Teal and Navy Blue

Symmetrical homes with lighter house painting colour combinations, like white and pale teal, rimmed by darker accents, like navy blue, evoke a sense of formality and elegance.


2. Nautical Exterior Colour Combination – Marine Blue, Green and Mint

A marine blue and green outer house colour combination reflects the colours of the sea, and paired with a mint trim, can give a cool and breezy beach house vibe.


3. Subtle Exterior House Colors Combinations – Off White, Tan and Brown

When painting outside of house, colors like dark tone-on-tone schemes of tan and brown, with off white accents, create soft shadows and subtle texture.

Black & brown exterior colour combination - Beautiful Homes
Navy blue, ash grey & cream colour combinations for exterior home - Beautiful Homes

4. Simple House Outside Colour Combination – Navy Blue, Ash Grey and Cream

The warm, yet minimalist exterior wall paint colour combination of blue, grey and white allows the darker accents to highlight a home's architectural details.


5. Best Colour Combination for House Exterior – Yellow, Cinnamon and Oyster White

A warm yellow and classic cinnamon is an attractive Indian simple house colour combination for outside of traditional Indian homes and gives a warm, welcoming feel.

6. Vintage Exterior Colour Combination - Green, White and Red

A bold house outside colour combination, deep green shutters, high-gloss dark red front door and white walls gives a home a striking, vintage look.


7. Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes – Shades of Grey with Red

Pairing two shades of grey for walls with red doors and windows can give a hip and modern feel to modern grey house exterior color schemes.


8. Modern House Outside Colour Combination – Black, White and Red

Black trim and dusky red doors and windows can add a touch of sophistication to white walls in a house outside colour combination.


9. Cool Colour Combination for Exterior Home – Ivory, White and Green

A warm ivory exterior accented by green windows and doors, and white trim, is a serene and simple house outside colour combination.

10. Sunny Home Outside Colour Combination - Yellow, Blue, Cream, and Grey

A cheery yellow with subtle grey windows, white trims and a bright blue door is one of the best colour combination for house exterior.


11. Muted Colour Combination for House Exterior Painting – Terracotta, Clay and Mossy Green

Forest-green walls, moss-coloured windows and terracotta trim as exterior paint combinations is a gorgeous exterior colour combination for a house set in a lush landscape.

Yellow, blue, cream & grey exterior colour combination for home - Beautiful Homes
Grey & brown simple house outside colour combination - Beautiful Homes

12. Crisp House Front Colour Combination - Grey, White and Blue

Accent gorgeous white painted stone walls with a grey trim as a modern house outside colour combination. Pair deep-blue shutters and doors to amplify its unique personality.


13. Striking Exterior Paint Color Combinations – Shades of Green and Teal

When painting outside of house, colors like shades of green look good when paired with deep teal for windows and doors and give an eye-catching visual that isn’t too overpowering.

14. Rich Exterior Wall Colour Combination – Earthy Hues

Rich, earthy colours like deep reds, yellows and browns are attractive Indian simple house colour combination for outside of traditional Indian architecture, and are always appropriate for a re-imagined old house.


15. Blue Exterior House Colours - Ocean Blue, Pale Blue and Chocolate

Popular house painting colour combinations for outside, shades of blue exterior house colours with a complementing dark chocolate trim can spruce up a house no end.


16. White Colour Combination for House Exterior Painting

White colour combination for house exterior painting goes with everything, and is a perfect complement for any exterior wall paint colour combination.

White cream & brown shades of house outside colour combination - Beautiful Homes

17. Pastel Outer Wall Colour Combination – White, Coral and Peach

A subtle colour combination for house exterior painting, like white walls, coral windows and an understated peach door packs plenty of curb appeal.


18. Dynamic House Exterior Paint Combination – Beige, Green and Black

When painting outside of house, colors in a neutral hue, like beige, can be elevated with dramatic black trim and dark green windows.


19. Best Exterior Paint Combinations – Cream and Charcoal Grey

A warm cream with a charcoal grey trim is one of the best exterior paint combinations. This house exterior paint combination can be made more vibrant with bold accents like bright blue for the door.

20. Glowing Outer House Colour Combination - Golden Brown, Grey, and White

The soft tones of golden brown with grey mouldings and trim is a warm and inviting colour combination for house exterior painting that can be made crisper with white woodwork.

Grey, white & brown modern exterior wall paint colour combinations - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you Choose the Best Exterior Paint Combinations for your House?

The exterior wall colour combination speaks volumes about what lies within and at Beautiful Homes, we know the importance of a good house exterior paint combination. Our specialist interior designers will help you with choosing the perfect exterior wall paint colour combination for your exterior. Take a look at our exterior wall colour combination ideas at our online store. We offer interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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