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Best false ceiling designs for your living room

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Jan 20, 2022
Wooden false ceiling design for the living room - Beautiful Homes

Often an afterthought, false ceilings deliver the best out of aesthetics and décor of the home. Here are our best false ceiling design ideas for your living room

The living room design is the backdrop for comfy and cosy nights and happy hours, it’s significant that it has the suitable ambience to fit. Whether you want to keep your living room décor minimal, experiment with a statement-making false ceiling fixture, or include a bold colour palette, there is no one way to adorn a living room. However, nowadays, most homeowners, looking to build an extravagant space, opt for contemporary false ceiling designs for the living rooms.  Apart from having aesthetic benefits, false ceilings also have specific other advantages. They can help save energy by reducing the need for air conditioning. Moreover, they can aid to reduce noise to the floor above due to the additional layer of material.


Obviously, the scheme is to design ceilings and install them nicely. Remember that this type of installation demands precision in design and calculation. It must only be put in place by a professional. To inspire you to assemble the best room décor, we have some excellent tips and ideas for false ceiling designs for living rooms.


1. Floating False Ceiling for Living Room

In order to deliver a luxurious, premium appearance to your living room design, a floating false ceiling for the living room utilises the bare minimum of the materials while still looking jaw-dropping gorgeous. Once you install the false ceiling for the living room with the fan, the LEDs around the false ceiling furnish a peaceful light throughout the space, providing the impression of a midair floating ceiling.


2. Gypsum Board False Ceiling for Living Room

The gypsum board false ceiling is a derivative of the POP false ceiling. This is also a favoured material because of its thermal and sound insulation characteristics, lightweight and fire resistance features. Another major advantage of having a gypsum board false ceiling design is that it can easily present diverse shapes and texture options.


3. Glass Panels False Ceiling Design for Hall

For a small living room with simple ceiling design for the hall, the glass may be utilised efficiently in roofing designs where its transparency can be used to its highest potential. As an outcome, it has a competitive edge over other materials as it is visually attractive due to the use of design elements such as colour and design pattern. They can also be used in the designing of soothing and cosy false ceiling designs.

4. Asymmetrical False Ceiling Design for Living Room

Clearly, random and asymmetrical patterns are incredible false ceiling ideas for the living room. They make your false ceiling design stand out from the other basic designs and raw elements of the living room. While the extended panel on the wall is straight, the ceiling panel is leaned to the right. The rest of the false ceiling leaves an opening for the isolated panel to fit in and give a visually tempting look.

Asymmetrical false ceiling design for your hall - Beautiful Homes

5. Wooden False Ceiling Designs

Nowadays, people largely prefer contemporary and stylish wooden material for their false ceiling as the natural and realistic patterns and textures of wood are extremely soothing to the eyes and look aesthetically attractive. Though wood is one of the most costly materials people prefer it over others because of its alluring aesthetics and refined look.


6. POP Concave False Ceiling Design for Hall

Designing and creating false ceilings using POP liberates the designer, permitting them to explore unique routes of expression. POP living room false ceiling designs with LED lights incorporated into the concave surface are a widespread choice for living room interiors. POP designs have numerous benefits, including the fact that they need the smallest amount of care and thus endure the longest time. One of the most popular designs amongst these is the modern plus minus POP one. 

Geometric living room main hall fall ceiling design - Beautiful Homes

7. Geometric Living Room Main Hall False Ceiling Design

The geometric false ceiling design with repetitive geometric patterns is an ideal choice for a welcoming living room. It is a fierce and neat design. The dual-toned shapes are incorporated with bright patterns. This breaks the monotony while preserving the coherency of this design and offering a unique aesthetic.

8.    PVC False Ceiling Design for Hall

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a plastic material used for false ceilings as it is an admirably cost-effective material and hence a perfect replacement to the expensive ones.  They are also normally used in houses nowadays as they can be designed in a combination of ways to enhance the layout and the look.

PVC ceiling design for the living room - Beautiful Homes
Coffered false ceiling design for the living room - Beautiful Homes

9. Coffered False Ceiling Design for Living Room

The coffered design for false ceilings is one of the best ceiling designs for living rooms. Coffered ceilings are generally square in shape and have criss-cross beams that form a beautiful grid-like pattern. They offer heft to the ceiling and are pretty enough to attract the attention of any passers-by. You will be hooked to admire this false ceiling design if you appreciate squares and symmetrical patterns with a distinctive twist.

10. Mosaic False Ceiling Ideas for Living Room

Welcome the magnificence of mosaic-patterned mirrors to your living room with this false ceiling design. It is recommended to use darker colours for the mosaic parts of the white false ceiling so that they entice the dwellers as well as the guests. Because of their close resemblance to the alluring peaceful churches and other gorgeous buildings of old, the mosaic patterns offer something delicate and a magical touch to your living room.


11. Fibre Tiles False Ceiling Design

Fibre ceiling tiles are created by mixing different natural and synthetic materials which provide them with their toughness, hardness and fire resistance. Hence, fibre ceilings are also one of the preferred material types for living rooms and formal establishments. They also offer acoustic control in a busy place.

False Ceiling Cost: What Should be your Budget?

If you’re looking to add a false ceiling to your living room but are sceptical of the selection of materials or are functioning with a strict budget,  you must consider several factors that contribute to the false ceiling price. These include:


  • The Location:

    The availability and the overall costing of the false ceiling material can vary depending on your local market or the city you live in. Typically, they are affordable in bigger cities where the demand for these contemporary living room false ceilings is more.
Panel lights in the living room - Beautiful Homes
  • The Area that has to be Covered:

    Although installing a false ceiling on a bigger area will cost more than a smaller one the difference might be trivial as a bigger ceiling will have a lower per square foot rate as the raw materials can be ordered in bulk order.

  • The Material Quality and the Design:

    Within the different options of materials one can use for making the false ceiling, the price will differ based on the grade or quality of the material. For example, if one aims at making use of plywood, then the final cost will vary depending on the kind of plywood as well as the complexity of the ceiling design.

  • Additional Costs:

    Other costs such as electrical and mechanical work, light fixtures, and surface finish will impact the overall costs as some houses might need extra electrical wiring or repairing of the ceiling surface before the work begins.
White false ceiling design for the hall - Beautiful Homes

A Living room is a gateway to your house, to your space. There is nothing like making spacious and elegant living room perfect to entertain the dwellers and the loved visitors. It is also one of the most significant spaces in your homes for the expression of beauty by playing around with colour palettes, furnishings, textures, and false ceilings.

However, in situations like these, we tend to overlook one element which can convey the perfect balance of luxury and simplicity - The fifth wall or the false ceiling. False ceilings are not just the tops over your heads but they can now be designed  in a way that makes them look elegant from every nook and corner of the room.


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